Six Primal Movements You Must Know

Six Primal Movements You Must Know

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00:00 Opening
01:00 Sitting on the heels
01:37 Forward bent position
03:55 Traveling beast
05:00 Practice outside
05:30 Traveling crab
07:25 Frog floats
09:30 Traveling ape
11:55 Down dog to up dog
14:00 Bonus tip 1
16:40 Bonus tip 2
17:15 Closing

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Hey what's up friends welcome my name is Flo if you are new here welcome today I Want to share with you six Primal Movements that you must know and Hopefully do on a regular basis Otherwise all this knowledge will be Useless to you and in the end of the Video I will share two more bonus tips In terms of two more Primal movements That I think are really important for You as a human to move in a more natural Way this is more of a tutorial style so I will explain and break down all the Movements for you at least the first six And you can follow along but it's not Like a full practice so it's more Sharing it breaking it down you can try It out and then you can do more Repetitions more rounds in your own time If you want to the goal is to give you a Lot of useful information in a short Amount of time that you can then Integrate and play around with in your Own routine and in your own practice all Although I didn't plan to integrate this One but I think number zero if you will And that's not part of the six is Sitting on the heels sitting on the Floor is a very normal natural Primal Way of not necessarily movement but a Position that's natural for you to be in So if you can sit on the floor Cross-legged or sitting on the heels Like I do right now in the size up

Position as they call it in martial arts Great so let's start here from this seat Try to do that more in your day and we From there come up to a standing Position For the first movement I will use those Blocks here you don't need anything but It might help a little bit to make it More clear what we're doing so we're Coming into a forward fold And imagine you are working In this forward bend position which is Actually very natural and very good for You to lengthen the whole back line with The legs not fully straight but slightly Bent But oftentimes today we hear this is bad For your back this is not good and you Should instead if you're working close To the ground Bend your knees a lot but what happens Then is that we're just over using the Knees and we're bending them too much For most people it's overused of course With the right amount of training you Can also get used to that and just stay In the forward folder as I'm as I'm Talking But what the science actually also found Is that a lot of areas where people Don't have back pain is one of the Reasons because they're in this position A lot and so they are grabbing picking Up reaching up start from the ground of

Course not super heavy things you might Do it a bit different then or just not Do it alone at all but that's why I got The blocks you imagine you Want to move rocks or stones or you do Gardening work and you move them over to The side and so this kind of position Is what's really good for the body and If you don't have blocks or books or Anything to carry over with you you can Just walk the hands over to the side Straighten and bend the legs a little Bit and then walk the hands over and do The same there and we just do three each Side In this forward bend position Very Primal position and movement to be In And we don't need the blocks or anything Anymore but it's a nice way also to Start the day And kind of just move around and not be So static here as we sometimes do it in Yoga Very good you can bend or straighten the Legs to come back up I will put the blocks away And we come back down to the ground Now for a position that's a tabletop so We're coming onto all fours stay on the Toes This second move is called Beast Position or traveling Beast so forward And backward traveling Beast

So let's come into Beast first so arms Straight you push the ground away you're On the toes you lift the knees just a Little bit off the ground so you're in This quadruped position on all fours and Then you move across the diagonally so Left hand with a right foot moves and Right hand with left foot so as you Shift the weight and lift up you lift The right foot and the left hand you Step It Forward land at the same time And then the other side So this is you can look a little bit More forward you also see the direction You're going to try it out just go with Me I'm just doing a couple Forward and then also back And for this usually people over step And step way too far so be aware of that And only do as much as necessary again Foot and hand landing at the same time If you have more space then you can do a Lot of those And travel quite far and then go back I have limited space here and you likely Have at home also limited space that's Why it's nice to take such a Free-flowing natural movement practice Maybe Outdoors do it in the beach on the Beach in the forest in the grass a Soccer field yeah whatever you have Next is traveling crab which is In this position the finger is pointing Away from you you're looking from the

Side your body makes a m shape and we Lift the hips up the feet are roughly as Far apart as the hips are wide And the hands are as far apart as the Shoulders And you lift the hips slightly up so You're in this m shape and you look Forward and slightly up as if you're Looking at the Rising Sun And from here we do the same we are Traveling moving forward walking forward And back and we do that again with the Opposite side so left foot and right Hand lifts and then steps forward and Land at the same time and then the right Foot and the left hand And if you do it super slow it's very Challenging but it trains good movement And good coordination and if you go into A little bit of a flow and get some Momentum then this is how it would look And of course also back So you can go forward and back with this One You try to keep the arms straight So you're not bending it too much it's More of a Pushing up out of the scapula the the Shoulder blade and that's how you get A little bit off the lift so you can Move the hand forward If that's too much for the elbows you Can do it also with the fingers pointing Forward

But eventually then you want to rotate The hands further out so that you can do It with the Fingers pointing back and the toes Pointing forward Great Next up we have frog jumps for this you Need a squad not necessarily need a Squad but I'm already known as quad Positions and I like to work and move From this position if you don't have a Squat then I highly recommend you check Out the videos I have on hip and anchor Mobility in general the mobility Playlist which will help you work more Towards your squad a deep Squad Natural resting position for humans to Just sit sit here and maybe next time You're on your phone I say it already For years maybe be on your phone in the Squad at least you're doing a little bit Something useful for the body and so From the squad I'll create some more Space in front of me from the squad we Come forward with the hands and then we Hop to feed the legs up and land the Feet Again outside the hands And maybe in the beginning it's kind of Fast Like this And pretty high with the hips So you want to start and pretty much Land in a full squat With the hips pretty low so they are low

