30 Minute Slow Vinyasa Yoga for Full Body Stability and Strong Wrists

30 Minute Slow Vinyasa Yoga for Full Body Stability and Strong Wrists

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Foreign Today is going to be a fun energizing Vinyasa flow practice we're going to be Doing a lot of single arm side plank to Starfish transitions moving back and Forth so we're going to be working a lot On our balance working on moving with Control building that inner stability And most importantly connecting deeply With our breath I won't be using any Props for class today but I encourage You to use them if they help you in your Own practice before we dive into this Class I would like to bring a little bit Of attention to our community you can Check Below in the description where you Can jump in and join our community of Over 3 000 people so if you're Interested in it especially if you've Been practicing with us on YouTube for Quite some time then check it out 17 Cents a day you can join the lowest tier And still have access to dozens of Amazing classes if you're not in a place To support us financially then of course Just being here with us on YouTube in Our community hitting the Subscribe Button hitting the Bell leaving comments Sharing the videos with your community And your friends that's already such a Huge help for us so however you are here However you're able to give and Contribute we are super super grateful All right enough of all of that let's

Jump into class we're going to start Today in balasana child's post So find your way Onto your mat Knees apart send the hips down to the Heels and walk the hands forward Take a few deep breaths Feel your rib cage press into your legs Your spine reaches a little bit longer The crown of the head comes closer to The hands And your whole body melts down into the Ground as you surrender Into this moment into this space Into this breath Start to engage your ujjayi breath Keep the lips sealed Of that gentle sound of the ocean in the Back of your throat Try to keep ujjayi breath going Throughout your entire practice Begin to lift up come into a tabletop Blink Open the Eyes if you had them Closed Tuck the toes under sit back on the Heels stretch out the feet Come forward again bring the fingertips To point towards the outside edge of Your mat and the wrist just a couple Inches away from each other And start to make some big circles Around the wrists Switch directions on the circle Moving slowly

Already tapping into that awareness of How the body is feeling You're not rushing you're not jumping Anything you're really feeling All the sensations Again bring the hands forward fingertips Pointing forward and then we're going to Keep the fingers down on the ground but You're going to lift the Palms up And then lift all the way up come on to The fingertips and then lower down Halfway and then all the way so lift Lift lower lower lift lift lower lower Let's do eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two Last one Now come on to the backs of the hands The fingertips Point towards the knees Try to keep the arms straight and then Begin to send the hips back to the heels The wrists will probably lift off that's Fine Maybe Rock left and right We're doing a little bit more of a wrist Warm-up today since it is a pretty wrist Heavy class So I can encourage but I won't remind You throughout class you can take wrist Releases and take wrist breaks whenever

You need this practice is for you not For me you're here to help you in your Own body in your own breath So just know that you're always in Control you can move in ways that feel Good for you You don't have to prove anything in fact You can probably just sit on your couch Watch this whole video and I wouldn't Even know So it's for you Take from it what you wish and modify Accordingly Sit back on the heels shake out the Wrists try to stay on the toes Back to tabletop Start to round the back push the ground Away tuck the chin to the chest And then lift the knees up just one inch Turbo cat To really straighten the arms push onto The inside part of the hand so the base Of the index finger the base of the Thumb Hold here last five four three two one High plank step the feet back And then lift the hips downward dog Puddle the legs one leg at a time Sway the hips left and right And then find some Stillness in your Downward dog Inhale right leg to the sky three-legged Dog Come up high on the ball of the left

Foot shift forward knee to right armpit Inhale bring it back three-legged dog Big push Exhale knee to nose round the back push The ground away inhale lift three-legged Dog exhale knee to left armpit hold Extend the right leg underneath the body Starfish Left heel lowers down left arm reaches Up over your head Again push the ground away And then slowly lower the hips all the Way down to the ground We're coming into a seated forward Straddle fold so you're facing the back Left corner of your mat Inhale Arms Reach up overhead and exhale Chest comes forward to any degree Hands come down to the ground start to Walk the fingertips forward Flex the feet the toes point up towards The sky And relax the head Three breaths here Walk your hands back towards your hips We're going to reverse out of that the Same way we came in back to starfish Right hand comes to the top of the mat And inhale lift the hips up left arm up Over your head first And then follow that big circle left Palm comes down to the mat side plank on The left So now in this side plank I'd really

