Your Daily YOGA RITUAL For This Year

Your Daily YOGA RITUAL For This Year

Get the calendars: #BNFritual
No more excuses! This is the year to finally start a daily yoga practice including movement, meditation and breathwork. We made it super easy for you to make this year the best one yet and handpicked over 200 videos from our channel and organized them into three 30 day calendars for three different levels. Click the link above to get started! Remember to use the hashtag #BNFritual to join the community. With that being said, we will stop posting for one month to give you the opportunity to practice and follow along to the calendars. Every year creators in our niche stress for several months to plan, produce, publish and monitor the new years programs and we do not want to participate in this for this year and instead focus on some big projects we’re currently working on for 2023 and also take the time to rest, ground and restore, spending time with family and friends in nature. We’re continuing to take our own medicine and will see you on the mat very soon! ❤️

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It always comes back down to the same Thing Having a consistent daily practice and Then we guide people to our channel to Start a daily practice they are Completely overwhelmed because yes There's hundreds of free videos it's not The best in terms of searching and Organizing and this is why we created This new program called ritual [Music] We've gone through all 500 videos on our Channel and we have picked out almost 200 of them and categorized them into Three 30-day calendars within each of Those calendars it'll guide you day by Day and keep you on track with the daily Ritual daily routine and every single Calendar includes breath work movement Meditation lifestyle of yoga philosophy And so much more so there's really no Excuse anymore to not practice every Single day we now made it so easy for You we hand-picked the videos that you Think right now are a good fit for each Of these calendars so you can really get Into this routine this daily ritual to Come to your mat there's no more Searching anymore you just open the Document click on the link and you get To the video and you start your practice We took a lot of time to break down each Week's schedule and make sure that we're Integrating Mobility drills flexibility

Strength rest you Yin Vinyasa power Everything encompassing but also in a Way that you would take rest throughout The week you can start this calendar any Day of the month but of course we Recommend starting on the first and on January 1st Flo and I are also going to Be participating in this program so you Can follow along you can film your own Time lapse practice or you can join in And just watch ours every day we're Going to be posting a time lapse of our Practice so you can see that we are also Having this as part of our ritual and Daily routine so we are doing all the Classes with you we are doing our own Calendar you might not be both in the Video at the same time because with the Baby it's a bit challenging but you will See at least one of us doing the Calendar and the daily practice with you So you are not alone we are taking our Own medicine of course as always and There are so many more people that Practice with us and we will share all Of that and bring some more awareness to It that we are not alone That You Are Not Alone by using the tag BNF ritual You can do a post on Instagram or Wherever social media that you prefer And then just use that tag and we will Repost also some of the stories in our Own account head to our website in the Description below where you can access

The calendars we are so excited to kick Off 2023 with you alongside with us so Join us this is really the year now Where you finally work more on your Physical health your mental health your Starter meditation practice and movement Practice a daily routine many people Still don't have a daily routine where They have some time dedicated for Themselves so this is maybe the start For you or through this you just go Deeper into it if you need a little bit Of booster motivation or inspiration you Can always head to our Instagram you'll See our daily Story of Us practicing it As well as all the community on breathe And flow so grab a friend check the Description below mark your calendar for January 1st and let's do this ritual Together looking forward to seeing you For day one Until then much love and gratitude Namaste namaste [Music]


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James is a content creator who works in the personal development niche.