30 Minute Yoga Flow for Bulletproof Knees

30 Minute Yoga Flow for Bulletproof Knees

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[Music] Welcome to class this is a yoga flow Practice hopefully helping you on your Journey for stronger needs because many People think that the knee is only a Hinge joint but in reality it also has Some degrees of rotation especially when The knee is bent in this practice today I will guide you through a full body Yoga flow practice connecting breath to Movement working on the physical the Emotional and spiritual of our being and There will also be quite a few specific Movements and exercises for your knees So I hope this helps you to get stronger Knees hopefully stay out of pain or heal Anything that you have going on with Your knees we will begin today in Balasana child's pose at the back of Your mat We would like to thank today's sponsor Ritual ritual is the obsessively Researched and transparently made Multivitamin we both have been using Ritual muda vitamins for many years and There's many things that we like about Them one of them is that you just need Fewer pills they combine oily and dry Ingredients into one capsule and you Only need two capsules a day another Thing we love about these multivitamins Is they have a delayed response capsule So it dissolves in your small intestine Making it easy and soft on the stomach

And of course there are vegan non-GMO Project verified and gluten-free Transparency is at the core of Everything ritual does from the way that They Source their nutrients to the Environmental impact of the materials That they use we don't know about you But we really like to know what we're Putting into our body and we're really Specific with what we put in our body so With ritual you know exactly what's in It and why you want to be taking it if There's any reason that you do not like Ritual after 30 days you will just get Your money back no questions asked in Addition to your Daily Yoga practice Get 20 off your first month's order by Using our discount code breathe and flow Or head to the website ritual.com Breathenflow to start your subscription Today thank you again Rachel for Sponsoring this video now we go back to Class enjoy Come to the back of your mat Into balasana bring the forehead down to The ground Arrive here on the mat connect to your Body connect to your breath Set your intention for your practice Today And then take that breath and that Intention with you come forward onto all Fours Tuck the toes under Slide the hands back

Keep the arms straight and then lean Forward and back In turn you rotate the hands the next Time you come back lean forward and back And the externally rotate the hands lean Forward and back Rotate the hands of the fingertips are Pointing towards the knees keep the arms Straight lean back Bend one arm in the other And sit on the heel shake out the hands We continue in a plank pose We'll just enjoy two three breaths here In this plank to fully arrive push the Ground away Firm into the inner hands And send your hips up and back downward Facing dog From here Mark the feet forward between The hands To a forward fold at the front of the Mat lift up halfway Exhale fold down Lift up halfway one more time Exhale fold down and step the left foot Back low lunge left knee down untuck the Left toes reach the arms up Reach your left arm forward right arm Back revolve low lunge Feel free to stay or reverse And come back up to low lunge hands down Half splits heel to the right foot Forward Come on to your left toes straighten the

Front leg come onto the fingertips And fold forward and down Rotate the right leg out fold down again If you want Rotate left fold down Come back to Center And re-bend the right knee Pivot both feet to the left standing Straddle forward fold keep the knees Bent if you want Or straighten them fold forward and down Inhale lift up halfway Exhale scandasana to the left bend the Left knee is straighten the right Move to the front of the mat to the Right foot Warrior three prep left leg Floats up Move the left hip down lengthen forward Through the spine back through the left Leg Let's come into a Shiva squat bring the Left knee outside the right calf extend Your arms out to the sides just hold it Here for a moment And we rise up to three posts bring the Left foot inside the right shin or Inside the right thigh Connect the Palms in front of you At the heart Once you have your balance here then Push the hips slightly forward pull the Left knee slightly back For more of a hip opener Off the left hip and especially knee

Problems when they occur it's oftentimes Just the victim from what's going on Above in the hip or below in the foot or Both So working full body is always important And beneficial Especially if your intention is to get Out of certain pain Spots Now we extend the left leg forward hold It there point the toes forward arms Down by your sides Last deep breath in Exhale across and land step left foot Back big step we meet in Crescent arms Up We continue to move with the breath On the exhale bring the hands down Straighten both legs inhale bend the Front leg reach the arms up let's Continue four Three Two And one Back to Crescent Lean Forward straighten The back leg shift forward step the left Foot slightly more forward and we rise Back up to a crescent now with a shorter Stance bring the hands down by your Sides The thumbs in To the Palm grab with the other four Fingers the thumb from here we do split Squats coming forward with the right

