Lessons From The Ice

Lessons From The Ice


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00:00 Introduction To Cold Exposure
01:26 Why Do It
03:32 Ways To Do It
06:00 Contraindications
06:39 Best Way To Do It
10:33 How To Do It
18:23 Sustainable Practices
19:40 Let’s Do It


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I remember our first ice bath together And first ice path ever about five years Ago oh Oh my God that was so hard it was so Painful A lot has changed since then and we have Had a really beautiful incredible Healing Journey with the ice today we're Finally sitting down to share with you The benefits of cold exposure and why we Do it and more importantly how to do it Yourself Since our first ice bath many things Have changed and we now integrate cold Exposure into our Retreats and we will Also integrate it into our teacher Trainings but there are so much to learn About the cold and there's a lot of Confusion out there also many people Know that it's good for you somehow but Maybe don't know fully why so we want to Clarify those things a little bit in This video we had many people that Joined us in the ice baths and that we Had the honor to guide into the eyes Many for the first time and they also Got incredible benefits out of it it is Simply really amazing to see how people Are a little bit afraid of going into The eyes and then we guide them through The process and then they're finally Doing it and they're really learning so Much about themselves they're really Growing in this space of being

Uncomfortable and that's a big part of This video we're going to talk a lot About being uncomfortable because it's The necessary thing to do for growth There's a really long list of the Benefits of the cold and I think one of The main ones for us are the Mental Effects because when you're in the cold You are uncomfortable you are in a space That's challenging you're doing Something that's tough it's not a walk In the park but in that moment of being Uncomfortable being in the space of Being uncomfortable you can practice a Really strong meditation to be there With what's currently going on if you Can be comfortable while being in an ice Bath up to the neck You can of course also be kind of Comfortable in other situations that are Coming up in your life some of the other Physical benefits are that it speeds up Your recovery and it reduces your Inflammation with all the Comforts we Have now we oftentimes get out of Balance because we're always in the Heart always warm always comfortable Always dressed and we build up Inflammation through just the things we Do in our day-to-day life through the Pollution in the air the food the food We eat stress is a huge one you don't Want to go into all the ways how you Build it up but it builds up and it's a

Nice way to reduce it now only can It Reduce your chronic pain but the best Part is that when you get out of an ice Bath you feel so high you have an Elevated amount of energy you just feel So good so energized so ready for the Day sometimes you don't even want to eat Right away you just feel like yeah like You have super powers so the eyes really Helps you to be more resilient to be Fully there to be fully present and to Trust in yourself that you have the Strength to make it through it although It's of course tough and we all go Through these situations but by going Through those tough moments every day a Little bit It prepares us for what there Is to come and what's coming up that's Out of our control this traffic this Toxic co-worker this whatever situation You're dealing with in your life it just Helps bring other everything into Perspective and helps you realize that It's not so bad and that you can make it Through if you can make it through the Ice you can make it through just about Anything There's different ways to practice cold Exposure the one that we've already Mentioned and you see all our social Media is ice baths with ice cubes up to The neck and it looks amazing and you're Like wow I could never do this You can you just need to learn the steps

Which we will teach you in just a moment But this is not the only way there's of Course also cold showers Natural Ice Baths if you live in a cold place so Don't go alone to do this so you go with Some friends to the lake and you go for A cold swim or cold plunge or the cold Ocean depending where you live so There's many natural ways of doing it Too another way that has become pretty Popular is cryotherapy which is Basically a dry cold exposure chamber The dry cold exposure is very different Compared to ice baths or cold showers Because the water really helps to Transfer or transmit the cold better to The body so it feels colder when you're In it although the temperature is not as Low as in a cryotherapy chamber the Showers is definitely the best way to Prepare yourself for the eyes so this is Kind of the prerequisite before going Into a real ice bath you may be start Warm Soap up and everything and then wash Everything off cold once you get Comfortable with that you can increase The time that you shower cold so sooner In Your Shower Time you turn it to cold so that Eventually you get to the step of just Turning it cold and you take your entire Shower cold this could be a process over Many weeks so that's not that you do

