45 Minute Vinyasa Yoga for Strength and Holistic Harmony

45 Minute Vinyasa Yoga for Strength and Holistic Harmony

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Okay let's see what I'm teaching today I think a Vinyasa class would be great Kind of all levels And their squats are nice to do on the Balance board [Music] The years of skateboarding still got the Balance Still able to do kickflips all these Actually is what brought me into Yoga because I messed up my back from Years and years of skateboarding and Jumping down the stairs Was not good for my spine as a teenager And then I got injured [Music] And wanted to to hear and that's how I Discovered the practice Puny physical entrance to the practice As it happens for most people but I was Already meditating at that time for many Years And then I was like wow there's this Thing yoga with all the movements and Meditation and breath Rock and Philosophy and the whole way of living And here we are many years later So let's do a Vinyasa class Without the balancing board [Music] Hey friends welcome to class thank you So much for being here today and wanting To practice with me but most importantly Thank you for taking the time to

Wanting to practice for yourself and to Invest in yourself to take the time to Move to breathe to meditate to connect More to this Stillness within so you can Come back to the center in your heart And from there you can then take action Interact and go about your day my name Is Flo welcome to class today is a 30-minute vinyasa flow practice all Levels moving in all directions with a Little bit more focus on specific Fascial training methods Specific and good input for the fascia The connective tissue in our body there Will be some more standing poses today But it's overall a well-rounded class as All the classes we teach all you need For the class today is your mat if you Have props like blocks or bolsters or Anything that you would like to use Please get that now and I will meet you On your back in half savasana with the Legs bent So come on to the mat come onto your Back Will take just a moment to arrive so Waste no time bend the knees Close your eyes Place one hand on the belly one hand on The heart Allow the body to melt and be supported By Mother Earth beneath you Notice the rise and fall of the belly And the chest as you breathe without

Controlling the breath yet And give yourself permission first to Fully be here I know it sometimes takes a lot to make The time to be on the mat But you're here For the next 30 minutes or so it's all About you and this practice Everything else that's occupying you You can put aside and come back to it Later it will still be there in 30 Minutes or maybe it's resolved Because it was something internal and You don't need it anymore But chant is ordered after a practice Like this you can look at the things From a different I would say a better Perspective That's more supportive That's More helpful With more kindness and love Many things then are already resolved And some things still need action And you can take good action on them Set up a breath that works well for you I ask you to keep your lips sealed Throughout the practice So that you're breathing only through The nose Notice what's happening in the belly in The chest as you breathe and Dial in a rhythm and a Cadence That works well for you

Maybe four or five seconds inhale Four or five seconds exhale Especially the exhale is very important And we all breathe way too much way too Fast especially with the exhale we need To Lengthen the exhale make it slower Longer You can continue to keep your eyes Closed if you wish bring your hands next To your body Palms facing down bring the Heels closer to the hips Press into the heels to lift the hips up As high as it feels accessible to you Keep a gap between the chin and the Chest And continue to breathe And set your intention as you're in this Position What is it that you want to focus on Pay special attention to maybe let go of What won't you To let go of That's kind of holding you back from Reaching your fullest potential Often it's something internal Some doubts some fears some insecurities And as we dive more into the love within And the trust Those things start to transcend and Disappear and dissolve As we start to fear the physical body a Bit more Deepen the breath

Just here for about two three more deep Breaths And it's my breath count so it's a bit Slower Maybe it's faster than yours Take a last deep breath in on your Exhale slowly lower the hips down to the Ground Keep the feet as they are simply bring The knees together And start to windshield wiper nice and Slow the knees over to the right And over to the left it's not about Going very deep here it's more about Moving very slowly so you can fully feel All the areas in your body that are Working If you want to learn more about this Form of movement I recommend the classes workshops and The book From felon Christ called awareness Through movement ATM Really good good practice in addition To everything else you're doing Come back to Center we'll come into a Boat pose blink your eyes open maybe Grab the feet or the the legs To rock forward Point the feet forward since parallel to The ground reach the hands forward then Connect your fingertips and we do a few Reps of Russian Twists or stay here Perfectly fine you rotate to the right