Like you to focus on the hips so usually You'll send the hips back behind you and It makes it easier I'd like you to bring The hips forward so that you're really Almost like you're in a plank like a Straight line from your heels all the Way through the body okay right arm Reaches up towards the sky And extend and reach push the ground Away I know that's a lot on the left Hand you can do it last breath Bend the right knee step the right foot To the top of the mat come into Crescent Lunge both arms reach up overhead Slight Bend in the left knee Set the hips low Pyramid post step that back foot up About halfway on the mat back foot is 45 Degrees out A little Bend in the right knee Inhale lengthen the spine exhale melt Forward over the right leg Shift forward Warrior three prep left Leg floats up and back Left foot is flexed as if you're Standing against the back wall A little micro Bend in the right knee And really lengthen the spine crown of The head is Reaching Forward And now cross your left ankle behind the Right For a cross leg forward fold keep a Little Bend in both knees Pay special attention to your left leg

Back left leg Try not to overdo it here And then bring your left palm all the Way down to the ground start to bend Your right leg Slide the left foot out Off your mat For what we are now calling the A-frame Pose So left palm is down right fingertips up Towards the sky So it might look a little bit different For you Maybe the leg is farther out or back or Up or down Legs straight legs bent All good what we're looking for here is A stretch on our outer right hip mainly A few other things as well but that's The main Sensation that you're searching For Release from A-frame we're going to come Back into starfish so left palm comes All the way down to the ground keep your Left foot where it's at reach your right Arm up over your head to counterbalance The weight and then step your right foot Up and over the left leg to the back of The mat starfish on the other side lift The hips up high Engage The glutes Reach that right arm up over your head And then side plank on the right so Release and switch right palm comes down Left arm up to the sky We'll do five hip dips here so you could

Either stay on the right wrist you can Come down onto your elbow you can either Keep the legs straight or you can Kickstand one leg so either way we're Going to lower the hips down and lift Them up Four Three Two And one Switch side plank to the left left palm Comes down right arm up Lift the right leg up off the left bend The right leg step it to the top of the Mat Coming into a seated twist bring that Left knee to the outside of the right Foot set the hips down Start to twist over to your right you're Going to grab onto your right leg with Your left arm And bring the right fingertips behind You Sit nice and tall And then exhale into the twist Release the twist make your way into Either pigeon in the front of the mat Pigeon pose or 90 90. I prefer 90 90. you can do whatever You'd like either way left leg is Forward Right leg is back If you're taking 90 90 then both legs Are in 90 degree angles

Once you're there Start to walk the fingertips forward And the chest comes down over the left Leg Again to any degree And if you took pigeon Be extra careful here with your left Knee make sure that you're flexing your Left foot So that you're engaging the ligaments in The left knee I'm really protecting The knee I know we could probably Stay here for 10 minutes or maybe not But we're gonna move out start to walk Your hands back After all this is a energizing flow Right we got to keep moving Bring your left heel close to the hips And then again come back to that seated Twist same way we came into this So bring your right leg forward And from this seated twist you're going To continue to Face Forward we're going To make our way into Warrior three so See if we can do it without using your Hands and slowly make your way into Warrior three standing on the right foot Oh Palms together hands at the heart Straight line from the left heel to the Crown of the head Release chair pose

Set the hips low Arms Reach up over your Head And straighten the legs forward fold Inhale to halfway lift And step the feet back high plank Shift forward up onto the toes bend the Arms chaturanga shoulders do not come Lower than the elbows press it back up High plank Downward dog Start to roll forward through the spine All the way to upward dog stay on the Toes Engage The glutes Gaze straight ahead Stay on the toes chaturanga bend the Arms Push it up high plank Downward dog Inhale left leg to the sky three-legged Dog Exhale knee to left armpit round the Back push the ground away inhale big Lift three-legged dog Exhale knee to nose Inhale lift Exhale knee to right armpit pause here Extend the leg under the body starfish Right arm up over your head Big breath And exhale lower the hips all the way Down Make your way into butterfly posts this Time we're facing the back right corner Of the mat bring the feet together

Decide what distance feels good for you With the heels either closer to the hips Or farther away Either way Sit nice and tall And then exhale start to come forward Over the legs We're here for three breaths So make each breath count Slow it down Foreign Again straighten the legs back to that Straddle And back to starfish left palm comes to The top of the mat lift the hips up Right arm reaches up over your head And then right palm comes down to the Ground side plank on the right We're here for about 30 seconds So really take the time to clean this up Make this pose the best it can be I know it's challenging But you can do it Lift the left foot up off the right bend The left knee step the foot to the top Of the mat Crescent lunge Thank you Release pyramid pose Step that right foot to the mid mat Back foot is a little bit angled out a Little Bend in the left knee And melt down over the left leg Shift forward Warrior 3 prep Lower the right hip down so it's about

