They finally met

They finally met

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Foreign We brought our little treasure to the Treasure state and we brought a whole Lot of other family together for a Couple of weeks here in Montana They're not arrived in the airport to Eat somebody crying yeah this will be The first time my family's meeting Milo [Music] Um [Music] My parents are coming from Germany and My brother and his girlfriend are also Joining and we will have a big family Meeting here in Montana three's parents My parents my brother and girlfriend so It's a big family reunion and also Meeting the one that's kind of merging The two families and the Next Generation My mom has grown sunflowers since as Long as I can remember so there's Sunflowers all over the property when This sunflower was about this tall my Mom decided that she was going to Designate the plant to ILO and call it Ilo's plant so she even painted this Rock and named the plant after ILO every Day she came and talked to the plant and Gave it love and energy and Good Vibes And shockingly it grew like twice as Tall as all the other sunflowers we Don't even know what happened there but Somehow it's huge Foreign

Exploring Garnet ghost town which is About 90 minutes outside of Missoula Used to be an old gold mining town Pretty family oriented so exciting What's for dinner Most important building To have three holes pretty close to each Other And we were just discussing if There were three people sitting next to Each other with one for p one for poop One for throwing up One coffee please Okay This was some Brokers too this was his Thing every day to bring home the bread For the family Made in China [Music] [Applause] [Music] Come on [Applause] [Music] [Applause] This is all very exciting but it's Especially exciting for my parents and My brother and his Fiance it is like in the movies for them I told Bree once that first time I saw Yellow school buses was when I came to The US for the first time until then I Only knew them from The Simpsons he's Like well they actually have school

Buses here [Music] We're closing out our Montana trip at This beautiful Log Cabin ta-da my dad Came over from Idaho and my brother who We have the same mom same dad with Josh He is also here with us so it's me and The boys Bree's family is a little bit Complicated if you hear about it the First time so when we met I had to study All of it and yeah because I have lots Of get to get to know everyone and Familiarize myself with the whole Structure of it all now I understand But in the beginning it's a bit Confusing so if we say who is dead or so And then there's the fish of different People and everything so it's all it's All good step sisters for a classic American Patchwork family but it's Awesome we all get along really well and We all feel like blood to each other it Was a fantastic time here in Montana was Great that my parents came from Germany And my brother and his girlfriend came And they told us they got engaged yes so Congrats to cedi my brother if you're Watching this and it was so nice to see Them again they could finally meet also Bree's parents and Bree siblings and Everyone because although we have been Married for several years and together For several years they have not fully Met and so it was nice that both of the

Families finally meet and they also got To all meet ILO really cool to be back In my hometown and be around the energy And even the smells and the environment And my family and everything it was just Such an awesome trip it was a lot to Organize especially for the two of us to Get all the people together in the Messaging groups Making burgers with Vegan smoked gouda which Flo corrected Me it's called doubta Dad what's this Cheese called See I know it as gauda and Bree says it's Called Gouda Let's see what the YouTube family says And what they say is must be right yeah Then we also had the wedding of her of Her sister that got married we got to Meet Matt my new brother-in-law I guess Father-in-law for you too yep he was Born in Mexico even though both of his Parents are American so he speaks Flawless English and also Flawless Spanish so it's actually really cool to Now have a whole other side of the Family that speaks fluent Spanish we Also want ILO to be able to speak Spanish someday considering that he's Ecuadorian that would be very strange to Be an Ecuadorian and not be able to Speak Spanish we told him to speak Spanish with ILO so every time he was

Holding him and doing anything with him Interacting with him he only spoke Spanish so it was nice and his parents And his whole family only spoke German With ILO so that was also really nice For ILO to hear other people be speaking German so that he is at least familiar With the sounds and connections of it And hopefully he'd be speaking German And Spanish before before I am yeah so Actually hopefully not we're excited Actually to go back come to our home in Las Vegas and we have about two weeks I Think in Las Vegas before I'm heading Out to the east coast for structural Integration school so I will be gone for A little while but we will also come Come visit me but it will be for sure The longest time that we are apart in Years it already makes me cry I'm like excited for him to do it and it Will definitely be beneficial but yeah We're gonna miss you yeah I'm gonna miss My yeah my little family too yeah we'll Sort it out somehow yeah lots of video Calls yes so you don't miss anything From Milo no of course today we tried Watermelon for the first time didn't go So well he he wasn't a fan he just spit It all back out again so watermelon is a No no for the watermelon for now maybe Later yep we'll have some fun Um introducing him to some solids and We'll do some video calls so that you

Can also experience thank you so much For watching our trip back to Montana And our families meeting and so many Firsts for ILO and so many firsts for us It was such an incredible trip now it's Time to head back inside and actually Hang out with the family that we came All the way here to see so we will let You go please like And subscribe share This video with friends and family and Get more people involved in the Community and we are excited to continue To grow our wolf Peck lots of love much Love [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music]

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