The hands come down to the ground Through Center over to the left Close to the ground over to the right Now the hands are on the same height as Your shoulders Over to the left Over to the right now the same height as Your head And to the left Reverse it top right Middle left Middle right Bottom left Bottom right One more round bottom left Middle right Middle left Top right Top left Top right reverse it middle left Middle right Bottom left Bottom right Back to boat And we come into a tabletop across the Ankles roll over the knees For a quick but very necessary wrist Warm up Come onto the toes Slide the hands back Keep the arms straight and lean with the Shoulders forward over the hands and Back for five Four Three

Two And one shift forward more hold it there And breathe deeply into the wrists And lean back Rotate the hand so the fingertips are Pointing out to the sides Bring the wrist closer together lean Over to the right To the left Right Left two more each side Back to Center and now forward and back Feel the weight shift between the thumbs And the pinky fingers Between the Deep front arm line and the Deep back arm line And regards it on the heels shake out The hands And let's come into a plank pose Extend the legs back Push the ground away firm into the inner Hands Engage The glutes Draw the navel up and in Externally rotate the upper arms a bit More Come back to your intention come back to Your breath And send the hips up and back downward Facing dog first downward Talk of the Practice move around do whatever feels Good Five breaths also here for you to just Arrive Slowly come back two downward facing dog

From here roll through the spine forward To a plank pose Nice and slow And roll back And we want to take about five seconds Now to roll forward into playing so make The transition time five seconds and Then we hold for five seconds playing And then we roll back for five seconds So you start the movement come forward To playing Five Four Three To one hold five four Three two one come back five Four three two one we're in downward Facing dog Start to walk the feet forward Between the hands Take a deep breath in lift up halfway Exhale forward fold grab the opposite Elbows Interlace your arms let the head the Upper body hang heavy Keep your legs straight if you can Try to keep the weight a bit more into The toes so we're not shifting the hips Back so much just to try something a bit Different Giving some different input into the Body And then feel free to stay here if you Want or you can grab the bring the hands Behind your head

When we start to bounce but reach the Crown of the head down towards the floor And it's kind of fast in the Rhythm We're doing about 20 of those so the Count is like one two three four five Six seven eight nine ten nine eight Seven six five four three two one stop The bouncing relax And so the connective tissue and Is really happy if you give it this kind Of bouncy springy input where you're Just lengthening it for a short period Of time like under a second or about Half a second I think the Research I read was like 0.2 point Between 0.2 and 0.4 seconds about half a Second so it's like just like a little Bounce and then it Springs back and this Is really good for the For the tissue in terms of elasticity Properties now we round the chin to the Chest and we again grab behind the head And now instead of bouncing down we want To curl into a little ball and kind of Bounce into the little ball as if you Want to Bounce with you with your nose up to Your belly button And we do about 20 of those one two Three four five six seven eight nine ten Nine eight seven six five four three two One Release the hands down take a deep Breath in lift up halfway

And exhale forward fold Bend the knees roll up to standing take A deep breath in take the arms up with You Palms touch Exhale hands down to the heart bring the Wrist in line with the elbows Release the hands down deep breath in Arms up Exhale forward fold Inhale lift up halfway and lengthen Through the spine Exhale plank step to feet back Shift forward inhale exhale chaturanga Elbows in maybe Knees Down inhale plank Exhale Knees Down elbows down Glide Forward and through inhale to upward dog Stay with the breath here keep breathing Hold the pose Exhale downward dog Inhale lift the right leg up and back Three legged dog Start to lift your left heel up as high As you can so you're high on the left Toes and lower the left heel down as low As you can One more time lift the heel up deep Breath in exhale right knee to the right Armpit we come into lizard lunge slowly Land the right foot outside the right Hand Readjust move around if you want to or Just stay in a static pose And continue doing what you want to do If you want to follow along with me

We're gonna start to bounce the hips up And down To again provide some good input For our connective tissue and we are Doing about 15 of those bounces again One two three four five six and seven Eight nine ten one two three four Fifteen very good We reach the right arm back release the Left knee down bend the left leg grab The pinky toe side of your foot And then extend the leg away from you Relax the left quad now pull the foot Towards you and move your left hip more To the left wrist If you want to go deeper here you can Keep holding on to the foot but then Rotate the right shoulder down towards The ground for even more of a thigh Stretch You might want to change the grip to Grab the whole top side of the foot Slowly release Come onto the left toes lift the left Knee up right arm still reaching back Deep breath in Exhale straighten both legs reach the Right hand towards the right foot Now we keep the right hand forward just Re-bend the right knee we bend the right Arm kind of like a shield with the right Hand Then we extend the right leg and both Legs reach the right wrist towards the

