Yoga for Men | Episode 23

Yoga for Men | Episode 23

30 minute yoga for men episode 23 with a challenging yet creative focus on deep core, standing poses, lower body stability and strength and the expansion of your awareness.
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Foreign Hello there I hope you're doing well Welcome to class my name is Flo and this Is another episode of yoga for Men Series What can I say self-explanatory what This class is about it is for everyone Everyone is welcome and if you're Looking for improving your strength Control your standing balance this is The right class for you we will begin Today in a downward facing dog So get onto your mat you don't need any Props unless there's any that you always Use And we simply start a downward facing Dog taking a moment maybe you die is Closed to arrive Connect to the body Do any kind of movement that maybe feels Good Become aware of your breath and start to Set up a breath rhythm That works well for you That you can maintain throughout the Whole practice At the least I would like it if you Could focus on keeping the lips sealed And breathe only through the nose Let's roll through the spine forward to Plank pose shoulders over the wrists Then we shift even more forward come High onto the toes and shift back for Five

Four Three Two And last one shift forward then bend Your arms slowly come all the way down To the floor Strings pose to come to the forearms Open the front body Engage The glutes Press into your palms straighten your Arms for seal pose Hmm And release down Shake out the hips left and right if you Need to we'll come into a plank press up And shift back downward facing dog bring The feet a little bit wider apart And from here you roll forward again Through the spine through plank into Upward facing dog Engage The glutes look Straight ahead Broaden the collar bones pull the Shoulders back And then move the hips up and back Downward facing dog Let's lift the right leg up and back Three legged dog Press into the inner Palms push away Move the left heel a bit more down Towards the mat you can keep the left Leg straight or bend it but focus on Lifting the right leg that leg is Straight higher up towards the ceiling Then take a deep breath and come High Onto your left toes exhale right knee to

The chest And hold it there hug the knee in Now we shift forward bend the arms let The right knee hover above the ground Straighten five That's four Three Two And one hold it there curl everything in Flex the right foot land the foot Between the hands Low lungs set the left knee down stay on Your left toes reach your arms up Engage the left glutes to open the left Front hip Push the left knee a bit forward pull The right heel a bit back to activate Into the legs and then bring your Fingertips behind your head And open the front of the body pull the Elbows back Open the chest keep the breath steady Come back To a straight upright alignment we now Keep the elbows as they are as we Continue now don't bring the elbows Forward try to keep them as they are now You bring the right elbow towards the Right knee Maybe tap come back up left elbow to Right knee And come back up Right elbow left knee and right elbow Right knee left elbow right knee

And one more each side Come back up reach the arms up And reach the arms down straighten the Right leg half splits Heel toe the right foot forward keep the Right toes reaching up and fall down Over your right leg Any modification here is great Whatever you need to do to arrive Now rise up You again bring the elbows the hands Behind the head the elbows open up and We reach now the left elbow towards the Right toes Maybe touch for me they don't maybe That's for you come back up And two more Last one Very good bend the right knee plant the Right foot shift forward active standing Splits so hands are off the ground put Them wherever you want maybe interlace Behind the back and move them up move The chest a bit more towards the right Thigh And rise up to standing Left knee up towards the chest Extend the left leg forward And we keep the left leg straight maybe The right leg straight as well bring the Left leg out to the left for Half Moon Right fingertips down Left arm up Stay here if you like or bend the left

Leg hold on to the foot Top of the foot and then extend the left Leg away from you For a half moon variation Let go straighten the left leg again Left arm up and step the left foot back For skandasana Spider lunch Set the hips down Bring the right hand to your right side And move the left foot inside the right Knee you lift up for Wild Thing Right leg straight Left leg is bent And reach the left arm behind your head Make a big circle so we also engage the Arm lines And lower the hips back down let's come Back to a skandasana to the left with The right hand with the help of the Right hand or not Move to the front of the mat Crescent lunge Reach both arms up So many different variations for Crescent lunge I like to some days bring The left knee down pretty low or keep it Straight depends today I'll keep it more Straight I need some more length and dip so as The hip flexors and also the inner Thighs I'm a bit sore there today from the last Couple of days training Brazilian Jiu