Knee over the toes way past the toes the Left knee the back knee stays lifted and Come back up straighten both legs And we do four more so five total For a proper knee Health it's important To move past the toes Because only then can we engage and Strengthen the right muscles that Actually hold the knee nicely in place And give it strength and stability in Addition to working on rotation in the Knee which you will do towards the end Of this class That took before bend the right knee Again arms up now we lean forward for More real three Different options here you can keep the Arms up and over the head or arms out to The sides or arms back you decide Lower the left hip down reach forward Through the spine reach back Through the left leg We come into A-frame pose cross the left Leg behind the right thigh comes the Knife edge of both feet Left fingertips down to the ground on Your left off the right foot a right arm Up Straighten your right leg a bit more Breathe and feel into the right outer Hip And reach the right arm up and over the Head to the left Big Stretch big reach Look down to the left hand replace the

Left hand with the left foot Become into a halfway lift Exhale forward fold Inhale lift up halfway Exhale step the feet back plank pose So forward come High onto the toes bend The arms chaturanga hold for five Four Three To one plank Knees Down elbows down glide through Upward facing dog To downward facing dog Take a few deep breaths here to fully Reconnect To your intention to the breath to the Body And when you're ready let's continue Bringing the feet forward between the Hands however you get there Inhale lift up halfway And the exhale fold down Inhale lift up halfway once more Exhale step the right foot back low Lunge right knee down untuck the right Toes reach both arms up Reach the right arm forward left arm Back revolved low Lance Reverse if you want to Inhale come back up to low lens exhale Hands down half splits Come on to the right toe straighten the Front leg Come to the fingertips deep breath in to

Lengthen through the spine exhale fold Down Keep the left foot active the toes are Reaching up towards your head If you want rotate the left leg out And then in Back to Center re-bend the left knee we Move through runner's lunge Pivot to feed right Straighten the legs standing straddle Forward fold And again you can of course bend the Knees too Inhale lift up halfway exhale Scandalasana to the right We move to the front of the mat to the Left foot for Mario 3 prep You can bend or straighten the standing Leg of course reach forward through the Spine back through the right leg really Important to lower the right hip down Bring the right knee outside the left Calf reach the arms out to the sides And there's many variations here but It's a short class So we're keeping it simple today in this Flow And then rise up for three pose The right foot goes inside the left chin Or the left thigh Above or below the knee hands to the Heart once you balanced push the hips Forward pull the right knee back So

We can again open up the right hip a bit More Let's extend the right leg forward The toes forward arms down by your sides Notice if you're leaning back Try to lean a bit more forward with the Upper body With the next exhale big step back for Crescent lunge I'm going to inhale both arms up On your exhale straighten the legs Release the arms down Inhale arms up bend the front leg and we Do four more We meet back in Crescent lunge Lean Forward straighten the back leg step the Right foot slightly more forward Rise back up hands down thumbs into the Hands And we do five split squats Moving forward with the left knee nice And controlled Keep the upper body mostly upright come Back up straighten the legs fully And four more Last one Rise back up to a crescent A shorter stance to Crescent and we Lean Forward Warrior three You decide what you want to do with the Arms over the head Out to the sides Or back Let me now cross the right leg behind

The left thigh for A-frame Coming to deny effects of both feet Reach the left arm up start to Straighten the left leg a bit more Rotate your upper body up towards the Ceiling And reach the left arm now over To the right for big reach Big Stretch Breathe into the entire left side of Your body We stamp the right foot next to the left For a forward fold Inhale lift up halfway Exhale fold down Keep the knees bent or straighten the Legs roll up to standing from the bottom Of the spine to the top Arms three jump Palms touch exhale hands Down to the heart Release the arms down by your sides and Roll down from the top of the spine Two in the bottom Once you're there deep breath in lift up Halfway exhale step the other foot back Plank pose Shift forward come High onto the toes Bend the arms chaturanga Hold for five Four Three Two And one plank And knees down elbows down Glide forward and through