Right toes and bend again Reach forward straighten the legs and Bend let's do two more Last one Move the left hand more to the left side Edge of your mat Shift forward step the left leg through And we're making kind of a block with The right forearm in front of our chest Come onto your back left leg up right Leg forward Reach the arms forward towards the right Foot lift your shoulder blades up and we Just hold here for 10 Nine Eight into only rotate the thighs point The feet five four three two One rock back Re-bend the right knee Rock forward land the right foot we come Up for a warrior three prep Different ways of getting there didn't Really give much instructions sometimes You have to figure it out on your own How your body can move there More with three prep And light on the fingertips a bit more Weight into the right foot the standing Leg with the right leg straight We rise Up to standing Draw the left knee up towards the chest Stand tall Now bring the right hand outside the Left knee reach your left arm back

And about 45 degrees up Stand even taller so you lengthen Through the back side of your right leg At the same time you're spiraling to the Left Maybe even look and rotate your head Towards the left hand You take a deep breath in reach the left Arm up and over the head forward as you Release the spiral and step the left Foot back for crescent lunge both arms Up To establish your crescent here what Feels good for you Make sure you can see the right big toe Inside the right knee Take a deep breath in Exhale release the arms down straighten The legs the left heel is still lifted And we just move The the arms Out to the sides and then up over the Head Bend again the legs for crescent Lunge Straighten the legs Bend Crescent Straighten Bent Straighten Bent Straighten And bent and now when we come into Crescent lunge again and bend we do a Double bound so we straighten the legs

And then we come into Crescent bounce Straighten Bounce bounce straighten Bounce bounce straighten two more bounce Bounce straighten Bounce bounce Straighten Back to Crescent lunge keep the left arm Up bring the right arm down We now shift forward coming to the same Position where we are standing knee to The chest Reach the right hand outside the left Knee left arm reaches back open the Spiral here And then we step back to Crescent lunge But we switch the leg so now it's right Arm up Left arm down come forward and up spiral Grab the knee back right arm up And come up forward Come back for a crescent two more We'll all meet back In Crest and lunch And there's a lot going on going on with Coordination but after a few times you Will get it left arm up right arm down So we switch the arms from this Crescent Now we shift forwards into a warrior Three And then we lift the right arm forward Left arm back So right arm is up left leg is up left Arm is reaching back step it back to

Crescent left arm up right up down Warrior three right arm forward left arm Back that's two Keep going Three Four And five we hold Step the left foot down next to the Right for chair pose both arms up Lift the heels up so you're only on the Toes Take a deep breath in exhale forward Fold heels down straighten the legs Foreign Lift up halfway Exhale hands down chaturanga Hold for five four Three Two one plank Knees Down elbows down up dog Exhale to downward dog Foreign Lower the right heel down Feed into the right calf And lift the right heel up as high as You can Lower down Lift up deep breath in exhale left knee To the left armpit Lizard lunge Arrive establish the pose Stay here if you want or we bounce Together For about 15. one two three four five

Six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve Thirteen fourteen fifteen I say about because there's often times One or two more after to kind of Slowly bounce out Let the momentum Fade Out release the Right knee down Bend the right leg thigh stretch reach The left arm back grab the pinky toe Side first extend the leg away from you The foot away from you And then relax the right leg pull the Foot towards you Move the right hip towards the right Wrist Maybe look over your left shoulder if You want more of a sensation in the Thigh the right thigh then you kind of Rotate the left shoulder down Towards the ground you might have to Readjust The grip on your foot since you're Moving Engage The Right butt cheek And slowly return back to little lunge But keep reaching the left arm back lift The right knee up deep breath in Exhale lizard reaches reach the left arm Forward towards the left toes straighten Both legs now we keep the left arm Forward just re-bend the left knee Bend the left arm so it's like a shield That we're holding in front of the left Side of the face

