The Most Intelligent Technology that Exists

The Most Intelligent Technology that Exists

Join Bre in this captivating conversation in Ecuador with Hwaneetah Calderon about Womb Wisdom where she explains the importance of cycles and how they affect all beings on the planet. Hwaneetah talks about how the seasons of Mother Earth relate to the seasons inside of us and how to work with our nature instead of against it. Hwaneetah was born and raised in Colombia, and also lived for 15 years in the United States to connect with Ancestral traditions and families of North American Tribes. This was also when she was introduced to shamanism, while learning ancestral sound therapy, moon path, sacred ritual, and ceremony which she teaches at the Ayllu Medicina Retreats in Ecuador.

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You don't want to wear your bathing suit In the winter stop trying to show up and Be something that you're not And we get to understand ourselves a lot More we have learned so much that touch Between us with our parents with our Brothers with our partners and friends As well And I looked it up afterwards I was Blown away that this is actually a thing The laws of this wisdom in our in our Current Society has brought a huge Imbalance on this harmony in the Relationship we have with society and With the Earth Everyone can benefit from watching this The wisdom of the womb the wisdom of the Womb Welcome everyone today I am super Excited to have a very unique and Different video that we have ever had on Our channel before because I have Invited my good friend and Mentor Juanita with me today to sit down and Talk about really important topic that Has not only changed my life but it has Also drastically changed the way that we Run breathe and Flow Juanita is Originally from Colombia and she's lived Here in Ecuador for almost a decade I Believe with her husband Emma who's a Shaman and she supports him when he does Plant medicine ceremonies and she gives Blessings and incense and has the most

Incredible voice so she just rocks you Away with her lullaby voice box And more than that it's actually hard to Give an entire brief of everything that You have done in your past so I'm Actually going to read off a script for This part because she has a lot of um Things that she has studied that I want To share with you Uh Juanita studied at a school of Hermetic sciences and she has a really Deep rich knowledge about sacred Geometry neo-shamanism Quantum holonic Healing holonomic Holonomic healing Reiki ancestral sound Therapy womb technology and more but Before we dive in I also want to mention That this video and the audience is open For everybody so just because this video Is titled womb wisdom it doesn't mean It's directed only towards people that Have wounds this is really for everyone Can benefit from watching this Especially the men and the partners in How they can support the women in their Lives during their Cycles So before we keep going longer and Longer we can finally tell you what this Video is about and today we're going to Be talking about one of the most Advanced Technologies that exist here on Our planet and that is womb wisdom So thank you so much Juanita for being Here with me today I super appreciate

Your time thank you thank you Bri for For having me yeah and and for allowing This information to to reach a lot more People that it's worrying or in an Important time for this Absolutely my pleasure So we'll maybe grab a t and we'll settle Down here we'll have a really nice Conversation so Cheers Cheers So to start from the top Can you explain what womb wisdom even is So wisdom it's a awareness of the Feminine power or the feminine principle That has been forgotten and and it's Within all of us It's the actual understanding of the Inner mechanism of our female nature and To have this information it's an Opportunity for us to empower with our Female nature Instead of falling victim to it or Fighting against it the laws of this Wisdom in our in our current Society has Brought a huge impact of imbalance and This harmony in our relations in the Relationship we have with society and With the Earth itself Without it we are left just with a With an unstable foundation for our life So we are living in a in a modern Society where the calendar that it's in Place does not include the moon cycles Or its importance in it and as a society We stopped celebrating Rites of Passage

When we used to celebrate Rites of Passage we used to get information Insights and clues from our elders from Our aunties our grandmas our ancestors Or even straight from nature about their New stages of life that we were about to Transition in so we would have good Tools to journey through them since These are lost We are left with no tradition no Structure that can support the Understanding of our cyclical nature and A positive manner to use it So we say that womb wisdom is just this It's this guide that we are missing So we can use and and remember how to Use our cyclical nature in a positive Manner so we can impact our life and and Our community in a in a better way Beautiful so can you explain a little Bit more about the Cycles there's four Of them and how they connect with the Moon and the actual womb absolutely so These feminine principle these feminine Power that has been forgotten is present Throughout the whole universe it's also Present on Mother Earth her inner Mechanism it's also cyclica So Mother Earth has many cycles but We're gonna take the Four Seasons as a Good example so there's four main Seasons where her energy levels shift Tremendously And they are needed for her well-being

