Boost Confidence 15 Minute Hypnosis | Mindful Movement

Boost Confidence 15 Minute Hypnosis | Mindful Movement

For those times when you are experiencing imposter syndrome and you don’t have the confidence you want in your life. This hypnosis practice is designed to help you increase your confidence and connect with your true self-worth. As you listen to my words, your mind, and body will begin to relax and let go into a state of complete peace, feeling calm and at ease where you can regain your confidence. Additionally, this includes an integration tool you can use outside of this practice to increase your confidence.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Celestial Light by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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For those times when you are Experiencing imposter syndrome and don't Have the confidence you want in life This hypnosis practice is designed to Help you increase your confidence and Connect with your true self-worth As you listen to my words your mind and Body will begin to relax And let go into a state of complete Peace Feeling calm and at ease Where you can regain your confidence Additionally this includes an Integration tool that you can use Outside of this practice when you want To increase your confidence Welcome to the mindful movement I'm Sarah Raymond I invite you to make yourself Comfortable Recognize safety in your body as you get Settled When you are ready close your eyes to Signal the start of this practice just For you Give yourself permission to fully relax Ive the support and healing that you are Here for As you listen to the sound of my voice You may begin to notice that your body Is becoming more And more relaxed Your muscles are becoming loose and limp And your breathing is becoming slow and

Steady [Music] Take a long slow breath in And let it out even more slowly As you do this Connect with your true essence Or your true self This is the place inside you that is Safe And secure [Music] You can think of it as your inner Sanctuary You may sense the energy Of your true self At your Center At your core [Music] Remain connected to your self energy As you focus on this peaceful place Within you You begin to notice that your body Is becoming more and more relaxed With each breath You sink deeper into tranquility Your self-energy is compassionate Caring And confident Peel back the outer layers of protection And armor So you can connect with this deepest Layer of you Just for now When you are safe

In this relaxed state Remain calm and connected to yourself Energy In a moment I will count down from 10 to 1. And as I do with each number Allow yourself to go deeper into Relaxation Deeper into your most confident self With each number that I count you will Feel yourself becoming more and more Relaxed And confident Ten you are feeling relaxed and calm Nine your body is becoming more and more At ease Eight Your mind is calm and confident Seven You feel your confidence building within You Six you know you are worthy and you Matter in this world Five continue to allow yourself to go Deeper into a state Of relaxation For you are connecting with your true Self Where your confidence and inner worth Reside Three your mind and body are completely Relaxed and calm Two allow yourself to go deeper still Into a safe state of peace

And one you are now in a deep state of Hypnosis Now that you are relaxed and safe You can use your mind to support the Feelings of confidence And self-worth that you desire You can find and connect with your true Voice Your inner power [Music] Imagine yourself standing in front of a Large mirror As you look at yourself in the mirror You can see that you are confident And self-assured You are standing tall with your Shoulders back and your head held high You can feel your confidence and Self-assurance growing stronger with Each passing moment You know that you are capable of Achieving anything you set your mind to You are in control of your thoughts and Actions And you know that you can handle any Situation with Grace and ease And with this deep knowing you feel the Building confidence within you You feel full of joy knowing this Confidence is blossoming within you Now continue to see yourself in the Mirror Standing Tall and confident You know that you have all you need

Inside you [Music] Foreign You know deep down that you are worthy Of all that you desire You are enough as you are You are courageous and know that you can Handle any situation with strength and Resilience As you imagine yourself in this Confident state Take a deep breath in And hold it for a few seconds [Music] When you exhale imagine that you are Releasing any doubts or fears you may Have And that you are only left with Confidence and self-assurance And you now associate that feeling of Confidence with the deep breath you just Took Foreign You Will feel that same sense of confidence [Music] Now think of a time when you felt Incredibly confident and self-assured It could be a time when you accomplished Something you were proud of Or a time when you simply had the Deep Knowing of confidence within you If nothing comes to mind easily simply Imagine what it would be like

And as you think of this time notice the Feelings And the physical Sensations that come up For you Maybe you feel a sense of pride Or a feeling of power [Music] Perhaps you are aware of a building Energy within you [Music] Whatever is there is just right Now you will anchor in those feelings by Squeezing your thumb and index finger Together As you release your fingers imagine that You are releasing those feelings of Confidence and worthiness into your body This is a signal or a reminder To your mind and body That you are confident Do this again and imagine the feelings Of confidence building and growing Within you As you squeeze your thumb and index Finger together And as you release this the confidence Is filling you up Now as you continue to focus on the Sensation of relaxation And the feeling of confidence Repeat this phrase in your mind I am confident and Worthy Repeat a few more times I am confident and Worthy

[Music] Anytime you want to bring back this Confident feeling after this recording Is over You can squeeze your index finger and Thumb together And say the phrase I am confident and Worthy Because you have anchored in the Confidence Allow this to sink in for a moment Longer [Music] Take another long slow breath in Filling up with confidence And as you breathe out let go of Anything you no longer need And in a moment as I count from one to Five You will gradually come back to full Awareness With the confidence and self-worth You have regained during this practice One as you come out of this hypnosis Session you will feel more confident and Self-assured than ever before Two you will be able to handle any Situation with Grace and strength Three you are capable of achieving Anything you set your mind to Four you are now and always will be Confident And five take a deep breath And when you are ready open your eyes

Feeling refreshed rejuvenated And confident

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