On the exhale straighten both legs reach The left arm forward Towards the left toes or past and bend Let's do three more Exhale straighten reach inhale Bend Exhale straighten and reach and let's do One more Because it feels so nice right and bent Very good move the right foot more to The right Shift forward step the right leg through The left arm now in front of you Right arm is straight And we set the hips down come on to the Back Right arm up left arm forward Right leg up left leg forward point the Toes reach both arms forward towards the Left toes lift the shoulder blades up Draw the belly in hold for ten nine Eight seven six five four Three two one lean back bend the left Leg Maybe right toes are touching the ground While keeping your right leg straight Use the momentum to come forward plant The Left Foot Down Warrior three prep Right leg up fingertips in front of you Readjust if you need to Bring more weight into the left foot so Your standing leg is very nice and Active and strong More of an active stretch

And with that strong standing leg you Were rising up to stand on it fully Right knee up to the chest Left hand outside the right knee right Arm is reaching back for this standing Spiraling opening position look to the Right hand maybe bring the right arm up 45 degrees Draw the belly and Stand Tall from the Back side of your left leg And then deep breath in reach the right Arm up and over the head forward release The right leg Crescent lunge step the Right foot back big step both arms up First establish the pose to position Come back to the breath to your Intention So this is a bit of a more Dynamic Practice today but I said in the Beginning it's very valuable input for Our fascia Release the arms down straighten both Legs Lift both arms up Crescent lunge Arms down straighten And lift Lower And lift the arms Lower Crescent lunge lower straighten the legs Arms up Crescent lunge one more Crest and lunge and so now we do five About five more

But we do a double bounce in between so It's bounce bounce Straighten the legs lower the arms down Bounce bounce straighten the legs arms Down Crest and lunge bounce bounce Straight legs arms down two more bounce Bounce Bounce bounce Back to Crescent And now we have The Left arm up right arm down We come forward To the spiraling position And we step it back to a crescent left Arm up Right arm down Come forward standing spiral And back to Crescent left arm up up Right arm down three more Try to move really nice and controlled Slow Pay attention to the feet Last one that's usually where most People Have some challenges And now we switch the arms the right arm Up left arm down We shift forward and come into a warrior Three but only one arm is Reaching Forward one arm is reaching back as we Come forward we switch the arms so shift Forward right leg up left arm comes Forward right arm back

To Crescent lunge right arm up left arm Down But we have three left arm forward right Arm back Crest and lunge right arm up left arm Down three more Two more And last one Behold Step the right foot next to the left for Chair pose Both arms up Lift the heels up Draw the belly in Bend the knees a bit More And heels down straighten the legs Forward fold Bend your knees roll up to standing Take the arms with you as you continue To inhale Palms touch Exhale hands to the heart Wrists in line with the elbows Release the hands down inhale arms up Palms touch exhale forward fold Bend or Straight legs up to you Inhale lift up halfway to lengthen Exhale chaturanga step of float straight To chaturanga we hold for ten nine eight Seven six five Four Three two one plank And now we lower slowly Through chaturanga so you have to shift Forward

All the way down Once you're down untuck the toes lift Everything up inhale Exhale press up to plank Start to inhale lower all the way down You lift everything up still inhaling Now start to Exhale press up to plank Start to inhale lower all the way down Through charuanga Lift everything up And exhale plank press up Two more Last one Plank okay one more last one so we can Meet in Locust lift everything up And hold for ten nine eight Seven if the thighs the feet higher up Four three two one extend the arms out To the sides stay lifted five Four Three Two one and arms forward over the head Lift everything up last push for ten Nine eight seven six five four three two One Rudy's down shake out the hips And push back to palasana Child's pose If you want to do any updog before that Go ahead Slow the breath down return to that calm Cadence of a breath through the nose Keep the lips sealed Come back to your intention

Now the intensity is over and It depends how you went through it what Was the voice in your head telling you As things got more challenging Were you able to stay calm and balanced Even with the thoughts Maybe a space of no thoughts Was the breath slow through the nose Slow rhythm So all these things we can look at Knowing that we gave our best And we're still good humans beautiful Humans you are still an incredible Person but for our own practice we can Look at those things and see what Happens how can we Modify and do a different next time What is there to be learned How do we how do we react to challenging Situations Slowly push yourself up if you want to Do anything else now before we kind of Slow down The practice go for it and I will meet You in a seated straddle forward for so You can bring Do like a float with both legs through Or lean to the side and then just bring The legs forward into a seated straddle Forward fold and we rotate to my side You can do whatever you want Just bring the legs wide apart And then we fold forward so if this Position doesn't work for you at all and