This in a few days take your time with It you can for example increase the cold Time every week by 10 seconds 20 seconds Whatever you want to do so that maybe in One month you take the entire shower Cold personally I do this I take full Cold showers from start to finish I Don't shower warm but I also have to say That I do these cold showers only in the Morning in the evening time when it's Time to wind down Prepare for sleep maybe I come back from Jiu Jitsu training I take that shower Warm because then the body temperature Actually starts to lower down which is What you want for a good night's sleep We still enjoy hot tubs we still enjoy Hot baths or a warm shower or sauna or Whatever but we we try to do those Things in the evening the morning time Is kind of the time to get uncomfortable To put in the work to push yourself a Little bit And then once that's done you go about Your day in the evening it's the time More to get comfortable and and relax And take it easy there's of course Certain situations where you should not Be doing eye spares so this is not a Suggestion for everyone go to ice bath And just jump right into it there are Some contraindications that you want to Attract with your medical professional Or read more on the topic I very rarely

Have you encountered someone that's Actually not fit to do an ice bath but There are and there are situations where You shouldn't do it so just inform Yourself before you go do it and try it Out When you're taking a shower usually it's For the purpose of cleaning yourself and Washing yourself so you are in the cold Shower maybe but you're still busy with Soaping up and and everything and so the Intention is a bit different when you go Into the ice bath you're going there to Be in the eyes so the intention is very Much directed towards the cold exposure Towards being uncomfortable and trying To relax as much as possible to Summarize our entire history with cold Exposure is we have tried dozens of Different ways all around the world and Although they've all been really Beneficial the number one best way and The most beneficial that we have found Is to be using at home our own cold Plunge which brings us to the sponsor of This video today it's actually called Cold Plunge so this video is produced in Collaboration with them they produce Incredible Cool plunges for your home You can put them set them up inside Outside wherever you want in your home As long as you have a power connection You're good to go once you've figured Out a place to plug in the cold plants

And where you want to put it they Actually deliver it exactly to this Location that you wanted so to you Anywhere in your home to your home Upstairs in the garden wherever you Wanted you just tell them they come here I want this ice bath there they put it There super easy delivery really easy Installation you have an instructional Video on the website there's also a Pamphlet or booklet you can open and Agreed through it so really easy Installation they also have models that Are for one person or for two people so You can actually fit two people in there Super easy you just face each other then It's big enough for that And they have models that are only cold Or some models that are cold and hot so You can not only have your own ice bath At home but also your own hot tub so you Can really do cold exposure in the Morning once you're done you switch it And in the evening you do a nice hot tub Before you go to bed and again for a Good night's sleep yeah and then again You switch it for cold so you can do the Next day again in the morning a nice Bath takes about 10 hours or so to Switch between hot and cold one thing I Was wondering is when we got it how it's Going to affect our electricity bill Because I think that's enough something A lot of people are wondering you know

All this like thing is running all the Time day and night how does it work and Am I going to not only pay for the ice Bath but then also have a ridiculous Electricity bill and we tested it for Several weeks and we found that it only Increased the bill by one dollar a day And so if you do ice bath regularly Totally profit for us to spend the extra 30 a month for the electricity it might Be different where you live but for us It's totally worth it what's also great About the cold plunge compared to a Typical ice bath is that there's no Cleanup afterwards you don't have to Dump your ice out worry about where the Water is going you can literally just Step out of the pool and it's completely Self-cleaning and no Plumbing so it's Really hands off all the things that you Want to do more of And build a good habit new habit You want to reduce the steps to do it And all the things that you want to stop Doing you want to make those harder and More difficult to access And if it's your intention to do more Ice baths there's really no easier way To just have it in your home or in your Garden so you see it you just change you Do the process to get ready and you go In and it takes about 10 minutes total From changing to being out and being Ready to continue with your day super

