Self-Love Yoga Nidra Meditation | Mindful Movement

Self-Love Yoga Nidra Meditation | Mindful Movement

Today, build the energy of love within yourself and for yourself because you cannot give what you do not have for yourself first. Self-love includes respecting and honoring yourself and it teaches others how to love you in return. This yoga nidra practice will guide you into a safe and relaxed state where you can connect with yourself and plant the seeds for your love to blossom.

It has been said that 1 hour of yoga nidra equates to 4 hours of deep sleep because we go through all of the brain wave stages you typically go through during sleep, only in a compressed amount of time. It is incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating if used during the day. It can also be used to help you fall asleep and enjoy extremely productive and healing sleep.

This practice will help build a strong foundation of self-love, acceptance, and worthiness.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Enlighten Me by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Today build the energy of Love within Yourself and for yourself because you Cannot give what you do not have for Yourself first Self-love includes respecting and Honoring yourself and it teaches others How to love you in return This Yoga Nidra practice will guide you Into a safe and relaxed state where you Can connect with yourself And plant the seeds for your love to Blossom It has been said that one hour of Yoga Nidra equates to four hours of deep Sleep because you go through all of the Brain wave stages you typically go Through during sleep Only in a compressed amount of time It is incredibly relaxing and Rejuvenating if used during the day It can also be used to help you fall Asleep and enjoy extremely productive And healing sleep This practice will help you build A strong Foundation of self-love Acceptance and worthiness Welcome to the mindful movement I'm Sarah Raymond I invite you to make yourself Comfortable I recommend a fully supported position Lying down It is important to know you are safe And that you are extremely comfortable

In the position you choose You can use a pillow or rolled blanket Under your knees To make sure there is no strain on your Lower back Perhaps cover yourself with a blanket as Your body temperature May lower the more You relax Close your eyes when you are ready And if you like you can cover your eyes With a washcloth or eye pillow Take a few deep breaths to release any Tension from your body And settle into a safe Stillness You can be comforted at this time Knowing you are safe Supported And that everything is okay This practice of yogic sleep Will guide you to the state of Consciousness Between wakefulness And sleeping You can remain connected By listening to the sound of my voice No need to concentrate too intensely You will hear And absorb what you need In the moment The rest behind The deepest part of you is listening If your mind wanders Or becomes overactive with thoughts Simply come back to the sound of my

Voice As a point of focus As you continue to relax your physical Body And allow your mind to quiet Now is time to set your intention Or personal resolve for this practice This intention can sink into your Subconscious During the practice This intention can help you make a Positive change Toward deep Unconditional love for yourself As your brain enters Delta wave frequencies Where you are very receptive to change Create an intention that is positive in Nature And is in the present tense Choose a mantra or statement That resonates with you And promotes self-love Acceptance And worthiness As you are solidifying your intention Feel it in your heart As true Now in your mind Repeat your intention a few times Let your intention go for now As you begin to concentrate On your body With love

And compassion For each part of yourself Soothe your nervous system And calm your mind By reconnecting with your physical body Offer your physical body some gratitude For what it allows you to do in your Life As you focus on your physical Sensations Without judgment Your body and mind are learning to come Into a state of ease Today you will discover the place within That is always at ease And peaceful You will experience yourself As pure love And well-being As you feel your body settling Completely into Stillness Allow your rotating consciousness And awareness To easily follow the sound of my voice On a journey of sensation Throughout your body Sending loving energy and compassion To each part as it is mentioned As you remain still And relax deeper Welcome all Sensations you experience Just as they are Let go of the words And be with the feelings It's okay if you have feelings

Or emotions Come up about a certain part of your Body For now Simply love And accept All of you Become aware of the top of your head Your forehead Your eyes Relax and let go at each of these parts Of you Notice your ears Your cheeks The inside of your mouth and tongue Relax and release Your neck and throat Send loving energy and compassion To each part As you remain still And let go to a deeper level of peace Notice your shoulders Your arms and hands Let go a little more At your chest An abdomen Relax The entire length of your back now Send loving energy To each part Notice your hips Thighs Soften your lower legs Ankles

And feet Send love and compassion to the entire Right side of your body And the left side Love and compassion for the back of your Body And the front of your body Become aware of your entire body as a Whole Send loving energy Compassion And gratitude To your entire body now As you relax deeper and deeper Feel the love Coursing through your body You have everything you need within Yourself You are enough You are whole You are perfect as you are You are like a seed That has everything inside itself to Become a beautiful flower Now is your time to Blossom with love Acknowledge any physical discomfort And offer them love and acceptance Recognize this truth You are worthy of physical comfort and Care You are worthy of physical comfort and Care Let your flowing concentration shift to Your breath for now

