30 Minute Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Your Morning

30 Minute Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Your Morning

Get the 60 minute version of this class This is a 30 minute energizing vinyasa flow yoga practice to expand in all directions and get ready to have a fantastic day!

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Foreign YouTube family welcome to a new practice My name is Flo welcome to the mat if It's your first time welcome to the Channel if it's your thousand thousands Time welcome back today is a Well-rounded vinyasa flow practice we're Moving in all directions targeting the Body with different inputs with Different angles different movements and We are of course connecting to the Breath working on establishing a good Breath a good breathing Rhythm that we Can take with us for the rest of the day And we also work on calming and evening Out the mind so we slow down the Thoughts and find more evenness and Peace and calm within so it's a Well-rounded practice And we will start at the back of the mat In a seated position You can sit Cross-legged Or sit on the heels And this is a short practice today just [Music] 20 30 minutes or something and if you Need and want long classes at least one Hour You will find them from us only on Patreon so you can head there all the Information is also in the description Below And you can do long practices

Here on YouTube it's only short classes Let's come into a seated position hope You arrived you settled in close your Eyes to tall Sit relax but also alert And take just the next five breaths to Fully arrive give yourself permission to Be here to practice Connect to your breath And connect to your intention The intention for the practice today is Very important Something deep event deep inside That we access through the breath Through the movements And by slowing down the thoughts calming Down the mind Interlace your fingers in front of you Blink your eyes open And start to roll out the wrists Doesn't matter which direction we're Going to do both we're keeping the wrist Warm up Pretty simple pretty short today Switch directions I usually like to spend some more time On it but since it's a short class There's also so much more to share shake Out the hands If you need more then please do more And let's come into a downward facing Dog Take your time to arrive move around Move in all the ways that feel good all

The ways you need to be moving So that you can fully arrive Take the next three or so breaths to do So And we'll meet back in a downward facing Dog Hide the heels behind the ankles we roll Through the spine forward into a plank Pose shoulders over the wrist tuck your Tailbone Engage The Core And send the hips up and back downward Dog let's do two more like this roll Forward shift forward plank pose Bring it up and back downward facing dog One more forward And back Let's bring the feet wide apart you can Continue to roll forward into a plank if You want But I will be moving through plank into Upward facing dog So when you am playing Engage The glutes To lower the hips look straight ahead Not up open the chest the collarbones Change your chest Roll up and back down dog two more Into upward facing dog Foreign Facing dog let's walk the feet forward Between the hands Take a deep breath in lift up halfway Lengthen through the spine Exhale forward fold Inhale lift up lengthen

Exhale fold Connecting breath to movement one more Inhale lengthen lift Exhale fold down Bend the knees roll up to standing from The bottom of the spine to the top take A deep breath In The Arms Reach up Palms Touch at the top Again when still moving with the breath Exhale hands down to the heart bring the Wrists in line with the elbows press the Palms together inhale reach the arms up Exhale hands to the heart Bring the Palms down one more inhale Reach up Palms touch exhale Bring the hands down Release the hands down by your sides And tuck your chin to the chest keep the Legs straight and roll from the top of The spine down Into your Forward fold nice and slow take your Time keep the breath slow and controlled Feel the big toes the connection to the Core the Deep front line take a deep Breath in lift up halfway Exhale step the left foot back low lunge Left knee down untuck the left toes Inhale reach the arms up Engage the left glute to open the left Front hip lengthen the tailbone down Reach the arms up and push the left knee Slightly forward pull the right heel

Slightly back to activate into the legs Release the hands down bring the hands Behind you interlace your fingers Remember which thumb is on top and on The inhale open the chest open the Collarbones The heart maybe look up reach your hands Towards the left heel On the inhale release reach the arms up Again Exhale revolved low lunge left arm Forward right arm back Reverse if you want to reach your left Thumb up and over the head On your next inhale back to low lunge Both arms up Exhale hands down to run at lunge Move the fingertips a bit more forward If accessible And then we send the hips back Straighten both legs and lift The the ball of the foot up and then we Bend again and straighten so we're kind Of bouncing back For 10. Nine Eight Seven Six five Four Three Two One back to runner's lunge plant the Hands down