For her Harmony and her health So these four seasons we we know them Here on the surface as winter Spring Summer and Autumn And these four seasons that the earth Goes through to sustain herself and to Sustain her well-being are also present In the female cycle So It's just a different timing the earth Goes through these four seasons once a Year a year a full cycle and the female And the woman goes through them once a Month meaning that each seven days each Week out of the 28-day cycle we are Transitioning through each of these Seasons internally it's an internal Climate that that happens so let's begin This is just a brief overview but let's Begin with winter and what happens to Mother Earth during winter So first of all her energy levels drop Dramatically so life can take a pause so She can take a little breather It's a way for her to allow everything To freeze and die so she can have the Chance to be reborn and in this process Of stopping purification happens And she recharges her energy so she can Go the whole year long this is what Happens in her winter naturally all the Animals and even us humans if it's Winter outside we are meant to stay Indoors stay warm hibernate not so much

Activity everything slows down Winter Um would reflect in in the female when We are menstruating this week of Menstruation even if we only bleed for For three or four days it's more or less Seven days that we are gonna be under The same influence of this energy So this week we are also with very low Uh physical energy we are about we say 20 percent yes So I like to put the example of the Phone when the phone battery is dying And it's in red we need to stop using it And plug it in and this is the Self-charging mechanism of this Technology now the technology that we Have as as females Um that happens during our menstruation Because it's a self-charging mechanism That we have and it will happen as long As we stop as long as we slow down and Take a pause The same energy levels are reflected in Our life so we are at 20 more or less It's an estimate of our energy levels to Do anything to make a cup of coffee a Cup of tea or just 20 so maybe we're Just gonna go slower maybe something Falls on the way When when we are in in such a A high demand all the time as a society For everything to be a hundred percent All the time yes as as females we are

Expected to hold high levels of energy All day long be also a beautiful and Have the best answer and the best Patience and deal with so much That we are living on the side our Cyclical nature yeah So by again looking at what happens in Winter outside we can begin to do the Same in our menstruation days yes so It's recommended that we stop that we Slow down that we let go of the expected Date that we have to be a hundred Percent this week it's a god-given break That we are given us as women And and our blood has lost a lot of Value yes because our blood has lost a Lot of value we have forgotten the Natural language of the female body and One of them is through menstruation and Through Blood this color red it's it's It's a good language of the body because It allows us and it's more than obvious That we have to stop when we see blood Or if we fall down we're going to stop And take care of this the color red has Also been used By Society in stoplights in red lights In everything that it's prohibited we Usually write it in color red so we Apply these stop related to the color Red in many occasions except in our Menstruation where we bleed for long Periods of time and we are experiencing A tremendous winter inside

Whether outside we look at or not it's Happening inside So it's important to begin Again to to look at what's happening and To accept our cyclical nature as part of This feminine power that we are speaking Of so these goes for winter so it's Important for us to slow down to pause So purification can happen as females we Hold this and really really close to to To this energy that we are about Cleanliness and Order and purification Before we can take anything to our Highest level or highest possibility it Must be purified Our day begins with a good purification We have many ways of doing it so as Females We need this purification this stop this Lowdown so we can recharge and then when The time comes we can reach 100 percent Then usually this energy lasts for about Seven days even if you bleed less it'll Last around seven days so if you bleed Let's say on a Monday from Monday to Monday you're going to experience a Winter so I encourage you to enjoy it to Stop fighting against it and to embrace These parts one of the one of the Councils that I give to to people that Come to do sessions or work with me is To take some time aside Maybe 30 minutes 2010. And meditate of everything that has

Happened recapitulate recap from the Last menstruation up till this point This way you can realize how much Movement how much you have done and how Much you deserve this breaks so you can Reset RECenter It's a way of getting out of the of the Carousel which is our life getting out So we can reset Center back again so we Can get back in after winter we have Spring So this would begin next Friday yes next Next week you would begin a process of Spring where our ovulation occurs so in Springtime Mother Earth begins to open Her flowers her energy levels begin to Increase slowly but surely and the same Thing happens with us We begin to open up and see where is it That our energy would like to go Throughout this month where is it that We want to focus to intend it We begin to go for a hunt To see what is it that this month we're Going to accomplish within ourselves So this Springtime it's a beautiful Opening that happens gradually at 20 Percent that we are at winter our Emotions are 20 our patients our Abilities our decision making then when We jump into spring this energy begins To gradually go up day by day throughout The whole week from 20 to 100 so by the End of the week you'll find yourself

