Crazy Handstand Balance Routine You Must Try

Crazy Handstand Balance Routine You Must Try

Crazy handstand routine too challenging for most people. Five rounds of 45 second handstand hold. This is how you get your handstand balance to the next level!
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Hello friends welcome to another Handstand balancing drill video huge Name basically what are we doing we are Practicing our handstand balance and We're doing that by doing five rounds of Holding a handstand for 45 seconds then We come down rest for one minute and Then again come up 45 second hold one Minute rest and we do five rounds total There's a timer going in this video There's also some animation some sound To remind you so there's no need to look At the screen this is a follow along Practice so I invite you to do it with Me all five rounds if you cannot hold a Handstand in the middle of the room or You have no hands and at all I recommend You check out this free video up here Where I talk about my five tips for a Handstand and if you want to then Deep Dive I have a full handstand program Which I will link below in the Description while we are up in our hands Then you can do any handstand shape you Can do a pencil with the legs straight You can go Straddle you can do all kinds of things You want frog or tuck or whatever you Want And you can also move while you are in Your handstand if you feel like it you Can make it totally your own all I'm Asking is that you try your best to stay Up for the whole 45 seconds if for

Example you can do the first round the Second round fine in a free handstand in The middle of the room and then you feel Like you want to continue but you have No strength anymore no balance or Whatever is happening you can also take It to the wall and just stay there with The legs on the wall ideally away from The wall not handstanding towards the Wall but that's also an option so just To stay up stay upside down you can also Have a partner that's just holding you To really work on that strength and Conditioning you need to be in the Handstand for this long so that you Eventually can make it through all the Five rounds in the middle of the room And if you then still want more there's Always more you can do And there will also be more advanced Timers this is already pretty Intermediate I would say but there will Be some more advanced practices that I'm Putting out if you however want to make This one even more challenging you can Also put some water in your mouth and Then simply keep it in your mouth Especially while you're upside down of Course you can when you come down you Can swallow it put another fresh zip of Water in but then keep it in so that you Force yourself to breathe through the Nose and you keep the lip sealed really Good for conditioning and even more of

Endurance training while you're upside Down I think that should cover Everything so let's get started Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Take the time in the rest period to Shake out the hands the shoulders Especially to slow the breath down slow The heart rate down For sure is intense training so use the Rest Wisely it gets more and more intense as We progress Through the rounds and Maybe put enough rest tip of water if You want to do the extra challenge [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Maybe not I start to feel it [Applause] Also I was training pretty hard Yesterday So definitely woke up feeling my body Already But I'm still here with you and It's just about doing your best If you fall out of it come back up try Again you know keep practicing This is for sure something you can do Daily like daily drills or several times A week If you're serious about your handstand [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music]

The last round you can do it We're In It Together let's just do one More round If you need to go against the wall do That if you need a spotter do that just Do your best to somehow stay upside down Try to keep the arms straight keep the Breath soft Of course whenever the body fatigues and The muscles muscles fatigue it's better To stop a bit before and then rest Then maybe hold a plank instead if you Cannot hold a handstand anymore Last round friends Let's do it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Amazing job take some time to Roll out the wrists take care of the Wrist especially And take care of the body so if you want To continue with your switch directions If you want to continue with your other Training whatever you have going on Continue now at this point otherwise Do a cool down now some cool down Sequence from our Channel And then always you need to ground a

Strong practice like this With a deep and strong meditation Practice amazing job making it this far If you did the five rounds no matter What version what form really incredible Job this is not easy stuff and this is Just another video today to help you With your handstand balance there's also A whole different category of handstand Entries which I have more in my Handstand program and maybe in the Future I will also put out more some Drill Drill like follow along videos like this One where we just do a lot of wraps for Entries and it's not about the holes but Just entering into a handstand but for Practicing entries you first have to Have a handstand because otherwise There's nothing you enter into is if There's no feeling for balance if There's no handstand yet so this is Definitely a intermediate sequence Intermediate drill I have a 30 second Hold which is more for beginners also on The channel so we do also five rounds But then 30 second hold one minute rest I believe and so this is 45 and then There will be another one at some point Where we hold one minute and we come Down to rest for one minute please like And subscribe this really does make a Difference although everyone says this I Know it gets old but it doesn't make a

Difference if you hit the like button if You start to subscribe if you turn on Notification Bell to get notified when a New video comes out so you can watch it Right away or pretty soon it really does Make a huge difference so thank you so Much for your support and for your hard Work that you are putting in have a Great rest of your day and I will see You in the next video hopefully tomorrow Much love and gratitude namaste

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