How to Become the Author of Your Own Life | Mindfulness With Jon Kabat-Zinn

How to Become the Author of Your Own Life | Mindfulness With Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Foreign [Music] Let's conjure up tomorrow or the next Day or the next day and the next day and The next day Could you form the intention to uh Make some time during the day to Actually drop into being in the way that We've been practicing and probably the Way you've been practicing for many Years but sometimes you know practice Tends to get stale or habitual or a Little uh wrote That's a killer And the only thing that Making it road is the fact that You might not be paying attention really As soon as you pay attention like you're Awake and everything's pretty Interesting But given how hard this is for us human Beings to do To be mindful throughout the 24 hours of The day it's really helpful to tune the Instrument At the beginning of the day or whenever It works for you in this kind of formal Way where you take your seat whether It's on the floor whether it's a Question Uh but some kind of practice that really Um Invites deep Stillness and deep Listening

Deep attending and deep not knowing And just taking up residency they're Resting here Being that And so can you visualize now tomorrow or On an airplane if you're going on an Airplane or back at home Doing this like without Hundreds of people in the same room [Music] Of course at any moment that you're Doing it there are Not hundreds millions of people at the Same moment Doing it it's just like the room is as Big as the Earth When the room becomes that big We're All In This Together But to really give yourself over to I can just say from my own experience That it's really valuable to do it over Days weeks months years decades Whether you feel like it or not Whether it feels good or not That Something is taking shape that's not Really You doing any of the work Whoever you think you are But it's the Deep Listening and the willingness to be Present and attend And drop underneath thinking or rest Before thinking notice the tyranny of

Thinking that actually is liberative And it's cumulatively liberative In terms of everyday life And again I just totally apologize for Coughing my way through this thing I'm In like the fifth week of this thing and I could have like said okay I'm not Going to come here and I just felt like I'd rather come and cough my way through The whole thing that did not come But but I hope you don't feel like Uh Thank you Um Yeah I know but it's nice to also uh Share it You know Um So here are a few things that might be Helpful Um First of all lying down meditations are Phenomenal okay it doesn't all have to Be done sitting That is a phenomenal place to actually Practice okay lying down in bed in on Your back The corpse pose if you care to but They're perfect Opportunities at the beginning of the Day and the end of the day to especially In the morning when you wake up check And see if you've woken up Don't jump out of bed right away because

You might be jumping straight into Autopilot See if we can like just take a few Moments a few minutes to just kind of Really wake up Not be driven by anxiety before you feed It the floor Remember who you actually are Notice the gravitational pull of all of The doing that has to happen Nothing wrong with any of it I mean you Know the children have to be fed they Have to get out of the house you've got To get to work but Are you a prisoner of your life or are You the author Of your life a lot of that is an Attitudinal shift Or just an attitudinal Deep recognition and then the shift Happens by itself So in bed in the morning in the evening Don't do it too much in the evening Because you the tendency Is to fall awake Doing lying down meditations of course People fall asleep like nobody's Business in the body scan But the um excuse me but the invitation Is to fall awake And if you get too into it you you won't Sleep so easily but a few breaths in and Out at the end of the day just like you Know if like I'm here in my body and

Then gone and then in the morning Just allowing yourself to do that uh Play with it is like to experiment with It might be might be really valuable Then there's sort of notion that like What is not meditation Every single aspect of life is like an Opportunity to practice how will I be in Wise relationship to this to this to This to this And then as with the Rio poem people are Going to have their ideas and opinions Right and you're going to have your own So you'll be pointing at yourself saying Why are you acting like a fool just And you know it's interesting to just Kind of not take any of that stuff Personally it's just thinking It's just thinking and while thinking is Absolutely wonderful most of our Thoughts are like really imprisoning And very few we have very very few Creative thoughts in a lifetime And we'd probably have more if we Recognize that you know we didn't have To beat ourselves up constantly because There's something not right with us when We're already whole already perfect Already beautiful just as we are And to sort of live your way into that As if it was uh Really important And to share it with your your family And the people that you love not by

Trying to get them to meditate but by Being the you that they love It's hard work sometimes because you Know We fall into patterns we fall into Liking and disliking and all sorts of Things that then create separation and Projection and judgment and on and on on Um and so we could just awareness is Like writing yourself an immediate sort Of restraining order you know like The finger touching the soap bubble it's Like don't need to go there You're not really doing anything but all Those imprisoning possibilities they're Evaporating instead of concretizing


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