It's not good at all for you you can Also come into a butterfly that's maybe More accessible For You In This Moment And then you would just come into Butterfly bring the feet together Grab the feet fold forward and down it's More intense if you bring the heels Closer to your hips it's a bit more Accessible if the feet are more forward So you decide And you come into that position If you're still doing uh something else Then perfectly fine just join me here We're here for about a minute To finish up and if there's any Variations in this position you want to Take then go ahead and do that And so from those challenges that I Mentioned earlier how we deal with them Here on the mat is A preparation for the challenges outside This is a very artificial space you hear On your mat it's very likely quiet you Have some time you have some music going You have a roof over your head you have You know maybe add some water some food Already today maybe a coffee so you got Internet obviously you have some device To look at this content so You have it pretty well and got it Pretty good and so the practice is to Prepare us really For challenges that arise not Necessarily that you lose all these

Things but you know it's live things Come up challenges come up And so it's about how to how you deal With them how do you Respond how do you react to life It's really not about what happens to You it's Really all about how you react to it how You respond And through the practice we can Hopefully respond more of more from a Place of love and kindness And joy and peace Walk the hands a bit more forward if you Want to deepen the position a bit Wherever You Are And I think this is already one minute But let's stay in it a bit more I'll do A side Bend here which I really like to Stretch the sides of the body the Lateral line and the obliques as well so If you want to join me walk the hands Over to the right leg bring the right Arm inside the right foot Inside the right leg and you reach the Left arm away from you to the left and Then dip deep breath in reach the left Arm up and over the head Towards the right foot As you hold this you reach you actively Reach the left hip down with your own Internal strength and if you can grab The foot that's okay too And if not that's perfectly fine too

Doesn't matter you're looking just for That sensation and then you breathe into It Maybe close your eyes for the remainder Of class And to release you release both hands Down to the ground again keep the chest Low to the floor as you move over to the Left and do the same thing on the other Side left arm inside the left leg the Right arm is reaching away from you deep Breath in the arm is reaching up and Over the head Towards the left foot Maybe grab it maybe not Whatever is there in this moment is Perfect Draw the belly in continue with those Deep breaths Lower the chest down to the ground let's Come back to Center And slowly walk the hands back push Yourself back up No matter what position you're in slowly Take your time to bring the legs back Together Rotate on your mat again if you kind of Change your position We'll come into a reverse tabletop just To counter this long and deep forward Fold take your time as you move into Reverse tabletop Give the body the time and space to open Up to into this counter pose

If you want Rock forward and back Not just to counter the The forward folding but also to Give the shoulder some love Slowly release the hips down to the Ground you can come into a comfortable Seated position Or lay down onto your back We will finish up our practice here Make sure you're comfortable if you're On your back Put layers on take layers off if you're Seated Maybe Elevate the hips if you're Planning to sit here for a bit longer if It's just a short time then however you Are right now is perfect Let's all close the eyes But We now let go of controlling the breath Allow the breath to return to the Natural rhythm Simply observe the breath How the air is flowing in and out Through the nose as your body is relaxed Seated or on the back doesn't matter you Want to be in a relaxed But yet alert position You want to still be here Present Paying attention to what is And not all the what-ifs that might come Up Between the ears in your head

Fully focus on the breath Observing with curiosity like a child How the Air is flowing in And the air is Flowing out You inhale You exhale And you repeat That's really all there is Many problems arise because you are not Following the simple Protocol We are not paying attention to it You get distracted and we follow the Stories in our head That just spiral and amplify and get More and more A lot of things just come down to being Present And all these worries and problems and Challenges do not exist If you're present They're just the illusions of the Mind One of the main goals and one of the First ones in the practice of yoga is to Remove those Illusions to calm them down To quiet These fluctuations this busyness In your head So it's centered Focused Present Leads to about five more breaths here Feel free to stay here longer and you

Will see that meditation I highly recommend and always recommend Meditating on a daily basis at least 10 Minutes Feel free to stay longer on your back To finally get all the rest that you so Desperately need And rest doesn't need to be earned You have all the right to Simply rest To sleep a bit more Take it easy Rest I hope I see you again in the next video Maybe tomorrow Thank you very much for practicing with Me today And I know it gets old after a while but Please subscribe and like This video and to this channel it really Does make a big difference You also have merchandise like this one You can check out in our store And you can also practice longer with us One hour two hour long classes on Patreon all the information is in the Description below Thank you very much have a fantastic day Much love and gratitude namaste


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