Jitsu Feeling it today Revolved Crescent reach your left arm Forward right arm back Keep lengthening up through the spine As you pull the right shoulder back Behind you even more and reach out Through the left hand We come into a revolved Or sorry a crescent twist connect the Palms connect the left Upper arm outside the right thigh Straighten the left leg press into your Palms to come a bit deeper into the Twist with every inhale lengthen Put a spine on your exhale come perhaps A bit more into the twist we're just Looking for the sensation and then using The breath To access the Stillness Within This position Shift forward bring more weight into Your right foot Flamingo the left leg Floats up And Warrior three hands to the heart Or any other variation Today I like to keep a little bit of a Bend in my right leg for a bit more Strength focus on the quads not so much Hamstring Length And we rise up for standing pigeon left Ankle over the right thigh send the hips Back and reach both arms up

Lower the left knee a bit more down keep That left foot nice and active reaching With the left hose towards the left knee Now your left hand grabs the outside of Your left foot Come up to standing perhaps extend the Left leg forward Focus more on Standing Tall with the Right leg From here you can use your hands or Let go of that hold you come down pistol Squat And then we grab with both hands left Foot feel free to bend the leg And then set the hips down Now from here we try to keep the left Leg straight or bent whatever You want to do I'll try to keep it Straight if you have the flexibility do So too And we extend the right leg forward Keep that right leg lifted the right Foot lifted off the ground the whole Time as you come onto your back And then bend your left leg Straighten the left leg forward To come back up Now straighten it all the way you come Down Bend it again Come forward Straighten it A lot of balancing here to not touch That right foot on the ground and come

Back Very good Bend the left knee Come forward And now one more time we're coming back Let go of the left foot Bend both knees We rock forward and land in a squat From here optional kakasana Crow pose If you want And whenever you're ready you can step The feet back or float into charuanga Upward dog To downward facing dog Let's do three rounds of sun salutation A With your inhale lift the heels bend the Knees exhale come to the front of the Mat Inhale lift up halfway create length Exhale forward fold Inhale rise up to standing arms up Palms Touch exhale hands down to the heart Inhale reach the arms up push the thighs Forward Engage The glutes exhale forward fold Inhale create length Exhale hands down charwanger Step of float back inhale to Upward Facing dog Exhale downward facing dog Lift the breath inhale lift the heels Exhale come forward Inhale lift up

Exhale forward fold Inhale rise up to standing arms up Exhale hands to the heart Inhale arms up push the hips forward Engage The glutes exhale forward fold Inhale create space exhale hands down Step or float to charwanger Press up to plank a little bit different Now Knees Down elbows down glide through Upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog Last one inhale lift the heels Bend Knees Exhale come forward Inhale lift up halfway Exhale forward fold Inhale rise up to standing arms up Exhale hands to the heart Deep breath in arms up Push the thighs forward exhale forward Full Inhale lift up halfway Exhale hands down Plank Knees Down elbows down glide through Upward facing dog Now listen closely chaturanga again Upper dark Charanga Upward dog To downward facing dog Take a deep breath in through the nose Open mouth Let It Go Deep breath in through the nose

Open mouth and go One more See the lips again We established that Rhythm of the breath That you set up in the beginning of the Practice nice and calm smooth Nice Rhythm nice even length of inhale And exhale Possibly focusing on exhaling a little Bit more Because it's not that we need to inhale More it's that most of us are breathing Way too much in anyway And to make it worse through the mouth So what we need is keep the mouth closed Breathe through the nose maybe speak a Little bit less Just shut up from time to time and be in Silence and exhale A bit more That's to the other side lift your left Leg up and back three legged dog Come High until your right toes inhale Exhale left knee to the chest Shift forward keep hugging the left knee In Bend the arms let the left knee hover Straighten five Four Three Two And that's the last one hug everything In Flex the left foot land the foot between The hands