Easy there's a lot more information on All of this and more links to videos and Resources and people in the description Below most importantly check out the Link to the cold plunge look at it and Use our code for a discount as well Now that you are well informed you know A lot more about it how do you actually Do an ice bath do you just take your Clothes off and go into the ice cold Water yeah sure it's possible but it's You probably just make it hard for Yourself unnecessarily so there are Certain steps that you want to share With you now that we use to prepare Ourselves to be in the eyes and what we Do afterwards too It starts with the very first thing that Is your intention for doing cold Exposure so why do you want to do ice Baths why do you want to do this into Your routine and add it into your Schedule so be very clear about that for Example when I heard my rib for the Beginning of this year my intention was To heal the rib and to heal my body so The intention for that month was very Focused and every ice bath to heal to Heal to heal this was a mantra I Repeated in my head heal the rib the rip Heels healing healing all of that very Likely it's a different intention for You just be clear about it whatever it Is there's no right or wrong one just

Know why you want to do it So now you want to do an ice bath you Care about your intention and you change Into your bathing suit at this point You're probably jumping around you're Feeling a little bit anxious a little Bit nervous not knowing what to expect Maybe you dip your hand in and you're Like what am I doing right now so this Is probably a good point in your routine To actually go pee and allow yourself to Enter into a space where you can drop Into a little bit more Stillness Internally so you can kind of get those Nervous Jitters out So before you actually go into the ice You're going to do a little bit of a Warm-up this could be breath work in the Wim Hof format there's two more breath Work several rounds of it and it's very Beneficial we love it and we do it we Have a video on it too that you can Check out but it does take a long time So if your intention is to do several Ice baths a week and the breath work Alone already takes 30 minutes then it's Just another reason to not do it we Don't think it's necessarily required to Every time before you do an ice bath to Do also the breath work so how you would Warm up for the ice bath is you would Come into a horse stance or a goddess Pose position to Center yourself to Build up some heat and to get ready for

The ice so usually we do this for three To five minutes we stand in goddess pose And do certain kinds of movements to Warm up and prepare and Center ourselves Once you did that you stand in front of The the eyes and one more time remind Yourself of your intention Center Yourself and then you step into the ice Bath when you're standing in it don't Spend much time there you're feeling Already how cold it is and the voice in Your head might already start at this Point the ice or the water is up to the Knees or something like that and you Then simply take a deep breath in and Then you exhale all the way out and as You exhale you start to immerse yourself Or submers yourself go into the water go Into the eyes completely so not halfway In and then more later with that one Exhale you go all the way down until the Water is up to the neck and then it's Your choice if you want to keep the Hands out or if you want to put the Hands also into the water prepare a Timer for yourself we recommend to do at Least three minutes and if you're in it And you want to stay longer then you can Always stay longer it's better to do a Smaller goal that you can do several Times a week week then like one huge Goal that's really pushing yourself so Personally I do set my timer for three Minutes and it's important to put the

Timer just next to the ice bath where You cannot see it The very second that you're fully Submerged in the water your mind is Gonna go a million miles an hour you're Probably most likely going to be Breathing really fast through the mouth Kind of in a what am I doing why am I Here all of these things start to pop up Today was a bad idea to do an ice bath I Shouldn't be doing this why did I listen To Brian flow why did I buy the cold Plunge like all these thoughts come up And it's normal and you need to stop it Yes it's completely normal so the best Way to ground yourself and come back Into this centering is to seal the lips Close down the eyes and slow down the Breath so the best way that we can Recommend is to immediately shift into Ujjayi breath at least for the first 30 Seconds no matter how long you've been Doing ice baths the first moment that You drop in and submerge yourself in the Ice It's going to be intense and that's Almost Never Gonna Get Easier and that's Okay because it's really about how fast You can catch yourself again and that's Getting a lot easier with practice it's Still challenging of course but you go In and you can kind of catch yourself Faster if you hit the timer and it's Still really challenging try to relax a

