We Got Separated

We Got Separated

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Oh yeah Bree sent me another package it Just arrived here in the mail at my Airbnb and I'm excited to see what's Inside so nice of her to send me a Little package Oh that's nice Wow solo parenting Joke seriously no joke I have the utmost Amount of respect and admiration for Solo parents that are out there just Making it work it's so challenging you Just don't get a break at all ever I'm Sure Flo will explain in a lot more Detail about what he is doing right now On the East Coast but for now I just Wanted to open up by saying how much I Terribly miss him all of the love and All of the support for flow I'm so proud Of him for what he's doing and I'm also Really freaking proud of myself I'm Really proud that I've been able to take Care of ILO of course Miss flow but I Also needed this space in my life right Now too I didn't know I needed it but Now that I had it it was really good for Me to drop into myself and spend so much Time with ILO and really Connect with myself again yeah I've Learned so much this past month really Stop healed my heart on so many Different levels and I'm just so honored And so grateful that I have this Opportunity to be with him so much and To take care of him and

Yeah and that Flo trusts me to take care Of our little miniature human it also Yeah takes a lot of trust on the partner To be able to keep your children alive When they're out of your sight he's not Only been alive he's been thriving and It's just it's so fun to watch Everything unfold for him What happened So first she put some Some shorts in there some from my Wardrobe because I messaged her that I Need to get some shorts I didn't bring Enough stuff so what is this ag1 Comprehensive and convenient daily Nutrition with 75 vitamins minerals and Whole Food sourced ingredients that's Very important so it's not processed yeah I'm excited to try it out Seems legit this is a mini LED lamp There is a light at the bed where I Usually do my video calls when I call Her but it's like really wide Fluorescent bright light it's really not Nice I guess this is something I can use And you can clip it onto everything not Sponsored by any of this I'm just Unpacking the the little care package And these are perfect things already And there's a little letter for her I Will read that later Death Wish coffee another coffee mix With lion's mane I love those ones that Are mixed coffee with mushrooms and we

Also have a great brand that we're Working with called micrology you can Check out in the description below they Offer all kinds of mushroom supplements To increase cognitive function or memory Or Focus they also have other other Mushroom products that are used more for Ceremonies and for ritual settings the Link is in the description below Amazing care package from brie so nice Of her thank you so much love thank you So much B for sending that and you might Be wondering why am I not at home and Why is Bree sending me some stuff I am In Maine at the East coast of the United States in the north I'm here for a full Month to attend the first module out of Three of Bodywork School Anatomy trains Structural integration certification Course so yes I decided to become a Structural integration body worker it's A completely new path for me I have no Body work experience the whole course is About nine months maybe even a year to Complete until I can get the Certification and then offer sessions And maybe even all for my own practice Let me know in the comments below if you Want me to offer a structural Integration work in the Las Vegas area I Had to say goodbye to Brie had to say Goodbye to ILO and it also brings me to The topic of the video today that I want To touch base on is to spend some time

By yourself in solitude and the benefits Of all of it What I'm trying to say is that Oftentimes we have this passion this Dream this thing we want to do or even Just the healing that we want to do it Doesn't need to be even something new That you want to learn or do sometimes It's just healing some things and some Stuff that we have been dragging along With us that maybe we have layered up Sometimes its surfaces and we really Just want to transform and process and Let it go or dive into something new and Grow and learn and experience and for That you just have to sometimes spend Some time by yourself even if it's just For a day and you just go out for a Day Hike in nature and you keep the phone Off and you go by yourself and you just Sit with nature and you enjoy the views And the hikes or whatever you're doing Just by yourself reduce the distractions And fully focus on what's coming up This time alone has given me a lot of Time to think about where I'm at to Think of who I am now now that I'm a Mother and to think of living back in The US again it's given me confirmation That I'm on track with where I want to Be and what feels good to me relaxing a Little bit more being a little bit more Confident in what I'm doing and the path That I'm on