Low arms right knee down Reach both arms up Foreign Push the right knee forward pull the Left heel back bring the fingers the Fingers behind your head Open the front the chest maybe Arch Back Maybe look back And come back up And begin tap the elbows towards the Left knee now first to start left elbow To the left knee Come back up right elbow to left knee Left elbow left knee Doesn't have to touch just into that Direction right elbow Left elbow Right elbow Come back up reach the arms up deep Breath in exhale hands down half splits My legs are long so I always have to Move them Move the front leg forward but depends On your proportions Fold forward and down Any modifications are welcome Of course Everything's welcome modify Do your thing do what feels good in your Body Let's rise back up keep the next as they Are keep reaching the left Toes up towards you fingers behind your Head

Open the elbows and now we reach only The right elbow towards the left toes Forward Come back up And reach forward Come back up last one Come back up very good re-bend the left Knee plant the foot without the hands Come forward interlace your hands behind The back standing splits in an active Way reach the hands forward the right Leg up the chest down towards the left Thigh And rise up to standing release the Hands Pull the right knee up towards the chest Extend the right leg forward Reach the right toes forward Draw the belly in And we're coming into a half moon bring The right leg out make a big circle And half moon left hand down right arm Up Stay here if you want or Bend the right leg grab the top of the Right foot and once you have it extend The right leg away from you Lately it's been one of my favorite Half Moon variation especially because You can get the thigh stretch in as well I really enjoy that one And release extend the right leg back Slowly step the right foot back Skandasana

To the right Lower the hips all the way down place The right foot Close to the inside of your left knee Your left hand goes behind you More or less lift the hips up Wild Thing I'm doing a wild thing into Our planned Hope you have enough space Wherever you are but really all you need Is the space on your mat I've practiced In really tiny hostile rooms or rooms in General it's always possible Reach the right hand behind you arms Straight to lengthen out the right arm Lines and lower the hips down we come Back to skandasana And then move forward to Crescent lunge Reach the arms up Revolve Crescent right on forward left Arm back Cress and twist connect the Palms hook The right arm outside The left thigh straighten the right leg It doesn't have to be above the elbow Could also be below the right elbow Press into your palms deep breath into Lengthen through the spine forward Exhale twist to the left the chest up Towards the ceiling Shift more weight into your left foot Come forward Flamingo pose Draw the belly in and we release that Hook with the arm to the leg and come

Into Warrior three On your inhale rise up to standing Pigeon cross the right ankle over the Left thigh send the hips back and down Reach both arms up A bit more active version than I usually Teach With your right hand now grab the Outside edge of your right foot Come up to standing first And then extend The right leg forward Once you feel stable and if you feel Comfortable here Otherwise skip it come down pistol squat Nice and slow with those pistol squats You want to be super careful bring all Your awareness to the standing leg knee Let's set the hips down Grab the foot with both hands maybe that Means you have to bend your leg a lot That's fine then just work with what you Have today we extend the left leg Forward Balance here pretty challenging At least today and then straighten the Right leg as much as you can come on to Your back And then bend the knee The sole of the foot pointing forward Press forward come up try to have the Left foot not touch the ground It's a nice balancing challenge come Back down

And then you come back up Might be good one more back And Come forward And we come back one more time release The right foot Bend both knees Rock forward squat Coming to a malasana or some kind of Variation now if you want to take it up Into a handstand you can I'm gonna go For kakasana again Crow pose And we have a tutorial here on the Platform as well on kakasana Maybe you want to do one legged also Cool go for it Maybe the other leg Let's play around have fun even if you Fall out of it get back up have fun Enjoy float back charuanga Plank Knees Down elbows down Glide forward and through upward facing Dog as you inhale Downward facing dog Let's release both elbows down At the same time so what I see a lot is People doing one elbow and then the Other And oftentimes people are not then doing The other side also to even it out so Try both at the same time For dolphin Press into your palms push with the Palms forward so that the chest is