Bit more know that you now reach your Goal of staying in the water And you want to get eventually to a Point where it's not so challenging Anymore where you're not finding it so Much anymore where you're not resisting It so much anymore we can finally Surrender and fully be and you're like Ah actually not so bad and I start to Feel warm that's maybe a good moment Then to get out ultimately what you're Going for is to release all of your Resistance and to fully surrender into The present moment so we can't say Exactly how long that's going to take And maybe your timer goes off at three Minutes and you still don't reach that Point of fully surrendering and that's Also okay if you're not ready to stay in Longer then that's it for the day and You can get out maybe in a couple more Days you can go and keep going with your Ice bath journey and over time you'll be Able to surrender and drop in a little Bit earlier when you come into the ice Bath Foreign It's important also to move slow when You get out take maybe five more breaths Before you get out the water then you Take a moment to thank the eyes to thank The cold for everything it has taught You for everything that it provides for You for your physical health mental

Health and then you slowly get out take Your time it's just like finishing a Yoga practice and then slowly rolling up Your mat putting the blocks away and not Just rolling up and rushing and throwing Stuff in the corner really important Part of your ice bath journey is when You get out of the bath to not dry off Immediately you want to actually warm up Internally on your own with your own Body with your own breath before you Towel and dry off all the blood at this Point in the ice goes more towards the Center of the body and so you want to Again come into a strong stance a strong Position horse stance or goddess pose Like you warmed up and do the same kind Of movement so you have a strong stable Support from the legs and you start to Stay there build up some heat build up Some strength from the bottom up through The core and you start to use some more Arm movements and upper body movements So that the blood can again go outwards Once you've spent a couple of minutes Warming up as especially if you're still Shivering we recommend that you continue To warm up on your own and build that Internal heat before you dry off but Once you've done that for a couple of Minutes and you feel warm and then you Can walk around you feel for the most Part energized and feeling good then you Can towel and dry off what we really

Want to emphasize is that you warm up Enough So that you're not shivering anymore and You're not feeling very very cold yes There's this urge to towel off to get Into the sauna to get into a hot shower Right away it might feel nice but it's Not so beneficial for you so please Don't do that and take the time really To warm up thoroughly while you're in This goddess position with your Movements We understand this might be a new Exciting thing you want to add into your Routine but as with many things it's About the balance and the harmony so yes You can totally overdo it with a cold Exposure and Ice baths and you can Stress your body in your nervous system Too much this is why I recommend to Check out the CO2 stress test which Gives you a little bit of um insight Into your nervous system tonus and you Can then decide if you want to do an ice Bath today again or if you want to give It another day or two days of a break Generally a good goal that's also Sustainable is about three or four ice Baths a week so that you are cumulative Over the whole week get around 10 to 15 Minutes of cold exposure this is a Really nice stressor for the body and It's perfectly enough for all the Benefits hey bro I did 10 minutes ice

Bath today and then the next day I did 20 minutes you know like how much can You do like this is not what it's about Check in with yourself if this is kind Of your thought process on it and better Dial back and make the goals and all the Practice and the way of living Sustainable for yourself so that you can Maintain this pace for a long time Certainly there's a moment where you Push yourself but it shouldn't be the Norm and it shouldn't be the goal to Always push more and push harder we know This video was a doozy there's a ton of Information in here and maybe this is Just the tip of the iceberg for you the Iceberg where you start to learn more About cold exposure and of course There's so much more to learn about it There's so many books you can also check Out more of Wim Hof's training and check In with Miles and check in with Flo the Other flow as much as we would love to Say that we can reply to every comment And keep up and give you the exact Advice it's probably going to be Impossible for us to keep up with all of The comments so most likely if questions Get asked repeatedly then we'll just Answer it and we'll include it in the Description so please check the Description it'll have most of the Information and a ton of resources that You need to continue your journey into

The ice you can always click back on the Chapters to re-watch certain parts if You want to refresh your memory leave us A comment below about your experience With any kind of cold exposure we're Curious to hear and also other people Learn from your comment and maybe feel Inspired to also try it out we'll leave You with this quote from Wim Hof himself If you die once a day then you All about Enjoy the journey see you in the next One peace [Music]

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