As a yogi as a teacher as a student as a Mom as a daughter as everyone all of the Roles that I play in my life this feels Really good for me to just be home and To be able to yeah nest finally been Working on some fun projects also and Working on my prenatal and postnatal Yoga program which I'm still not Launching for a couple of years but yeah I'm at least working on that which has Been fun and I also had some really good Visions and insights to start another Business and that's something that's Going to be my own personal business a Brief business this will also be I think Healthy for me and good for me to just Um yeah work on my own stuff and Um not not have it be possible part of Breathe and flow have it be something That's like completely separate and also A topic that I've never thought that I Would get into so Um I'm honestly not sure if I'm ever Gonna share it here on this channel but It's something that I've at least been Working on on the side and it Sparks joy In me and it's something creative and Fun been able to sit with myself and had These feelings rise up So that they can be processed more Consciously and I can listen to my heart A little bit more so it's been a really Amazing month honestly really good for Me really healthy did you just fart on

Me And it's not really just taking the time To for yourself to be by yourself but in General especially if you're in a Relationship to take that time to have Your own goals your own Visions your own Things that you want to do and not make It all dependent on what your partner Wants to do so even though Brie and I Are in a very close relationship we have A baby we have a business together you Know we do everything together and we Love it but we still have our individual Visions and goals there's a shared Vision that shared goals of course but You also have your own just for yourself And so we both constantly work on Ourselves and work towards achieving our Own personal goals and our personal Visions and I think a relationship Should be set up in a way if it's a good Fit that it supports each other's growth In each other's goals and visions so That you're not holding each other back And kind of are entering into this Codependency and there's nothing you do Without the other person and if they Don't want to then you're also not going To although you maybe would love to so Long story short It's so important to have your own goals Your own Vision then you just gotta sit Down if that's a problem With your current person and talk about

It and then hopefully you find a way so That you can still focus on your own Growth and Maybe even have someone that supports You all the way through Thick and thin as if as they say in German You know through good and bad and you Help each other through that growth Because growth is also not always easy And always fun Sometimes there's challenges that come Up and Darker times and you shed some light on Those darker areas of your being and you Work through it so having the support From your partner is ideal they can be Your greatest support or they could be The one that's holding you back the most Because after all an individual life In community maybe in a relationship but You got to take care of your your Yourself first and so here the time in Maine has been great for me Transformative focusing on something Very new expanding my skill set changing Careers a little bit adding something New in and of course I would not be able To do this without pre-support and Staying at home with ILO taking such Good care of him and the house and Everything else we have going on there Um deeply grateful that she is doing That but you gotta just talk about it

You know and then she said yeah I can I Can take him for one month and you can Go do your thing and maybe when he's Older she's going for a week or several Weeks do something and then I take care Of him or the kids So why not So the whole message of this video Really why I'm talking for so long and So much about it is to for you get a Little bit uncomfortable and that might Start with the little things to for Example not use your phone for a whole Day and that's already such a huge Relief of a really big distraction that We carry in our pockets every single day Another thing could be to go out in Nature go on a Day hike plan your trip Pack your bag bring all the things you Need and just go by yourself keep the Phone on airplane mode no photos no Distractions no music just be and look Out into the nature and see what's Coming up it's it's really like a Journey and whatever is coming up is Coming up for a reason but we need to Reduce those distractions and allow it To happen allow the things to come up And sometimes it's uncomfortable what's Coming up and you need to deal with it You're then at that point by yourself Outside and what's coming up is coming Up for a reason it's why they send People up into the mountains for like a

Week or two to do Vision Quest to really Be with yourself in the silence and you Deal with your stuff and so you come Back however long it is as a different Person you let all the stuff that was Weighing you down all the doubts all the The layers you have put on top that were Covering up your your true self the Really beautiful shiny self that you are You left it all behind and you come back As a different person and then you're so Much more grateful to come back and Return to the things you love your Family your job your friends your Co-workers your Comfortable environment and you can from There move forward in a better Direction With more clarity with more focus more Of the vision aligned with your heart And you're going straight into that Direction so go out there align yourself With your heart and your true inner Being do the work that will transform You that will free you leave those Things behind that weigh you down and Then go straight ahead because that's The important thing if you just have the Knowledge and you get inspired by all These people if you just take it in and Don't do anything with it it's really Just a waste of time but if you then go Out there and do something about it That's where the real work is and where The real transformation will happen

Remember you're not alone you have an Amazing Community with you by your side So many people in the world are doing The uncomfortable to live a good life a Better life a life with more love and Gratitude peace and joy and you are Definitely not alone even though Sometimes it might feel like that so go Out there sending you big hugs and much Love thanks so much for watching this Video and I'll see you in the next one Take it easy peace [Music]

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