Moving back A bit more towards the thighs Now look forward towards the thumb shift Forward lift both elbows up at the same Time Plank Down dog Dolphin charwanger Plank Down dog Dolphin keep going I know some many of You are so happy that we're doing this Now And probably an equal amount is like What the what the heck I'm with you I know it's tough I know the voice in the head is loud Just try your best even if this is a Crazy move just try it or just stay in Dolphin or stay in Plank let's do one more Because it is so nice Thing Down dog Beautiful Last few finishing breaths here in down Dog This is the time now to get the heart Rate back up And sorry back down Just in case it went up doing those Dolphins Planks Lately I've been bending my knees a lot

More in In downward dog and not going so much Into hamstring stretches because they're Already pretty lengthened I need the Length in other areas so I'm just Modifying my practice I'm just sharing this with you to also Remind you that it's okay that the Practice changes and that you need Different things on different days and Weeks and months so make the changes Foreign Defeat forward behind the hands Come down to a squat And from that squat will come down to a Reverse tabletop Bring the feet forward the hands Further back fingertips pointing forward Press into the hands and feet lift the Hips up And rock forward and back if you want to Lower the hips back down now we have the Fingers pointing outwards A little bit more external rotation so We get even more into the arm lines lift Up and also into The test a bit more the packs which are Actually part of the arm lines And again Rock forward and back And lower the hips down Extend the legs out wide we come into a Seated straddle forward fold I will Rotate so you can see me better from Both angles

Well this is the one I really feel today In my ad doctors From the rolled In Jiu Jitsu the other day So coming to this wide position feet are Engaged reaching towards you and then Fold forward walk the hands forward I Know for some of you This is really challenging maybe it's You watching right now try to elevate The hips a little bit or come into the Standing words notice that's all I can Say for now With this Short amount of time that we have Together And also I mean there's many options now You can stay here And I like to also make this a bit more Active by lifting the hands up pressing The heels into the ground and you can Also bounce forward A little bit so a bit more ballistic Stretching for ten nine eight seven six Five don't push it of course Three two one Stay here if you want or go for a side Bend right forearm inside the right leg Reach the left arm away from you and Then up and over your head towards the Right foot maybe it's touching maybe not We want to lengthen with this one the Left side body especially the ql it's a Really nice one to lengthen the

Quadrators lumbarome especially if we're Sitting a lot And are inactive a lot What most of us need is is this stretch Probably on a daily basis And release the elbows down move both Hands elbows arms over to the left head To the other side And reach away first and then reach up And over the head Lots of length in the right side body Take some deep breaths into that side The upper lateral line And again lengthening and breathing into The ql It's the muscle that keeps the ribcage Down so that when we take a breath in And the rib cage expands up and out to The sides it doesn't float up so the ql Is anchoring The ribcage down The scalenes on the top are anchoring The ribcage up So let the rib cage is held in place as We breathe And release To the center just feel into it for Another moment And then slowly push yourself up use Your hands to Bring them underneath the knees to bend The knees shake them out Imagine you have some slippers on or so At home as a child maybe you still do it

And you just kick them away To get them off do that like five times And the other side Brings back the synovial fluid into the Knees and the hip come onto your back Let's come into shavasana Just on your back extend the legs out Arms out by your sides Get comfortable here Foreign To bring the drum back again a bit more Let go of controlling the breath fully Relax your body come back to a natural Rhythm And relax stay As long as you want Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you very much for practicing with Me today feel free to stay longer in Shavasana feel free to meditate Have a wonderful rest of your day since You made it this far in the video Consider supporting the channel like the Video subscribe and I will see you very Soon in another video much love and Gratitude namaste

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