Three legged dog right leg up and back Bend the right knee open stack the hips Come High into your left toes inhale Exhale right knee to the chest Slowly land the right foot between the Hands Crescent lunge inhale rise up Make sure you can see the right big toe Inside the right knee Move the left a little bit more forward So you can also stretch out the bottom Of the left foot as well as the toes Especially the big toe And from here we start to move with the Breath again so inhale is Crescent lunge Exhale we straighten both legs hands Down By your sides inhale Crescent Exhale straighten the legs hands down Inhale five Four Three Two And one We are in Crescent lunge now right arm Down left arm forward we sift forward Warrior three but we switch the arms as We come forward to the right arm comes Forward left arm comes back Step it back press and down switch the Arms five Four Three Two

And one Become one more time forward now for Warrior three Hands to the heart for this variation Reach the left toes back we start to Bend the standing leg for five squats And straighten five Four Three Two One rise up to standing for standing Pigeon cross the left ankle over the Right thigh hands to the hearts and the Hips back lower The chest Down towards the Shin Keep the left foot flexed reaching Towards the left knee dorsiflexion in The left foot Draw the belly in enabling And we rise up to standing again on the Right leg draw the left knee up Towards the chest and then we open the Left hip slowly kick the left leg back For a big step back to skandasana Spider lunch From here we move the right hand To the right pretty far Away from your right hip We use the left arm To swing it from the in front of you to Your right Wild Thing open With the left arm lift the hips

Press into your right palm Glutes are engaged Then keep rotating with your left hand To the left and down as you come back Down For skandasana Slowly come back move to the front of The mat Place the right hand next to your pinky Toe Reach the left arm forward And then we extend the right leg back But keep the left hand lifted off the Ground the whole time For awkward plink We're holding for ten nine eight Seven six five four Three two one plank pose We all meet here Now we bring the hands wider apart Almost as wide as the mat So that your fingertip your index finger Still on the mat Then the left hand bring it a bit more Forward the right hand a bit back so It's uneven there both hands are not in Line Now we say forward one push-up And then we switch right hand forward Left hand back one push-up Switch Push up that's three Switch push up that's four Switch push up that's five

Last one Back to plank Your Vinyasa on your own Your transition to a downward dog Exhale downward dog And lift the heels bend the knees walk The feet forward Inhale lift up halfway Exhale to fold One more inhale to the left and lengthen Exhale step the right foot back low Lunge other side untuck the right toes Inhale reach the arms up Release the hands down and back behind You interlace your hands now the other Thumb is on top Open the front open the chest the hard Reach the hands towards the right heel Inhale brings you back up Exhale right arm forward left arm back Inhale to reverse Back to low lunge both arms up deep Breath in Exhale hands down run as lunge hands Slightly forward we straighten the legs Lift The toes up and back to Anna's lunge Straighten lift reach hips back and bend For ten Nine find this Rhythm for the fascia Tissue responds and recoils and bounces Back Six five Four three

Two One As Lance three legged dog left leg up And back Bend the left knee open stack the hips Take a deep breath and come High into The right toes exhale left knee to the Chest hold for a moment deep breath in Exhale land to foot Crescent lunch [Music] Now we again start to move here With the breath we straighten the legs Hands down On the exhale inhale Arms up Crescent Exhale straighten the legs arms down Inhale Crescent Five Four keep the lip sealed breathe only Through the nose three Two And one back to Crescent Now left hand down right arm up Become forward to Warrior three Variation with one arm Reaching Forward Over the head some people call it Airplane shift forward left arm Forward right arm back And step it back right arm up Five Four Three Two

And one And Warrior three Hands to the heart Lower the right hip down Reach the right toes Back start to bend The left knee for one legged squats Five Bend straighten four Bend Straighten three Two One rise up to standing on the same leg Standing pigeon across the right ankle Over the left thigh Hands to the heart fold the chest down Towards the shin We're just looking for a sensation here No matter how deep you can go Doesn't matter how it looks Reach the right toes up towards the Right knee so if you look to the right Foot in this moment it should be very Active dorsiflexion Draw the belly in spine as long And let's rise up to standing here right Knee up Towards the chest we open the hips Slowly Kick back Land in skandasana Side squat Or spider lunge the left hand now goes To the left side of you And we use the right hand to move make a Circle to the left as you inhale lift

