Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

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All right This has to be the worst lighting setup Ever but this is the best spot I could Find here at the airport I'm in Portland Maine I left Las Vegas about three weeks Ago I went for the second module of School for anatomy trains structural Integration and it all now ended and so Today is the day where i'm finally Flying back but not to Las Vegas but to Chicago to meet Brie and ILO and also Spend some time with some part of her Family as you know the family story of Bree is a bit complicated but she has Some family living in Chicago And we're meeting them for the Thanksgiving holidays I have no idea When this video will be published it Might be another month or maybe in the New year so To mention Thanksgiving might be Completely irrelevant we will just spend Some time with family and it's been a Really good time here in Maine I had a Really good time in the school I learned A lot a lot of growth happened In this path of structural integration And to become a practitioner feels Really right to me Hey guys someone is doing a vlog here so Please be quiet Was a fantastic time I learned a lot I Grew a lot this path is just really Right for me and there's a lot of

Homework now that I have to do lots of Studying lots of body work Until I come back in the next year For the third and the last module very Exciting journey and before I left ILO Just started to explore crawling so it Was really interesting to to see how He's exploring his movement and his Freedom and his own strength and how Everything is developing and while I was Gone he really started to go all in into Crawling it's just so sweet and makes me So happy to see that he's exploring his His freedom and that he's realizing that He can move on his own and without any Help it was fantastic to see this Development and I miss him a lot I miss Brie a lot so I'm super excited to see Them in just a couple of hours I will Not continue the journey to Chicago to Meet Brian ILO and Time with the families and well-deserved Rest [Music] Finally they are oh my God it's a long Flight so much sitting first world Problem now Isla will see me as of Course no idea that I'm coming and I Have no idea how it's going to react Maybe it's gonna be stoked maybe neutral Maybe I don't know confused I'm guessing There's three and I alone who is this Guy hi baby I know Papa

[Music] I'm alone hi [Music] Oh it's fun to seeing you again so great [Music] She hasn't vlogged in a while I guess Yeah But in the moment I'm gonna say nice to have the break From holding a heavy baby but here I am Holding the camera Well now we're picking up her Brother Josh Which you know from the other video from The Montana visit and then it will go to See some family her other brother yep my Oldest brother you haven't met him yet You guys haven't met him yet yeah I Guess ILO hasn't met him yet either so You and ILO are together in this it's Actually been three years since we've Seen them so that's what I'm just before We left to travel yeah over the world Yep and now we are almost three years Later So it'll be not as many things changed Yep just a few okay let's go I'll be high high bud [Music] [Applause] How are you very good Vlogs later Let's Uh get out of the way Okay Oh my God

Oh my God it's been a long time [Music] We have a little family now oh my gosh You're not crying because we're all Screaming I know right I know Uncle Flo Uncle Joe Are you hungry was ILO having so far She likes it Bananas carrots mashed potatoes and Sweet potatoes We'll see what he likes it'll probably Just be him making art Which will also be nice Is this recording We're now at the playground and I was Feeling the cold for really the first Time first time on the swing Yeah What do you think no reaction Oh I think he likes it Maybe we can do like a full flip yellow [Music] [Music] She had a really good time at the park And now we're grabbing a Christmas tree For the family What's the requirement for the tree Seven feet Seven and a half Peach Tree all right Look it's like a labyrinth here Is that the one It's one of the contenders yes okay go

Where are you Stay there stay there ready I'll talk to you Right back right back I think we have a winner So I think your parents are more into it Than the kids yeah most definitely That one is it And just in case you're wondering we're Not getting any Christmas trees or not We're not celebrating Christmas we just Like to hang out with the family yep Yeah get together and share good Memories remember guys the bigger the Tree the bigger the presents Hilarious it's only like 12 for a permit To cut down a tree in Montana so this Whole experience is also kind of funny Because in Montana it's like yeah it's a Montana girl yeah everybody takes up the Chainsaw and takes on the tree we got Some nice slow motion footage of them We're playing couple rounds of our Favorite game Shanghai the losers in the End have to do 10 push-ups and we're now In the second to last round most of us Have done a lot of push-ups already And it's so fun when we come down to the Ground with baby Island he's so excited [Music] Welcome back to Las Vegas we're now back Home finally and for me it's Being back home after three weeks which Is so nice it was great to visit

Everyone to see everyone yeah but uh Family again it's very nice a nice Thanksgiving time and They had us at their nice home and it Was cozy and lots of card games lots of Good meals but it's always nice to be Home especially if you love your home so Now we're just excited to be here so Good to see my oldest brother and my Other brother which we saw last month in Vegas also to see my two nephews and Then my third nephew who I haven't seen Since he was just a couple months old so Right he's not so tall and talking and Running and doing all the things and he Has the most luscious beautiful Pantene Pro-V conditioner hair so he's like so Fun to play with and just fun with ILO To interact with too so next time we see Them then Isla will probably be walking And playing with Zeke even more most Likely yeah From our home we're excited to get back To work and to create and to push a lot Of the things that we have currently Going on Forward and close out the year And then again we will travel for the Holidays [Music] Thanks for following along have a Fantastic time and we'll see you in the Next one take it easy peace [Music]


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