15 Minute Meditation to Soothe an Overactive Mind | Journey to Inner Peace | Mindful Movement

15 Minute Meditation to Soothe an Overactive Mind | Journey to Inner Peace | Mindful Movement

Enjoy this powerfully effective meditation to shift from an anxious and chaotic state to a calm and peaceful state. By harnessing the ability of your mind and imagination, you will learn how to calm an overactive mind and release tension and stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Find serenity and tranquility within yourself.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Peace Within by @zenroyaltyfree @jasonstephensonmeditation

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Enjoy this powerfully effective Meditation to shift from an anxious and Chaotic state to a calm and peaceful State By harnessing the ability of your mind And Imagination you will learn how to Calm an overactive mind And release tension and stress Leaving you feeling refreshed and Rejuvenated [Music] Find serenity And Tranquility within yourself Welcome to the mindful movement I'm Sarah Raymond Now to begin I invite you to make yourself Comfortable When you are ready Close your eyes to start going inward Let the sights of the outside world turn Off So your inner experience Can be illuminated What do you first notice about your Inner landscape When you look Within As you continue to turn your attention Inward And settle physically Take a few cleansing breaths In through your nose And out through your mouth like a sigh Take these breaths at your own pace

Welcoming a slowing down Of the momentum of your energy To gradually find Stillness Allow yourself to Simply Be In This Moment Without needing to change or control Your experience As you focus on your breath You'll find a sense of inner peace In the Stillness of this moment Find your peace Allow yourself to release And let go fully Breathe in calmly And breathe out any tension Let go of all that hold you back Let go again and again Shedding the layers To reach your inner peace Continue to allow a slowing down of your Energy Your breath And therefore your thoughts Welcome this slowing down To bring more space To your thoughts And energetic body As you open into spaciousness Imagine yourself standing at the edge of A lake When you first see this Lake The water is Rippling And choppy And subtle waves are being created

By the wind The state of the lake is reflecting The movement and busyness Of an overactive mind As you continue to relax You can see yourself standing on the Shore of the lake Feeling the wind blowing against your Face You see the leaves on the trees rustling In the Wind Take a moment to acknowledge the current State of your mind and body As you are moving toward tranquility As you continue to settle into the Meditative state Still standing at the edge of the lake You begin to feel the wind gradually Start to slow down The ripples in the water start to Dissipate Becomes calmer You are seeing and feeling Change and energy around you As the wind continues to slow down You notice that the leaves stop rustling And the water becomes still and calm Continue to notice how your state Reflects the slowing down of the Wind And the calming of the lake As you watch the water You see that the sun is shining down on The lake Creating a beautiful

Peaceful scene As you look out on the lake Imagine that each natural breath in Is bringing in the peaceful energy of The lake And each gentle breath out Is releasing any tension or stress In your body Imagine yourself safely walking into the Lake And feeling the water surround you The water is warm and comforting And it envelops you in a soothing Embrace As you continue to relax Allow the water to wash away Any tension or stress Allow the water to embrace and support You fully So you can let go completely into Tranquility As you float in the water You may notice that your body Feels heavy And relaxed You may also notice that your mind is Peaceful and quiet Your mind is still and calm Like the water in the lake You may notice that your thoughts start To slow down And become less persistent Now that your energy and mind have Settled

And you are relaxed Bring your attention to your body This what is present for you What are you experiencing In your body Notice now if there is anywhere you can Soften a little more Look for any areas you can let go even Deeper into relaxation and ease Let your physical body go So that you can let your thoughts go Check in with what is true for you What are you actually feeling Giving yourself permission to experience This present moment Without trying to change anything Without allowing thoughts or Expectations to take over Let your thoughts go So you can be here now Awake to the sensations in your body Whatever you are feeling is okay Feel as the tension in your body Continues to loosen Be in the present moment awareness The past will remain in the past And the future will remain in the future There is only the present moment And it is where your inner peace is Found Enjoy this calm state of inner peace For another moment Foreign The Stillness

The spaciousness Take another long slow breath in and out When you are ready Slowly open your eyes and continue to Enjoy the inner peace As you gradually come out Of your meditative state May your day be filled with joy peace And a sense of ease If you are looking for more meditations To help you relieve stress I've created A whole playlist for you on the screen Save the playlist so you can easily find Your next practice


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James is a content creator who works in the personal development niche.