How to Discover Basic Goodness I Meditation with Mingyur Rinpoche

How to Discover Basic Goodness I Meditation with Mingyur Rinpoche

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Foreign [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] Normally what we call like Awareness compassion love wisdom so These are the quality of qualities of The basic goodness and these are with us All the time So I already introduced you about the Awareness right So Hmm maybe we will do one examination Examination of awareness okay so you Will not fail Because of the awareness so don't worry About the the answer is correct or not Correct so you can give whatever Answer that you want to say you can say Okay now how many of you recognize Awareness stress your hand How many of you not recognized awareness Stress your hand Good How many of you maybe yes maybe no not Sure raise your hand Good So now I will give you the Uh The great what do you call it result yes Results answer The answer is The answer is all of your past

Got it Yeah How How possibly all of your past We are aware of whatever answer yeah So you answer if you answer no I know Recognize awareness That means you know Right You know that you're not recognized So there is awareness And if you are confused Maybe I recognize maybe not You know you're confused Right So that is also awareness So for the awareness it doesn't matter You recognize you're not recognized You're confused or you're happy or You're not happy it doesn't matter All these are the clouds The awareness is transparent Awareness not belong to yes not belong To no Not belong to a confused But the important is we need to connect With that awareness we have to recognize Have to recommend how to recognize the Step-by-step practice So once first step one of the first step Is listen to sound that we already did Right then eventually you can recognize Awareness through what you see smell Test sensation thought emotion

The in the end awareness be itself Without support without Focus be itself So the step-by-step process so I hope You can do this in the future So now another things that I would like To Say about the love and compassion That we all have this love and Compassion right So how many of you agree that raise your Hand And not agree that raise your hand And maybe yes maybe no So all of these are love and compassion If you answer yes also coming from love And compassion if you answer no also Coming from love and compassion if your Answer maybe maybe not also love and Compassion So What is love Love is looking for something looking For happiness Looking for good genuine nice meaning So that is love And compassion is wanting to free from Problem free from suffering free from Obstacle So that is compassion Actually these two are just one size of No two size What do you call two sides of one coin Two sides of the same coin two size of Same coin thank you

But This basic motivation basic feeling with Us all the time isn't it Yes or no It doesn't matter The gravity is always there whether you Believe or not So I see that you are here you know Some of you do like the some of you Don't like the sorry So when you do like this and front There's another person comes And you cannot see the speaker as cause Of suffering you know Happy a little bit um Each movement is looking for heaviness To avoid the suffering to free from Problem So your movement Your Easy Ice bling Your breath always looking for happiness To avoid suffering so basic fundamental Nature with us is this love and Compassion with all the time so we need To recognize that So maybe we're going to do simple Practice together that please everyone I keep your spine Loosely straight and Touch your both feet to the ground And close your eyes And remember that why you do this Is coming from Love Coming from compassion

You came here all the way That you want to learn That means you care You have self-compassion Appreciate that And now close your eyes And feel the body And relax muscles in your body And you are allowing yourself try to Relax that is love that is compassion Also so I appreciate that also Now Please people In this room All of us Have same feeling like you looking for Happiness Every moment every breath And Wanting to free from suffering So send your love and compassion To all the people in this room So breathe breathing in Now breathing out send your love and Compassion to all of us And breathe in receive love and Compassion from all of us Send love and compassion Breathing in receive love and compassion And you can expand not only in this World in this room in this Hall In this Town Village City

You can expand To the entire world Send your love and compassion to all Beings Breathing in receive love and compassion From all beings May all beings be happy May all beings Free from suffering Now please slowly open your eyes And just be your mind rest as it is Okay thank you So when human beings evolved on this Planet We were not all brushing our teeth when We first started And everyone in this room in virtually Every person on the planet spends a few Minutes a day brushing their teeth Because we recognize this is important For our personal physical hygiene If we spent even as short a time as we Do brushing our teeth Nurturing our mind in using a practice Just like this This world would be a different place so Please join us on this journey and let's Change the world together thank you very Much [Applause]


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