Then you float they come high and then You land again the hips come low You can play around with this and work More towards the handstand more air time Kind of slowing down resisting gravity But this would be the next step and you Will discover that throughout As you Move and as you practice Foreign You can look forward Straight Ahead Maybe even hands down full squat And then also back And you can do as many As you like So the next one is monkey walks sideways So most of you have probably seen this One already you also Don't have to but it's good to have a Squat for this one Where you come down As you can see a lot of things start Actually from a squad and this one a lot Of people get Confused with the Sequencing and the coordination So we're going now to the left side It means from the squad we land the Right hand first in front of the left Foot And then the left hand so the hips come Already a little bit up And then you lift this foot up the right Foot first and then you float the left Foot up to the left but the right foot

Lands first again Behind the left hand So it's kind of this movement you can Learn it by practicing that so from the Squat right hand in front of left foot And the heels left always before you Move and then the left hand and then you Want to now float The right foot behind the left hand And now You float the left foot behind the right Hand so you kind of Pendulum swinging left and right So that's a good Start movement And then if you want to do the full Sideways traveling monkey you just land The other foot as well as the right hand Left hand right foot left foot squat Right hand left hand right foot left Foot Squat and now the other way Left Foot Right Hand Left hand right hand Left Foot Right Foot Left hand right hand Left Foot Right Foot I'll do two more each side You can also change the player speed in YouTube To slow motion if you want To take a closer look Foreign Let's come into our inverted V and

That's the last one Downward facing dog pretty much And we're moving from here into An upward facing dog from down dog to up Dog call it whatever you want I'm a yogi So I call it down dog up dog But the hands are as far apart as the Shoulders Press into the inner hands push the Ground away move the hips up and back And bring the feet now wider apart in The hips so that you can roll through The spine forward Nice and controlled To an upward dog Engage The glutes open The front body Stay on the toes And then turn to the chest Round through the spine to go up and Back let's do four more There's of course many other movements Many other Things you can do this is not a complete One complete collection but I would say Some of the most important that I always Recommend if you want to do a natural Movement practice kind of Primal Movements this is usually a good start That's why I said that you should know Those and integrate them into your Practice so if you're lifting for Example very classical weight lifting if You're doing that for whatever reason Then this is a nice warm-up to do or a

Nice finisher in the end Let's do one more kind of lost count There but hopefully it feels good for You moving super slow so very mindful Slow movements Very good And always in the end take a moment Again to sit you can sit Cross-legged you can also sit on the Heels In whatever position works for you Now there's two more tips I want to Share with you two more movements so Basically number seven would be walking It sounds Almost too simple but most people do not Walk enough if you add up the hours that You're actually sitting and then you add Up the time that you're walking it's not Much and It's in a very big imbalance and I think The one of the best forms of exercise Really that you can do forever Is walking and it's one of the best Forms and the human is designed to walk It's one of the very few if not the only Animals that are walking on two feet in This way that we are walking so walk More if you can Park a little bit further away if you go To the to work to the office to the Grocery store Park on the other end of the parking lot That's what I do and then I walk ideally

I would love to walk to the store and Then do the farmers carrying carrying Two bags in in both hands and then Walking home but depending where you Live in Europe this is more feasible so When I lived in Europe this was my my Day-to-day but now living in the US it's You have to drive to most places so when You drive and you maybe have to drive There's no way around it Then the park far away walk to the store Walked to the office so you can get a Little bit more walking in start your Day after your morning coffee or even Before with a nice morning walk it's Really good for the optic flow to wake Up the brain wake up the body if you Start your day with a nice walk also Seeing the sunlight And the Sunshine hitting your eye really Wakes up your your body and your brain Fully And it's a nice way to start the day It's also a very nice way to end the day If you want to just end with a with a Nice walk around the block or a little Bit further explore your own Neighborhood take your kids take your Partner go by yourself listen to an Audiobook or just listen to the birds And the animals so you get the point Walking walking walking walk more as Much as you can and you can do little Tweaks throughout the day so that you

Actually get a little bit more walking In if you're sitting for eight nine Hours plus driving so 10 11 hours you're Not gonna walk for 10 11 I was although you know we meant to You're meant to walk this much actually But of course in the western world today This is not feasible but maybe you can Bring it up to two hours three hours you Know half hour in the morning an hour at Night something like that the other Movement the last one basically number Eight is hanging so if you have a Pull-up bar at home perfect every day Some hanging half a minute a minute Maybe a few times a day super nice to Just work on the grips and hang If you don't have any of that and don't Want to get it you can find some other Ways you can maybe hang on the porch or You go to a kids playground hang on Those monkey bars and swing around the Body is meant to walk to hang to swing From bar to bar so if you can get more Hanging in throughout the day fantastic I have a whole video on hanging and Pulling it's up here you can check it Out and I hope you enjoyed this video With these top and final eight Primal Movements for A healthy body a healthy day and more Natural movement in your life thank you Very much for joining me if you found This video useful please subscribe to

The Channel please like the video I know Everyone says it you've heard it a Thousand times but it really does make a Big difference and it really helps us to Grow the channel and bring all the Information we're sharing to more people Out there in the world Thanks for subscribing Thanks for liking And for sharing it and I will see you in The next one very soon much love and Gratitude peace


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