Manifest Wealth and Prosperity Guided Hypnosis | Mindful Movement

Manifest Wealth and Prosperity Guided Hypnosis | Mindful Movement

Unlock your full potential and manifest abundance in all areas of your life with this guided hypnosis. Experience deep relaxation and focus as you visualize yourself surrounded by wealth and prosperity. Release any limiting beliefs and embrace empowering thoughts with this practice. Start manifesting the life you desire today.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Celestial Light by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Unlock your full potential and manifest Abundance in all areas of your life with This guided hypnosis Experience deep relaxation and focus as You visualize yourself surrounded by Wealth and prosperity Release any limiting beliefs And embrace empowering Thoughts with This practice Start manifesting the life you desire Today And use this recording on a regular Consistent basis to support manifesting Wealth and prosperity Welcome to the mindful movement I'm Sarah Raymond Now I invite you to make yourself Comfortable Close your eyes when you are ready And take a few deep breaths As you settle in for your practice As you inhale imagine filling your body With oxygen and energy And as you exhale Allow all of your tension and stress To melt away Allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper Into a state of relaxation With each breath As you continue to relax Focus on the sound of my voice And allow it to guide you deeper into a State Of calm and peace

You may find that your body feels Heavier And more at ease With each passing moment As you allow yourself to sink deeper Into this state of relaxation You may begin to notice that your mind Feels calmer And more focused Now I want you to imagine that you are Standing at the top of a staircase This staircase represents the journey Toward abundance Prosperity And your full potential [Music] With each step you take You are moving closer to your goals And you are leaving behind any negative Emotions or beliefs That have been holding you back As you take each step You find that you feel more confident And empowered You know without a doubt There is abundance present for you Trust in yourself And allow your subconscious mind to lead The way As you continue to move safely down the Stairs You find yourself going deeper into Relaxation Deeper into a state of peace

As you reach the bottom of the staircase You find a door This door represents the opportunity for Transformation and change You find that you are ready to open this Door you are ready for change As you open the door and step through You know that you are able to let go of Any doubts or fears that have been Holding you back You are now free to embrace your full Potential And create the life you desire As you continue to feel ease in your Body and mind Take some time to visualize A positive outcome for yourself One that allows you to feel confident Empowered And at peace Allow yourself to fully immerse in this Visualization And let it guide your journey toward the Abundance you desire and deserve Foreign And remember you can always return to This peaceful place And this state of relaxation whenever You need to You have the power within you To create the life you desire As you continue to relax And visualize your ideal life Bring to mind the concept of wealth and

Prosperity [Music] Visualize yourself surrounded By abundance in all areas of your life Financial And spiritual Imagine having more than enough of Everything you need and desire [Music] As you hold this Vision in your mind Allow yourself to feel the feelings of Abundance and prosperity Feel the joy And gratitude that come with having all You need and more With these feelings of joy and gratitude You are ready to let go of any beliefs Or thoughts That may be holding you back from Manifesting prosperity [Music] Recognize that these old outdated Beliefs are no longer true [Music] And allow yourself to release them Give yourself permission to let go Of the beliefs from the past Replace these old beliefs With empowering thoughts In your mind Repeat these phrases I am worthy of abundance There is more than enough prosperity for Everyone

And I allow myself to receive abundance Allow yourself to fully Embrace these New thoughts and beliefs [Music] I am worthy of abundance There is more than enough prosperity for Everyone And I allow myself to receive abundance As you continue to focus on your vision Of abundance And hold these empowering beliefs in Your mind Allow yourself to sink deeper into a State of relaxation and inner peace Where you can fully receive the Abundance that you are worthy of [Music] Know that you are worthy of prosperity And trust that it is on its way to you Now [Music] Imagine yourself taking small consistent Steps toward an abundance of wealth and Prosperity Remember you have the ability to create The life you want Foreign with each passing day you are Becoming stronger And more capable of achieving your goals Trust in yourself And your abilities And let go of any self-doubt or Negativity [Music]

As you come toward the end of this Hypnosis Take a moment to reaffirm your Commitment and intention Know that you have the power to create The life you want And to make positive changes in your Life When you are ready Slowly come back to full awareness Feeling grounded And connected to your abundance Take a few deep breaths And bring this feeling of inner peace And prosperity with you As you go about your day And come back to this recording on a Regular consistent basis to support Manifesting the wealth and prosperity That you desire and deserve


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