Into upward facing dog Back to downward dog Arrive here before we Continue With our practice Remind you and reconnect your intention To the body to the breath slow the heart Rate down Make sure you're breathing through the Nose Walk the feet forward we come into a Squat At the front of the mat Let's arrive here in this lovely Squad To open up the hips a bit more And to focus a bit more on breathing in This position Because we start to develop breathing Well when we are breathing in different Positions and we also get better at Breathing in this position When we're just practicing it and we're In this position and we breathe There We always want to Breathe into Maximal expansion in in all directions And so if you want to strengthen the Knees it's also important to strengthen Of course the whole body But especially work on mobility in the Ankles and the hips and that doesn't Mean flexibility Mobility is very Different it's always active always with

Strength And not just stretch and length and so Getting strong ankles strong feet And strong hips will also help you to Make the the knees stronger because Nothing in the body really works in Isolation it's always moving as one body It's always the whole body And We want to support the body on this Journey To make everything stronger And then the weaker parts that we think Are the weak links And we'll also get stronger over time Hopefully you enjoyed this quad let's Sit down And we finish up with A bit of rotation for the knees I have Some separate separate videos on that Topic we will do controlled articular Rotations for the knee joint so we start With the left leg So bend the bottom leg a lot the right Leg And then you hug the left leg with your Left arm into the chest like so you grab With your left hand the right bicep and The right hand comes on top of the knee And you're holding that thigh into the Chest very tightly so that Are very firm firmly so that the Thigh is not really moving because you Want to isolate the knee and from the

Move from the knee down And we are doing rotations here now so We rotate the the whole leg to the left And of course the foot will rotate a lot But I want you to really pay attention To your shin and really stare at your Shin that when you when I ask you to Rotate left and out you Get that rotational try to get that Rotation and some movement in the shin Not just the foot And we start here just keep breathing Normally we rotate the the leg out then We start to straighten the leg While keeping that rotation fighting for More and then as straight as you can Bring it right now we then internally Rotate on this of the sin And then bend keep internally rotating From here again straighten but keep that Internal rotation and then we externally Rotate the shin and bend again and we do Two more rounds just like that that was Just one round So you're always fighting for more Rotation aiming for working for more Rotation As you bend and straighten the leg And we do one more And last reverse And paint Great Let's switch sides so this was just Three rounds you can do five if you want

This is something you can do every day As part of your mobilization practice With the other side We Focus on the shin really try to rotate The shin out Then straighten the leg Keep that rotation going and go to the Left Bend Keep working for more rotation to the Left Straighten and then Externally rotate and bend Two more just like that By just having a bit more range of Motion there a bit more rotation Available You're also preventing injuries a lot Because there might be situations where The force coming into the tissue is Greater than what it can handle for Example you're on a trail walk or hike And all of a sudden you step a little Bit weird on a rock and you ask of Rotation of the knee and if you don't Have it you might get injured if you Have it then you're probably safe so With this you can work on that That should be three Shake out the legs if you want to And we just finish in a seated position With A short meditation so get comfortable Sitting cross-legged sitting on the

Knees is also a great way for knee Health Personally I don't have any chairs in my House so I sit on the floor I have a Very low table to sit on to eat on And so I'm always sitting cross-legged Or sitting on the knees which is a lot Healthier for overall body then sitting In the chair so much we all do it enough So if I can try to not sit on a chair I Prefer that Let's sit nice and Tall close your eyes And observe the breath the air coming in And out through the nose now without Controlling it simply observe Concentrate fully on that sensation And we're just sitting here for the next Two minutes or so If you get distracted and drift off just Come back to this practice of the air Coming in and out Start to deepen your breath again Re-energize refresh the body with those Deep breaths Bring the hands to the heart palms touch And thank yourself for showing up thank You Sal for putting in the effort and The time to focus on you Maybe you came to just overall get Stronger open the body be more in the Center more harmonious Maybe you came just to focus on the Knees But no matter what you came for you

Stayed till the very end and that's What's important And you also stayed through this very Short meditation But it's so beneficial meditation is the Core practice of yoga and really is so Transformative it's really going to Change your life if you keep showing up Thank you for allowing me to share this Practice with you today I'm very happy That you were with me and I hope I see You very soon again on the mat much love And gratitude have a great day namaste

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