Tune into any aspect of your breath That draws your attention first Watch your breath Without changing it Simply experience your breath Visualize yourself breathing in love And acceptance And breathing out any negative thoughts Or feelings You may notice with the attention on Your breath It has slowed down It has relaxed you Like your breath slowing down Your mind too Can slow down with every breath You may sense more space Between your breaths As well as more space Between your thoughts Bring love To the spaces you've created Each time you inhale And exhale Imagine a wave Flowing upward And downward Throughout your body Carrying away tensions And bringing a sense of love To every cell Inside your body Notice your breath As it comes and goes

As you notice your breath You can relax further if you wish Continue to relax your body completely And perhaps you would like to go further Still Into emotional relaxation Become aware of your emotions now With love and compassion Sense the physical feelings of your Emotions Notice where in your body you may Experience these emotions Scan through your body for the physical Sensations Foreign that are associated with Emotions Notice with curiosity And acceptance Experience your emotions just as they Are Listen in word for what you are feeling Right now Is there contentment Or peace Or do you sense agitation Do you perhaps sense both peace and Agitation at the same time Look inward Not in words or labels But in Sensations and feelings Look with acceptance And non-judgment Foreign What are the other qualities you are

Aware of When you quietly observe As you attend to the sensations in your Body You are giving yourself permission To release And let go You are sending an invitation For the energy to move through and out Of you Practice patience with this process And with yourself There is no right or wrong way to do This So you can let all your worries go All Sensations and emotions Are welcome And they are met with compassion and Love As you connect with the felt sense of The emotions You can let go of the story of the Emotions Sit with the energy When you connect with and sit with this Energy It doesn't have to rule you It can move through you Acknowledge and accept all emotions As you recognize this truth You are worthy of emotional Wellness And resilience You are worthy of emotional Wellness And resilience

Let go of the focus on your emotions now And relax even deeper still You are moving to a state Of calm peace That is deeper than before As you continue this relaxed inward Awareness Come aware of your true self Your Inner Essence Here is where you have an inner knowing It is your intuition This connection with your intuition Can allow you to go deeper if you wish Allow yourself to go deeper still Allow all of the thoughts to go Let your scanning awareness drift off Simply be present With your truest self Let all the layers of yourself dissolve Let what you may sense as boundaries Blur Sense a place inside of you That is the place of your inner wisdom Your intuition Here Inside you Is where your present awareness And insights reside This deepest part of you is pure love When you are present In your inner knowing And pure love A sense of creativity Insight arises

Remain in tune with your loving energy Knowing that you are whole and complete And repeat these statements in your mind Feel them as true in your heart Feel the building loving energy Radiating within you I am pure love I deeply love and accept myself I am whole and complete I am enough I am love I trust in my inner wisdom and intuition I am I am pure love Continue to relax even deeper still As you uncover each of the layers of Your being This allows you to connect with yourself On a spiritual And energetic level You have everything you need within Yourself You are enough You are whole You are perfect as you are Connect with the joy and pure Bliss Within you Give yourself permission to fully Experience Pure Pleasure and joy If these Sensations have recently been Dimmed Now is the time to restore their true Brilliance Senseless Joy not only in your heart But throughout your entire body

Allow the joy and pleasure To bring more love into your heart and Body Fill up with the energy of love Joy And pure Bliss Let all of this go Release your scanning awareness and Thoughts Simply Be Resting in pure awareness Pure spaciousness Pure peace Pure love Sense your truest being Resting Restoring And rejuvenating With loving energy Invite your awareness to rest on your True self In this present moment Once all the outer layers have been Peeled away At your deepest layer You are pure consciousness Pure love It is the you that is unchanging in Nature Foreign Self-energy Hear these statements of self-love Recognize them as true Within all the layers of your being

I am worthy of physical comfort and care I am worthy of love and acceptance I am deserving of peace and happiness I trust in my inner wisdom and intuition Foreign I deeply and completely Love and accept myself Begin to recognize all of the layers of Your being once more Take another long slow breath in and out Remember your intention Feel the words Deeply resonate within you Feel their power and their meaning Repeat your intention statement in your Mind A few times Let it sink deeper and deeper into your Consciousness Imagine the words becoming one with the Ocean of pure consciousness Imagine the words becoming one with the Light that illuminates You Feel your intention in your heart Planting the seed To grow As you either drift into a healing sleep Or as you transition out of Yoga Nidra Thank yourself for this practice For this time of self-care And self-love Know that you are deserving of love Peace and happiness

You are worthy And you are enough If you are listening to this recording With the intention Move into a sleeping state My voice will simply fade Into the background And your subconscious mind will be ready To allow sleep to come to you If you are moving on with your day Your subconscious will listen to my Voice As you have fully rested As you begin moving to full awareness Invite your attention to move outward Again Becoming aware of your breath Notice your heart And breathe love into this space Let your heart's energy move outward And awaken you As you become more and more aware Remember allow my voice to fade If you are moving into sleep If you are moving on become aware of the Room around you Notice any sounds around you In your own time begin to move out of This practice Now is time to come back to full Awareness Waking up your body Your mind And your heart

To go on with your day With your intention in mind Thank you for practicing with me today


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