How to Be Fearless & Do The Work With Byron Katie | Step By Step Example

How to Be Fearless & Do The Work With Byron Katie | Step By Step Example

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Foreign [Music] Thank you how many of you are new to the Work today have never done the work or Experienced it Oh that's just that is amazing so so Um the work is a way to identify And question The judgments that cause all the Suffering in the world another way of Saying that all the suffering in your Life Ready So I invite you to To close your eyes And Recall a situation where you were angry With someone Or you were very hurt Anxiety Maybe you were at work maybe at home Maybe on a cell phone maybe maybe face To face with that person that hurt you Or made you angry So the the work is meditation meditate On that moment in time And when you have Centered in that moment in time Raise your hand keep your eyes closed Raise your hand and then lower it Good So we're going to continue to meditate On that moment in time Now begin to

Identify why you're angry with that Person I'll continue to use the word Anchor and you connect with the your own Emotion that you were experiencing in That situation Why were you angry Were you angry that person or hurt Upset What do they say what do they do why Were you angry Meditating on that situation that moment In time When you have identified Why you're upset Angry whatever that emotion is for you In that situation when you've identified Why you're angry with your eyes closed Raise your hand and then lower it Wow Good Now see if you can name the emotion Maybe it's not anger maybe it is and you Don't have to do it exactly I just love That you get in touch with your emotions Because it's very important that you Experience Where in your body and In your own way is it hot is it cold is It in your chest and it's in your Stomach Shoulders Neck You're just getting in touch with that Okay so now I invite you to open your

Eyes Open your folders Locate the judge your neighbor worksheet If you don't have one raise your hands And we can bring them to you If you don't have a folder raise your Hands Now we just meditated on a moment in Time So you're prepared to fill in statement One just simply I was in the kitchen I saw myself Clearly with Paul And it was about 35 years ago but mind Doesn't care Boom meditating on just that moment in Time okay so I'm angry at Paul because He won't listen to me I mean that was a huge complex moment But why you know what was what was it Simply when I meditate on that He wasn't listening to me and the whole Thing was about his health he had had Four heart attacks And he was smoking I caught him and he Said no I wasn't I could smell it He said I could watch him fan eat it as I entered the room But why was I really angry he wasn't Listening to me Foreign [Music] So get very still closure look at

Statement one on the judge your neighbor Worksheet And you're prepared to fill just that One in only statement one With what you saw as you meditated on That moment in time In your own situation Any questions Okay now watch how your egos don't like It Not me I wasn't really angry You know as I as as I sit in that Situation yeah I was angry Yeah I'm I'm good with it now But I'm talking about then I see it How many of you see an image of how Angry I was in that kitchen would you Raise your hand Okay and How many of you have ever Um Foreign Okay so where's your proof Where's your proof Do you believe everything you think You saw an image That was in the past right Was an image of the past that's the only Way you could raise your hand Okay and Where's your proof That you've eaten a banana you believe There's a pest

Well you couldn't raise your hand Honestly What is the past can you take it out and Do something with it So it's not real right It's not real right So you're thinking about nothing And we spend our lives this way in the Movie in the movie in the movie and then The next time Someone hands they say you want a banana I think when I say oh yeah I think I Know what I'm talking about But what is my reference nothing Zero Less So Most people raise their hands it looked Like everyone did from here but let's Say everyone raised their hands So we can all image anyone anyone who Thinks they're thinking can do this work So you go back in a moment of Time how Many of you Um How many of you ate breakfast this Morning Where's your proof Nothing Okay so if you raised your hand those of You didn't saw images Of you not eating breakfast Or you would raise your hand if you Heard the question and you thought you

Were being honest Okay so the reason I'm sharing this with You is so you can go back to that Situation we started with and be Comfortable in that situation so you Could just like the banana Just like breakfast You can meditate on anchor in that Situation And even talking to you right now I can See I can see Paul he's He's so upset and I see this weird woman I called me Coming at him and I can see it I couldn't see it then I just saw him as a liar I think of him then it's I mean when I Think of him then now I feel so soft With it Innocent men Okay so you have everything you need to Fill in statement one And again the reason I shared so much In this last In these last few moments with you it's So that you can go back and really see Your situation clearly without guilt Without spiritual what arrogance Just Witness Mindfully meditating on That situation And fill in statement one Why was I angry why was I so Furious

With Paul I was believing my thoughts about Paul What about me So it's it just makes sense That I go back to that moment in time Meditate on that situation and collect The thoughts I was thinking then Because that those thoughts that was the Cause of my anger not Paul And I invite you to test that the day no Human being has the power to make me Angry I do that That's mine I take full responsibility what I'm Thinking and believing about you is the Cause of my anger so I'm not this is not A little thing we're doing here this Afternoon We're not just meditating on a moment in Time where we're going to question the Thoughts we are We're capturing something that was the Cause of our anger that we're still Believing today putting on other people And world So we collect some from them we identify We question them and we see a very Different Or a very different world So let's have fun let's let's continue To be in that situation fill a statement One Short simple sentence

How many of you have done that would you Raise your hands Good So now close your eyes Back in that situation so I'm going back Into the kitchen Go back into your situation you're on Your Cell phone or your texting or your In the kitchen Now identify in that situation with that Person what did you want What did you want from that person what Did you want them to say or do Meditate on that Be in it It's not your spiritual self now it was You then and no one angry is sane That you want and when you identify that Filled in statement too Read statement to and fill it in Short simple sentence I want Paul to listen to me Oh yeah I want Paul to stop smoking I want Paul to tell the truth We're identifying the cause of our anger In any given situation and today it's The one That you're identifying on your on your Worksheet How many of you need more time with Statement two Okay

So Close Your Eyes Being there now in that situation To get what you want What advice would you offer that person He should he shouldn't they should they Shouldn't she should she shouldn't In your situation what advice would you Offer that person In order to get what you want so make Sure the advice is clear make sure it's Possible Like I'm not going to say I want Paul to Paul should turn cartwheels You know he he just had his fourth heart Attack Get what I want What advice would I offer him he should He shouldn't And fill in statement agree This is one of my favorites You feel that emotion and me it was Anger To feel what yours was Now what would it take you what do you Need to be happy What could that person Do give you be in that moment in time What you need from them to go from that Emotion you're feeling All the way to Happy Boom just like that It was in your head I need him Okay

Why do you need to be happy and fill in Statement for Some of you can be spontaneous with this Some of you are meditators you can get Very still with it But whatever experience of mindfulness We have we can do this What were your thoughts about that Person Close your eyes Then What in that situation what were your Thoughts about that person Paul is a liar He doesn't tell the truth Remember when you're angry you're not Sane So don't expect a lot of Civility here Don't be shocked what your thoughts were Just be Fearlessly enough to as you identify Them to put them on paper Because those thoughts are still running In your life you believed them then Still believing them Billion statement five And then begin to identify in that Situation what is it about that person Or that situation you never wanted to Experience again And fill in statement six


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