The same height as the left Keep that right leg as straight as you Can Soften the breath Foreign The right ankle behind the left And forward fold Just a couple breaths here Bring the right palm all the way down to The mat and then slide your right foot Off the mat For A-frame posts left arm reaches up to The sky Feel free to bend and straighten your Left leg So you can really explore the sensation And that stretch in the left hip Gaze comes down to the right hand your Palm is fully down on the mat so you Have good stability here and then step Your left foot up and over starfish Reach your left arm up over your head to Counterbalance the weight Foreign Starfish We're going to switch over side plank on The left left palm comes down Stack the feet And again we'll be doing five hip dips Here so your choice down on the elbow or Kickstand the leg Let's do it lower down Five Four

Three Two And one bring it up switch side plank on The right Left knee comes to the chest step to the Top of the mat Seated twist right knee comes outside The left ankle And set the hips down Take your time moving into that Go easy it's not a race Grab on to the left leg with the right Arm and reach back with the left Fingertips Find a Twist that feels good in your Body And slow down the breath Release the twist keep your right leg Down and forward you're going to bring Your left leg back either to Pigeon or To 90 90. I will again take 90 90. I recommend That you Stick with the same pose you did on the First side so if you took pigeon the First time take pigeon again now or if You took 90 90 Take 990 again Once you're ready Lengthen the spine big inhale And exhale come down over the right leg Hello With the help of the arms push the Ground away Make your way back into that seated

Twist so the right ankle is going to Come close to the hips And you'll bring that left leg forward And again back to Warrior three maybe Without using the hands give it a try If you fall it's all good just stay safe Laugh it off This is all just a form of practice Developing the awareness of the mind and How we react How much love we can continue to give Ourselves in moments where We feel like we're falling That's where the self-love is the most Important Release Warrior three chair pose This time step the feet apart hip Distance Arms Reach up overhead Release forward fold Inhale halfway lift Exhale place the hands step the feet Back high plank Shift forward high on the toes Chaturanga Press it up high plank Downward dog Stay on the toes roll through the spine All the way to upward dog Engage The glutes gaze straight ahead Keep the feet where they're at bend the Arms chaturanga Push it up high plank Downward dog Step float or handstand the feet forward

Into malasana pose Yogi squat Feet come outside the hands Set the hips as low as it's comfortable For you And let's do a little wrist release so Bring the Palms together and then start To roll Onto the backs of the hands And then Forward to the Palms so let's do a Couple circles In each Direction Great set the hips down Bring the hands behind you Make your way into a reverse tabletop And if this is already too much on the Wrist By keeping the fingertips pointing Towards the heels you can also rotate The wrists out so the fingertips are Pointing to the back or you can even Take Fists with the hands so take Whatever variation feels good for you Lift the hips up Engage The glutes Lift the hips a little higher Last breath And lower all the way down And then lower your back onto the ground Do two rounds up and I will do a bridge both times but I Would like everyone to do the bridge the First round and then just

You're welcome to So for bridge Lift up Engage The glutes you could either keep Your hands down on the ground or you can Start to bring the hands together Interlace them behind your back and if You do then you can tuck The arms underneath Sort of behind the shoulder blades And this also offers an additional wrist Release The hands if you had them held Reach the arms up over the head Lift the heels and lower all the way Down Try to keep a little bit of a back Heels And now we'll do the second round so you Can either take Bridge again with me or You can take wheel pose So if you take a wheel Up To be if you're taking Bridge You already know the way We're here for seven Six Five Four Three Two One if you took Bridge you know how to Release if you took a wheel slowly start To bend the arms

And let your shoulders touch down first And then roll down through the spine Right so now we're all here in this Position arms overhead Wiper one knee at a time And then you're going to roll Outside And then press yourself up to a Comfortable seat So either cross-legged or Hero's pose or Thunderbolt Whatever You get most comfortable in as you're Sitting here So place your hands on your knees Palms Facing down or up And gently close down the eyes Take a moment here To be grateful that you had another day To wake up To move in your body To be present to be aware To be full of love And I'll let you Stay here in silence for this last Minute of class But I do encourage you to stay longer And meditation if you can You also have the option to lay down Into savasana But for this next minute while I'm still Here with you I would like you to Simply focus on Being aware of the breath

You can think in your mind or repeat I am inhaling I am exhaling I am inhaling I am exhaling And even more simply You can just think as you inhale in Exhale out In Out In Out Foreign Thank you so much for joining me for This practice For being here in this community with Flo and myself we are so grateful to Have you We're sending you all our love From this side of the internet to yours Namaste Yogi

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