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Breathe and Flow is a travel, yoga and lifestyle channel owned by Bre and Flo Niedhammer. Knowing that the body benefits from movement while the mind benefits from stillness, we share our philosophy of mental stillness through the fluidity of a strong practice. Bre and Flo are Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with Yoga AllianceĀ® holding the highest certifications as E-RYT500, and are also Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers (YACEP). Combined they are trained in Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Myofascial Release (MFR), Reiki, pre- and postnatal yoga, Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 and 2, Animal Flow, Kinstretch, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) mobility training, Functional Range Assessment (FRA) and structural bodywork (Anatomy Trains). Bre and Flo have taught at several premium yoga studios for many years and are teaching their teacher trainings, retreats, workshops and at festivals around the world. They currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn more about them and their certifications on their website:

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[Music] It's packing up we got this nice Backpack King ilor can sit inside and I Carry him I'm gonna be his camel [Music] [Music] Today we're taking a day off we are in Valley of Fire National Park just an Hour outside of Las Vegas we've Mentioned this so many times in previous Vlogs and over the years you get it by Now that nature is so healing And then what happened One day a week we go out in nature and We really try to get off the computer And be fully submerged in the Beauty and The energy and the Stillness and the Lessons that come from nature and the Lessons for Milo all about patience [Music] Bumpy start to the year we And friends visiting which was amazing It was a really good time and highlight Our friends Aaron and Serena from Germany came they also they got parents Of ilo's that was a really good time Although we although we were all feeling A little bit under the weather and a Little bit low on energy somehow with The tradition of the year and and having So much going on and everything yeah it Was a well-deserved rest for them and Some some down time and for us for us Too unfortunately I got injured doing

Jujitsu I thought it was something Broken on the cartilage or the or the Bone itself but luckily it's not and I've taken really good care of myself For the recovery the the whole January And I'm feeling a lot better I'm back to Training Jiu Jitsu and back to filming And back to teaching but the first week Or so was was rough morning ice baths Evening hot tub and lots of recovery Stuff good food good sleep it all helped So that's healing well and we also Worked on a lot of really big projects Foreign [Music] Did you have something to say anything To mention about the project Yeah [Laughter] Now that he's having a little snack we Can continue Like most men just put a boom in their Face and then they shut up yeah I Wouldn't mind so there's a lot happening This year one of the big things is Teacher training will happen end of this Year all the information on this in the Description below we also talk about This in our live q and A's every month Also Retreats are happening again end of This year in addition to a couple of Other really big projects Wants you to tell him I would not tell them

A lot of big projects that we will Mention in the next few weeks and and Maybe months like this is how it is for Us to film something here we're sitting Here for 20 minutes and it's probably Two minute section Not kids [Music] And then we're going down here and Through the canyon towards the Sun and I'm gonna do it barefoot I was serious That's one thing we realized that we Don't like so much about the desert Areas there's not a lot of places where We can be outside and to be barefoot and Actually have our feet on the Earth So now that we're here I can take Advantage of it for a few minutes as we Walk through this Canyon but really we Should be getting way more than that But this is good for now [Music] Many people don't know about this but When we got married we got matching Tattoos the snowflake [Music] I love that in the sea of shoe prints we Are leaving behind Footprints maybe it Will inspire other people they're like Yeah I should be barefoot too and then Everyone on the trail is Barefoot Earthing for everyone Come save you

It's Gonna Make You vlogging always Takes 10 times longer than we anticipate Been here already for three hours And we only made it through one Trail But we enjoyed it Enjoyed every breath enjoyed every step It's all good Happened exactly as it was meant to Happen We had two hikes planned for today and The sun already said and we've already Been here for three four hours because Of all the different shots and Everything yeah it takes so much and Then there's also times where we just Don't want to film and we just enjoy the View or enjoy the walk and we don't want To film like everything and then not be Here for the trail although we've done It many many times there's always more To see but filming yourself just takes a Lot longer yeah but it's okay we don't Want to complain it just takes a long Time yeah and really I don't get to show You as much as we could today so we'll Have to you'll have to wait for another Video One topic that we forgot to talk About We forgot to mention earlier while we Were sitting at the Rock was of course The hiring topic and that we extend our Team and if you were looking for the Last two months for people to join our Team and we received almost a thousand

Applications and we had so many things Going on and we had Such a beautiful time looking through All of it but it was also a lot because It was just the two of us and to look to A thousand like really amazing resumes And the form responses with the Beautiful write-ups it was really hard Melting we were like we want to hire all Of you and we want all of you to work With us yeah but we uh we don't have 10 Million to to pay all of you maybe Someday maybe go back and review that Whole spreadsheet maybe it helps so we Can hire more people yeah yeah but Seriously that was such a massive Project going through and reading and Reviewing and reflecting on every single Word of every single application it was A lot a lot to read through everyone's Everyone's applications But we are just so incredibly grateful That that many people took the time and The energy to even put together a resume And submit this form and write up Everything that they have to give we Were so blown away actually we didn't Even really have any expectations of how Many people would apply but it's not Just the amount of people that applied It was like all of the heart and all of The energy and love that went into the Submissions Like I had to like prepare myself going

In to read all of the applications Because I would just start crying and I Knew I was gonna cry at some point so I Would literally like all right gonna go Read some applications and like have my Tissue box here because I'm just like Crying it was so beautiful thank you so Much to each and every one of you that Took the time and the energy to fill out The applications to send it to your Friends to share the word and share the Message so that we can continue to find Other lights in this world that align With our mission to share the teachings Of yoga We're just so excited to introduce you To our new team members soon for future Openings we're not going to be Announcing it as much as we did the last Round which I think even then it was Only our newsletter and Instagram or Something but if you just want to head To our website at any point we might Have new roles opening up and new Positions available so keep checking Back if you're interested and if you Really feel the calling to come and work With us and be a part of this Mission And we continue our way out of this hike And back to the car to get out and we Have to put the shoes back on It's getting cold and dark and They're kind of strict about leaving Oh you wanted to say goodbye why did you

Say goodbye you have to get out of here And get a ticket for staying after Sunset yes okay I know I lost Gates See you in the next one peace [Music] Ready to go home [Music] Is

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