The hips Engage The glutes Continue the circle And slowly come back down Beautiful work from heavy move forward To the front of the mat Place the left hand next to your pinky Finger reach the right arm already Forward Plank extend the left leg back Lower the right shoulder more down we're Holding for ten nine eight Seven six five four Three Two one plank posts And one more round Of uneven push-ups So get into your uneven position for me It's left hand forward right hand back And then shift forward bend the arms Straighten and switch Two Three Four Five Last one Six Back to plank Clean it up Knees Down elbows down your Vinyasa Your transition to down dog If there's any other one you want to do Go ahead Let's hold down we're dark and it's all Meat here

In the long classes on patreon I Sometimes hold down dog For up to five minutes sometimes 10 Close to 10 But Here on YouTube this would be half Of the video And I want to offer some more variety But down dog is a great meditation Position so I invite you to meditate now We're just doing one minute here so Close your eyes Establish a down dog that works for you Even if it's Legs band or if you can't do any more Than a child's pose but really try to Not give up instead surrender into The position into the practice Two little movements adjustments with Your physical body see how it changes The physical and also how it changes the Subtle body How the energy changes What do you notice Recognize maybe remember With your eyes closed set the knees down For balasana child's pose feet together Knees wide Fold down Rest your forehead down to the mat It was a pretty quick practice Energizing pretty quick now it's time to Go into the Yen part of the practice More gentle more slow calm Cooler

Feminine Slowly put yourself up And we bring the legs forward to come Onto the back you can either lean or sit To one side bring the legs forward or You come more through a This kind of position And we come onto our back Into happy baby Grab The Outside edges of the feet or behind the Knees Or grab From the inside the heels if there's any Other one two poses you want to do we Now have about five Slow deep breaths to do any variation That feels good for you to finish up Your practice Happy baby is a great pose to be in now My son is also starting to do happy baby He just discovered his feet As of filming this and it's great to see We can do happy baby together One of my favorite poses I think Happy baby It brings back some old good feelings From back then Let's hug both knees into the chest Give yourself a nice hug a big hug And then you have two options you can Either extend the legs forward for Savasana lay on your back or you rock up

To come to a seated position I will come Into a seated position and finish up Here But you can Do whatever position you want to on the Back or in meditation Wherever you are let's continue the Practice together let's also finish Together Close your eyes Sit tall alert but relaxed in your Medicine meditation position if you're Seated If you're on your back fully relax the Body the toes the hands the arms the Legs the hips Your back your chest your belly The shoulders the neck and the head Wherever your eyes are closed and you Let go of controlling the breath You're still breathing through the nose Lips are sealed Because only the nose is Designed and meant to be used for Breathing Only the nose can Warm the incoming air Only the nose can properly filter it And moisten it The mouth can't do that It's not meant to be used for breathing In fact it causes many issues in the Body disease and many issues So take this into account for a moment

Contemplate on it that you were given With On those you can breathe through If it's kind of Stuffy and clogged we Have some practices on the channel to Help open it But that's focus on the breath coming in And out through the nose for the next Two minutes in silence Slowly bring the hands to the heart Oh The Palms touch Thank yourself for showing up For making the time to Practice And I want to thank you for Allowing me to share this practice with You today Thank you for supporting this channel so We can provide more yoga for the people For free here on YouTube Your support is very important it does Make a difference So at least consider Clicking the Subscribe button the like Button It's weird to say after yoga practice And after meditation but it's important For the channel to survive to continue And it does make a difference To at least consider it Thank you very much And this was just a short practice of The sequence of this class today just a Short version I also recorded a long

Version which is a bit more than 60 Minutes it's available on patreon if you Feel like maybe tomorrow you want to Take the long version of this class then Click Below in the description and you Will find all the information there Have a beautiful rest of your day and Again thank you for practicing with me And making time to practice I really only provide these videos and Show you the door but you are the one That's making the time to show up and to Actually do them So I'm very proud of you and looking Forward to seeing you in the next video Much love have a great day


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James is a content creator who works in the personal development niche.