How to Ground Your Attention in the Body with Jon Kabat-Zinn

How to Ground Your Attention in the Body with Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Foreign Let's just take a few moments to drop in On ourselves And my suggestion is I mean this is not The ideal place for us to hold this Particular Kind of Uh Afternoon of practice so principle Number one is we work with the Conditions as we find them and don't Create the kind of stories that you know We saw this morning in very high Resolution detail About how life is never good enough and If only it was then I would be happy And everything would be great So um Maybe establishing yourself in a posture Very hard to do on these chairs that Embodies dignity Notice the entire room is beginning to Move And I'll move to Um and You know so It's possible to sit even on a chair Like that a little bit away from the Back of the chair so that you're not Kind of thrown back like this but your Your posture actually Embodies wakefulness To a certain degree alertness you're not Falling forward you're not falling

Backwards you're not sort of listing you Know across your legs and you know but That you just intentionally Focusing in on how it is in the body And allowing yourself to settle lunches Over And just resting in the aftermath of The enormity of what transpired this Morning The enormity of it and not merely for The people on the stage or the people Who got the microphone But the enormity of Each one of our relationships or Experience to what unfolded if we were Paying attention If we were really listening If we were in some sense in parallel Listening to Not what was going on on the stage but What was going on in our own hearts and Minds Based on each one of those forms that You know We fell down So just that's over and now we're here We're going to be here for the afternoon Until five o'clock nobody forced you to Come So acknowledging that It's possible to actually be really here Body Mind heart The works And that not just me I'm here but we

Together are here As per the Magnificent talk that Dan Siegel gave the other day Just letting things settle so that We're not trying to remember the morning But we're actually attuning to the Reverberations that may still be present From the morning And while Katie was inviting us to Actually meditate on Past moments and dissect the story in Particular ways we're going to let go of All past moments Not necessarily that they will let go of Us And we're going to let go of all future Moments not necessarily that they will Let go of us and drop into this only Moment that we have which of course has The past and future completely unfolded Into it this moment And Be aware of thinking without falling Into the thought stream or forcing or Conjuring anything at all So one helpful way to do that of course How many of you are brand new to formal Meditation practice just raise your Hands so that I have a sense but almost Nobody well first San Francisco is a Wisdom conference so how many of you Have a meditation practice that's more Than 20 years old raise your hands San Francisco so anyway it doesn't

Matter because that's all in time and What we're really concerned with is no Time the Timeless this moment And so to that extent we are all in the Same boat And can we bring our full The full spaciousness of our attending To this moment and it's very helpful Whether you've been meditating forever Or you're brand new to it just stumbled In off the street for the afternoon To actually ground your attention in the Body And sort of feel how it is the body as a Whole sitting and breathing On your seat So that you're actually in some sense Inviting yourself to take a stand In your life sitting In this present moment and aligning Yourself Metaphorically as well as physically With the the actual vertical axis of the Body So that you're in alignment with Your spine and with your The intention that brought you back this Afternoon Because nobody's here by accident And this is not about John Cabot sin by The way Any more than it's about Byron Katie It's about You

Foreign If you can let your attention alight for A moment on the breath Sensations Unfolding in the body with each In-breath and each out breath and just Give your mind something to do And then let the breath do you so that It's not like okay now I'm in charge of Breathing but you're just letting the Body breathe and your attention is Riding on the waves of the in-breath and The out breath full awareness And just seeing if you can give yourself That assignment For now Another way to put it is that you're Befriending Silence You're befriending Stillness You're befriending The wakefulness that was spoken about This morning Right In This Moment And for those of you who are doing this On the online and at home around the World Welcome we feel you we know you're here With us And that's of course the invitation is To be here a hundred percent Wherever You Are Foreign Where's your mind right in this moment

Is it riding on the waves of the breath Or is it off someplace else It's almost guaranteed that it will be Off someplace else a lot of the time Please know that that doesn't mean You're a bad meditator it means that That's the nature of the Mind And every time you bring your attention Back to your belly or back to your chest Or back through a sense of the body as a Whole sitting here breathing you're Already Here again And there was a lot of conversation this Morning about how harsh we are and how Inaccurate we are in all of our various Judging and assigning of blame and cause And everything else so seeing if you can Escort your mind back into the present Moment into the body Onto the breath without any harshness Without any Criticism without any blame without any Judgment Mine goes off just notice what's on your Mind Bring it back Mine goes off from the assigned object Of attention to someplace else That's what mine does notice what's on Your mind now Bring it back

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