Doing the Work to Be Free | With Byron Katie

Doing the Work to Be Free | With Byron Katie

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Foreign [Music] [Laughter] Something that they would like to work Through quickly just from your chair Yes So if you stand they can bring you the Microphone I'm frustrated with her because she Won't pay her bills and avoid late fees She won't pay the bills is it true Yes She won't pay the bills can you Absolutely know that it's true Following the questions on your Voters No Okay So how do you react notice what happens When you think the thought she won't pay The bills Now that's that's really this really Meditate on this for a while like you Think that thought right now she won't Pay the bills it's alive in you okay you See images of the past You see those where she's not paying the Bills Everyone see that Okay you see those images Now is that her not paying the bills or Is that Pure Imagination It's a total story It's story yes but he is that her you

See that image of her not paying the Bills Is that her or imagination It's imagination I've never seen Okay and then you see you you See a future Where you're going to get a late fee or Late fees yes Yes okay now In your head is that her or is it your Pure Imagination I mean in your head In that moment You're in the past where she hasn't paid The bills you're in the future you see The late fees Images She's actually not there in the future Okay I mean I'm there with my Frustration so you're there in the Future okay you see that image of you Paying the late fees is that you yes That's you are too big to fit in here Right it's imagination Pure Imagination All of you you know that is how you I That's how the ego keeps you identified As a physical body that can never be I Mean your mind's It's either remembering or anticipating So Who Do You Think You Are You believed you in Foreign So you see that image of you paying late

Fees that's not you okay now here's the Question as you witness this dream This dreamed world Notice how you react Who's upsetting you who's frustrating You is it her Or is it you Know honestly I'm getting a little Vertigo because I'm realizing that all Of my finances are in my imagination Laughs Pure Imagination And what I'd suggest is is it's like If you want your bills paid on time pay Them on time or hire someone responsible And then they will or they won't Pay them on time But if you pay them on time the worse They can happy is what you're thinking And believing if you don't pay them on Time the worst that can happen is what You're thinking and believing but if you Ever want to be like never impoverished Again get free That's it Said you know on it's like something Pays my bills or not And I do my best You see it don't you yeah It's total All and I I would say that's all there Is or ever will be and it's not Nothing And it is and it's not

You know it's impossible to meditate on A moment in time because You're out of time the past is Not here the future is not here so Anyway play with it my heart thank you Thank you So any questions Yes Um so my question is I have had the same Thought for years so so Example Um so myself sure So my thought is I'm frustrated with Myself because I haven't succeeded Quickly enough you haven't succeeded Quickly enough is that true That's such a huge one we love that one Yes so I do the work I've done the work On it I actually saved the work on it so I could go back to It ultimately not Answering the question And you haven't succeeded quickly enough Is it true No Excellent thank you [Laughter] You know the last year you think you're Fooling people there's one people you Can't fool it's you You know when you drop into these four Questions you know it's it is and you Get still with them You're shown You don't have to fake it here it comes

Get still witness watch and Free yourselves or not Yes Oh zero zero I know what that means It's a myth but it's So thank you for your patience and if It's moved a little too quickly The work The work is always free at the And thank you for your focus today and Thank you wisdom and Sauron and everyone That makes this event possible Thank you thank you

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