Healing: Coaching Process Meditation to Connect with Your Inner Child | Mindful Movement

Healing: Coaching Process Meditation to Connect with Your Inner Child | Mindful Movement

The experiences you have in your childhood and the beliefs that are formed impact how you view the world. Habitual behavior patterns and how you think and feel about yourself are also affected by your past. To heal wounds from your childhood, you can become the inner parent to your younger self, meet their needs, and help them feel safe.

This is not changing the past, which isn’t possible. This is about changing your relationship with the past so you can shift your beliefs about yourself and therefore your behaviors.

In this meditative coaching process, take this opportunity to offer yourself kindness, compassion, and understanding, and cultivate gratitude for yourself and your inner child.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Floating by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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The experiences you have in your Childhood and the beliefs that are Formed impact how you view the world Habitual Behavior patterns and how you Think and feel about yourself are also Affected by your past To heal wounds from your childhood you Can become your own inner parent to your Younger self Meet their needs and help them feel safe This is not changing the past which Isn't possible this is about changing Your relationship with the past so you Can shift your beliefs about yourself And therefore your behaviors Take an opportunity to offer yourself Kindness Compassion and understanding Cultivate gratitude for yourself and Your inner child Join me for this inner child meditation To connect with your younger self for Healing and love Thank you for joining me here at the Mindful movement I'm Sarah Raymond Be sure to seek out the support of a Loved one or professional if you need it Now to begin I invite you to make yourself Comfortable Close your eyes when you are ready Three to four cleansing breaths In through your nose filling up fully And breathe out through your mouth

[Music] Thank you As you allow your physical body to Continue softening and relaxing Invite your thinking mind to slow down And offer this internal request May this experience And healing process Be supportive And in alignment with the highest good Of all concerned Now with a sense of safety in your body Connect with the support beneath you Imagine a cord extending from the base Of your spine Reaching below the surface beneath you And connecting you deep into the Earth Allow yourself to feel this profound Connection to the Earth's energy Stability And next Visualize a bright radiant light above Your head This represents your highest self The truest you that is wise Loving and compassionate Your truest self is curious And caring Imagine this light flowing down into Your body Filling you with warmth and love With the Earth's energy And your connection to your highest self You are safe

[Music] As I guide you through the process of Meeting and healing your inner child Trust that you are safe Supported And held in this process All of you is welcome All emotions are welcome Imagine a peaceful and safe place in Your mind [Music] This can be a real place you've been to Before Or a place that only exists in your Imagination You can think of this as your inner safe Sanctuary Allow yourself to feel relaxed and at Ease in this place In this inner safe sanctuary Call to mind a younger version of Yourself From an age where you may have needed a Little safety or support From a time when you needed love And you needed to know everything was Going to be okay Whatever age shows up for you is just Right You may see this younger version of Yourself like a photo Or you may remember an event from your Past However it shows up for you is just

Right Remember you are reviewing the past you Are not reliving the past Remain grounded and connected with your Highest self Let go of the stories and labels that May show up And simply be with this younger you If it feels right to you place one hand On your belly And one hand on your heart To connect On a deeper level With yourself And your inner child Your inner child recognizes you as their Adult self Begin to build trust with them Tell your inner child that you are here To take care of them And to meet their needs [Music] You are here to protect them if they Need it Ask them if there's anything they need From you at this moment Listen to what your inner child has to Say And offer reassurance Kindness And compassion Let your younger self know that you are Here for them And that you love and accept them just

The way they are [Music] Acknowledge and validate the feelings of Your younger self It's okay to feel these emotions And it's important to give yourself Permission to feel them fully Be there with your inner child to Support them In any way they need And offer them unconditional love Ask your inner child what they need from You In order to feel safe Loved and nurtured Listen to what they have to say without Judgment or criticism Do they need safety And the feeling of being protected Secure and free from harm Do they need love And the feeling of being cared for Valued and appreciated [Music] Do they need nurturance and the feeling Of being nourished supported and Encouraged Do they need to have the opportunity to Be a child Including playfulness having fun Being creative And free to express themselves Take some time to really hear all they Have to say

[Music] Witness their emotions And validate their experience Invite your inner child to come live in Your heart In the present Where you can make sure they are safe Loved And never alone You are becoming the inner parent of Your younger self Their parent your job is to meet their Needs Take care of them And love them unconditionally Imagine your younger self merging into Your heart So you can keep them safe [Music] Your inner child is always in your heart Now Take a deep breath in And feel your heart opening [Music] As you breathe out Feel the gentle compression As if your lungs are giving your heart And your inner child a hug With this merging You can relax deeper And heal on an even deeper level Say to your younger self You matter You are relevant

You are lovable You are good enough as you are I love you unconditionally [Music] I am here to protect you and keep you Safe You don't have to worry about anything I love you just the way you are and I Always will You are precious and valuable [Music] Tell them anything else you know they Need to hear [Music] Now imagine yourself and your inner Child being surrounded by a warm and Loving light This light represents healing and Unconditional love As you focus on this light Imagine it surrounding and enveloping You both Helping to heal any past wounds Imagine sending healing and love to your Younger self And to the parts of you that may still Feel wounded As you continue to focus on the light Imagine any negative thoughts or beliefs Melting away Being replaced by positive and Empowering ones Spend a moment in this peaceful and Healing state

Allowing your inner child to feel loved And supported Take a moment to reflect on your own Journey and how you've come to be the Person you are today For yourself kindness Compassion And understanding Now offer gratitude to yourself and your Inner child Thank yourself for taking the time to Connect With your inner child and meet their Needs Acknowledge the progress you've made And the love and compassion you've shown Yourself [Music] Take a deep breath and visualize Yourself and your inner child Feeling happy Safe And loved When you're ready Slowly open your eyes And take a few deep breaths to integrate This healing into your body and mind Remember healing your inner child is a Process that may take time and may Involve working with a professional It's important to be patient with Yourself and to practice self-care And self-compassion as you work through Any challenges

If you feel called to continue this Deeply healing process consider a Personalized hypnotherapy session with Inner child work I've included the link for this package On the screen and in the description Below

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