Get out of Your Own Way | The Power of Practice With Jon Kabat-Zinn

Get out of Your Own Way | The Power of Practice With Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Foreign [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] Okay I'm gonna go wander over here yeah Oh somebody goes up to the middle good Hi Um so I recently turned the corner of 50 And I'm feeling a tension or aware of Attention between time left and what I've accomplished and Grounded in doing the life I'm doing and Aware that I have a sense of wanting to wanting More perhaps Um you want what you want more You want your well there's the social Like leave a mark make some you know Make some doing that means something And then there's a deep I love that you Use the metaphor of making a mark you Know that's really like a dog pissing on I'll lift my leg that's fine I mean it's It's sort of woven into the DNA Yeah Yeah but it's good to be aware of it Because again it's so easy to delude Oneself into thinking if only I am Successful in this way and create this Then and then you write yourself a story Then So I meant something so it means that That that this is you know turning 50

You know actually you're only turning 50 In your mind 50 is another thought and You have probably a lot of baggage Around that thought and so why not play With it yeah see what the possibilities Are and it may generate incredible Creativity or motivation to make things Happen or whatever but uh but it doesn't Mean that uh That you're not already whole Before you do any of that stuff You're already whole And you have been actually for the past 49 years yeah whether you knew it and That's a different story right But that's the beauty of it is that like You don't have to do another 10 years or 20 years or 30 years of something in Order to have value or if I have Validity for yourself or for other People that there's just no improving on You as long as you are willing to get Out of your own way the part of you That's always in your own way doesn't That annoy other people constantly sure Yeah and you're not alone so when you But when you get out of your own way you Just like what's your name John so You're John you know and people know you And they they love the life manifesting In the form of you It's so hard to trust that and it's hard To well that's why we're here because Well that is why I'm here yeah so you

Asked where you didn't no I appreciate You mentioned I'm being as provocative As I can be so even though I didn't Literally ask I did ask and I welcome You're saying that so but I'm interested In and curious about the it's so hard Yeah what is so hard There's a vision that it's not enough It's never enough like there has to be a More that I'm doing what is the it the It's not enough yeah Can you is there something else that Wants to go in the place of the it Yeah I have a job That fulfills me okay and reflects who I Am and I have a question of Is it the right Way for me to bring myself to the world Put it that way for now for now at this Point in time yeah or do you need Something new Wonderful yeah so how are you going to Know That's a good question you're going to Think about it totally gotta like game That one out and plan a b c d right oh Sorry but do you have other Intelligences that could be recruited to That call on if you will that Zen Cohen Right well there's what is John's true Work on the planet at this particular Juncture in life that he thinks is Turning 50. yeah

I know some things about it yeah you Don't have to answer that I mean it's Like that's the con that's what you Asked like you know what is my job on The planet with a capital j Now yeah it may be leaving your job or It may be doing your job with a whole New orientation or you know who knows What it would be but it'd be fun yeah Why because you'll be in alignment with What you love And you'll be listening to that part of You that says If I'm understanding you correctly Is this enough And be careful of that one because There's a part of us that's been kind of Conditioned so that we're never good Enough right It's never enough right Yeah no matter how accomplished you are You could like win the Nobel Prize and Become a sort of million you know sort Of multi-million dollar whatever it is You know uh recording artist whatever And everybody would love you it might Not be enough okay because it's like a Vacuum in there and it's like not Syllable yeah so how do but who but the You that knows that already before you Go on and do another 20 years of doing The you that knows that already That's what I'm pointing at from the Beginning is maybe you're already okay Maybe it's not about getting the next

Accomplishment or the notch on the Fuselage or whatever it is that you need But Some kind of Recognition that you're already okay so Here's a that's the reason to be here is To go deeper and get closer to Truly The core of me and drop into me and then Hopefully the meaning arises out of that Absolutely and that's that's you know Something you can you know sort of Empirically investigate and and It's it's a trustworthy inquiry But it all comes down to who is who am I You know what is what is my way what is The with a capital W what is and That's a gigantic Adventure It's a gigantic Adventure yeah so Welcome Thank you And so when the doing Than the doing just to finish that when The doing comes out of being I mean you think oh what a waste of time These stupid meditators all they're Doing sitting and they just don't do Anything But when But when you're The doing comes out of being it's Entirely different kind of doing Even athletes that are like very very Competitive and trying to sort of uh

Break records The worst thing for them is to get Caught in wanting to break the record or To Excel or whatever because you get in Your own way so but they end a lot of Athletes now on a lot of different sort Of world-class levels their medic They're meditators because when they're Doing comes out of being it's first of All it's effortless in a certain way In a certain way another way it's like You know you you give it everything you Have but it's not you it's not whoever You think you are giving anything it's Who you actually are in complete Alignment with what's called for And Then win or lose I mean it's it's it's It's Beautiful George Mumford was here I don't think no If he's still here but George Mumford You know trained the Chicago Bulls in Their championship years in mindfulness And then also trained the LA Lakers and Mindfulness in your championship years I Mean his son you know in these are very If I can characterize it this way in Very tall people Who are all multi-millionaires Trying to get a ball through a small Hoop And the fact that they're interested in Having a creative Edge that might come

Out and not do it it's very interesting And and the Warriors who are like you Know that sort of top Basketball team at the moment They practice They meditate In their own ways Seattle Seahawks Mike Gervais was here From the Seattle Seahawks trained in the Seattle Seahawks in mindfulness So This this this The fecundity of being and doing is like Really uh A generator of wisdom Especially when You let go of the result and you put all The energy into the Love


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