Breathing against the natural flow

Breathing against the natural flow

Learn this yogic breathing exercise called Viloma. There are three different ways of practicing it. Follow along and integrate it into your practice.
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00:00 Intro
00:40 Three types of Viloma
01:30 Practice Viloma 1
03:30 Practice Viloma 2
05:30 Practice Viloma 3
07:30 Closing

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Love and Gratitude,
Bre & Flo


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Hello yogis welcome to this video my Name is Flo today I want to share with You the Loma pranayama biloma can be Translated as against the natural flow It's a great practice to calm down the Mind relax the nervous system and to Gently introduce expanding the breath Lengthening the breath and also Expanding your lung capacity as you know When you breathe you have the inhale And the exhale And this would be the natural flow in This breathing exercise we're going Against this natural flow and there's Three ways of doing it the first one is To interrupt the inhale so instead of Doing a full continuous inhale you do Inhale Foreign Exhale Then the second one is interrupting the Exhale only where you inhale And the third version is to interrupt The inhale and the exhale So you're lengthening the breath you're Interrupting it you're going against the Natural flow and especially on that Inhale you usually inhale a bit more Than you usually would so it's a nice Practice to expand the lung capacity in Today's practice we will go together Through five rounds of each of the three Techniques or the variations and then in Your own time in your own practice you

Can do more rounds if you want play Around with the practices see how they Feel in your body and then make them Part of your breath sequence or your Breath work practice and use them Whenever you need to let's begin with The first version to follow along where We are interrupting the inhale and then Continuous flowy exhale make sure you Sit tall shoulders relaxed ideally Cross-legged on the floor and in general All breathing exercises are great to do Before meditation to prepare you for Your meditation the ideal order is move Movement to open up the body for the Breath then do the breath work and then Meditation So it's important to note before we Begin that you don't fully inhale and Then try to zip in a little bit more a Little bit more we are breaking the full Inhale into thirds into three parts so If this is your maximum then you would Inhale Inhale inhale exhale Sit tall let's begin exhale the air out Let's start to inhale You can exhale through the nose or the Mouth Take a few normal breaths Ideally we breathe only through the nose But it's acceptable to also exhale Through the mouth but please do not Inhale through the mouth the mouth is

Not made for breathing only the nose is Oh this was the first variation let's do The second one so you get a feel for it And you can continue in your own time if You wish for the second one we inhale Continuously And then exhale we break into thirds And especially the lower third try to Push a little bit more air out because If you exhale more if you get more air Out you can inhale more and get more air In Exhale they are out sit tall Let's do it Foreign [Music] I might have done one extra there Because It's a strong effect on the body at Least for me So the breath is fully Sucking Me In And Counting is using a different area Of the brain So this is the second variation of it Now let's try out the third one where we Break down The third the inhale into thirds and the Exhale into thirds traditionally it's Broken down into thirds but I've also Seen people break it down into fourth or Fifths or so I'll stick with the thirds that works Best for me but again it's there for you To experiment with

Let's sit tall Exhale the air out And inhale Inhale inhale Exhale exhale Exhale In in in [Music] Exhale out Out In in in in Out out Out Relax bring the hands to the legs Close your eyes sit tall And for a few normal breaths simply Notice Feel the effects in the body Thank you for practicing with me and Trying out all three variations I Recommend doing a breath work Journal Where you can write down your practice And also the effects in the states and Whatever you're feeling whatever is Coming up during the practice in general I find this practice calming and Grounding but also uplifting So for me I would classify it more as an Uplifting practice but at the same time Grounding if you know what I mean There's a lot of these qualities I find In my body and in my practice that are Grounding but still energizing so it's This connectedness that rootedness

But still alert awake and ready to go Instead of Super calm chill maybe even almost Sluggish quality so it's more of a Satwik quality to me than uh Thomas Quality if you know about the three Gunas But rajas is also in there the active Kind of quality Thank you very much for practicing with Me and for allowing me to share this Practice I hope you explore play around With it enjoy and it's another tool in Your toolbox Much love and gratitude namaste


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James is a content creator who works in the personal development niche.