Learn to Finally Prioritize Yourself Because You’re Worthy | Mindful Movement

Learn to Finally Prioritize Yourself Because You’re Worthy | Mindful Movement

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Are you constantly trying to prioritize other people’s needs over your own? Do you find yourself trying to control what other people think of you?

By answering yes to any of these questions, I want you to know that you are not alone.

In today’s video, I want to help you move out of these patterns. Additionally, I’ll be sharing bonus tips to help you improve your self worth starting today.

Let’s start by recognizing when and how these patterns developed is one of the first place.

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Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
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Are you moving through life without Purpose are you constantly prioritizing Other people's needs over your own are You exhausted by trying to manage other People's feelings and emotions Do you find yourself trying to control What other people think about you If you answered yes to any of these Questions you are not alone and today I'm here to help you move out of these Patterns and don't forget to stay till The end because I do have some bonus Tips to help you improve your self-worth Starting today welcome to the mindful Movement if you're new here I'm Sarah Raymond if you're returning welcome back I want to start today's video with a Story about a client of mine She came to me describing her life as Numb she was moving through her life Without purpose without satisfaction and She really wanted a change She felt like she was wasting her life And she knew that there was an Opportunity for more joy more passion And more fulfillment and that's why she Came to me she really was seeking out Support and guidance to move into that Life that she knew was available and Through hypnotherapy and coaching Together We uncovered what the causes of her low Self-worth were She was able to

Shift the patterns that she had been Living for so long and start to develop And embody the self-worth that was Always within her just needed to be Uncovered so I imagine that you like my Client may be experiencing some of these Patterns and that's why you clicked on This video so I'm here to help you today To start this process and the first Thing I'd like to say is that nothing is Wrong with you you're not broken you Don't need to be fixed So the behaviors that I mentioned at the Beginning of this video these are all Safety strategies and what I mean by That is they are behaviors that you may Have adopted many many years ago as a Way to keep you safe and when you Adopted these behaviors You didn't have your logical conscious Mind you didn't have the resources that You have today as an adult You were coming up with these strategies As a child And you were doing whatever you needed To keep yourself safe So let me give you a couple of examples Of how these might have developed let's Say you had a parent who was an Alcoholic and you never knew what you Were going to get with their behavior Sometimes they were angry sometimes they Were loving sometimes they were fun and With this chaos and uncertainty in life

Your safety strategy was to always be Good keep yourself small Be unseen so that you would be safe Or perhaps you grew up with a sibling Who had a chronic illness they were Always sick and needing to be cared for So you developed the behavior of just Staying out of the way your needs Weren't important because your sibling Needed more attention Or perhaps you were the oldest sibling And your parents relied on you to be the Responsible one to take care of your Younger siblings so you were essentially A parentified child you couldn't be a Child you couldn't have the childlike Behaviors and so you had to prioritize Everyone else's needs you had to be Responsible for everyone else in your Family which sent the message that you Weren't important your needs didn't Matter and in any of these examples that Behavior would have been embedded or it Would have been a well-grooved pattern That you developed and perhaps it did Serve you as a child but now as an adult That same behavior is sticking with you But it doesn't serve you as the adult That you are today now after hearing Some of those examples your mind might Start percolating you might start to Have some ideas of your own so let me Know in the comments below what you Think the cause of your people-pleasing

Pattern is how did it start for you okay So now you might be wondering how do I Shift out of this pattern well the first Step is to have the Curiosity to uncover How this pattern originally started and As you're exploring give yourself some Compassion and understanding and Recognize that these patterns developed As a child when you didn't have the Resources that you have as an adult so As much as possible Kindness love compassion for yourself And understanding because we can't heal Or shift from a place of judgment so Creating safety and meeting your own Needs in a different way will give you The ability to shift those patterns and When those patterns come up again and They likely will because they're very Much ingrained patterns that have served You for a long time but when they come Up again remind yourself that you're Safe And that was then and this is now and It's okay to use a different pattern a Different safety strategy and my bonus Tip is a reminder that because you are Human because you are you You are already worthy you don't need to Do anything or behave in a certain way Or act Anyway that is not authentic to you to Be worthy you're already worthy because You are you so I would encourage you to

Begin to shift from the outside in Approach meaning I'll be happy when I Have this fancy car or I'll be Successful when I have this High salary That I've been reaching for or I'll be Good enough when you fill in the blank With what resonates for you that is the Outside in approach meaning your worth Can be taken away So if you don't have that car you don't Have that salary then your worth is gone So shifting from that approach to the Inside Out approach The Inside Out approach is I am happy I'm content I am successful I am good Enough As I am because I am human because I am Me and when you can live from that Approach Nothing else really matters right if you Get that job great if you get the car The salary great I'm not suggesting to Stop striving to stop working to stop Evolving But it changes the way that you approach Those desires and those goals it changes The way you show up it's out of Confidence and worth because you deserve Everything that you desire not because You're trying to prove your worth prove Yourself to someone outside of you and With this approach you can finally start To prioritize your own needs you can Take care of yourself you can speak up

For yourself because you know you are Worthy you matter and you deserve all That you desire I know that shifting These long time patterns and building Your self-worth can be challenging I Also know that it is absolutely possible To feel content fulfilled and passionate About life so if you want to go deeper To understand the root cause of your People-pleasing patterns and begin to Build the self-worth that you really Desire I encourage you to join me for my Upcoming Workshop where we'll be using Hypnosis Mind reprogramming techniques emotional And energetic release practices to build That self-worth and help you move into The unshakable confidence that you Deserve so if you're interested in Learning more click on the link on the Screen and I hope to see you in the Workshop


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