Again Feeling more open feeling with a bit More color with a bit more patience with A bit more will more love everything Goes up with the energy And then summer happens Next week after So summer time mother earth Is a hundred percent yes a hundred Percent Sun 100 storms in the evening a Full wind yes she's she's full force and This is two weeks exactly after your Period that you'll have this rays of Energy It's the best week to Take action it's the best week To start new projects or to launch your New projects Because energetics decide pretty much Everything in life yes when we are 100 Energy we have a better chance to hit The mark when we are 20 percent Let's say just the the Market's just Gonna be 20 percent So it's smarter to do all the activity Most of the action if you have doctor's Appointment it's also important to go When your energy is up the the tests and The everything will be more accurate And it's also the only the only week Where we are exactly at the same Energetic level as the male energy The male energy can be sustained usually Between spring and summer most of the

Year yes we function as as complete Opposite energies but very complementary We are a great team that function Completely opposite So this is the only week that we can Be at the same energetic level as as our Partner as our dad our friends our Brothers our boss all the males so we Can also have better conversations we Can make new agreements if there's Anything to change in every in any Relationship it's just really smart to Do it in this week our decision making It's also going to be tremendously Influenced by the energetic level and And how our climate is internally so if We make a decision in winter time And we are not aware of these Cycles the Impact of winter is going to Affect your decision tremendously to Want to end one to freeze things one to Break up things now in summer you're Gonna have all your energy to make the Best decisions that you're going to have You're going to be happy and satisfied About them all cycle long after summer We experience autumn The week before our period And when Mother Earth is in Autumn her energy Begins to decrease from a hundred Percent from Summer slowly to 20 percent And then she'll enter into winter again Here is where all the leaves that are Ready to fall begin to fall

And she begins to change color you know She begins to get a little darker and Same thing happens with with us females A week before the period we begin to Experience our Shadow Self a lot more Meaning that any experience that we have We're going to get to see both sides of The coin not only the beautiful Delicious but we're going to get to see Both sides also The Not So Delicious Maybe what is missing in it maybe you Get to see what you are frictioning Throughout the the month too much this Week it'll be so clear it's a great time To to look at what we what is not Working for our life so we can take Notes Digested with winter and then take Action in late spring or summer yeah so It's it's highly recommended to take Note of it my notes or or or or to have A journal it's great so we can keep Track of ourselves and keep track of our Energy is speaking to us throughout each Season because if we do not Have this awareness we are going to Become victims of this movement that It's here to empower us so going through Each season we can do different Activities different meditations uh Different forms of movement for each Season to better care for ourselves like It's obvious in Winter we stop a little Bit we do easier workouts we do we take

It easier yes and we are in full power Summer we can take a step ahead So these are the Four Seasons that are Part of the feminine principle that work On the Earth That work on the whole universe and also Amazingly they work through through the Cycles that move through our womb Thank you so much for explaining all of That I think I've heard that probably 10 Times and I can listen to it again Another 100 times So much good information in there and to Directly relate that to how that is done In my life is as soon as I learned about This last year when I first heard it From you it just completely woke me up And made me realize that I really need To honor the pause and to be okay with Slowing down during my winter and during My my cycle And yeah I mean even for our breathing Flow Channel I went through our entire Calendar And every single week where I was on my Cycle I ended up clearing out all of our Meetings there's no meetings there's no Filming there's no big decisions to be Made there's no Um strategy stuff like I just would take It easy that week shift gears and focus On other projects and other things that Aren't quite as huge for me and as soon As we shifted that in January and

Started updating our calendar to Actually go along with my cycle Everything in our business just started To click and flow so much more easily And with less friction less resistance And we were able to not that we argue But it would be just easier to have Bigger conversations about the direction Of our business and where we want to be Spending our time and our energy so I Personally have found so much use in Knowing that I not only should be Slowing down during winter but I really Have permission and Um and encouraged to really take that That break and that pause because you Said something kind of funny last year Too you said um that it's okay to pause In the winter and that you should Because you don't want to wear your Bathing suit in the winter stop trying To show up and be something that you're Not you don't have to give the Presentation you don't have to be doing All these big huge things allow winter To be winter and take time to slow down And Savor the pause so that you can Recharge your battery because otherwise You're just running on 20 for the whole Year right if you don't actually take The pause and you don't plug in your Phone as she said then you get to Summer And you're not at 100 because you didn't Take that time to recharge so it's

Really important to go with the 20 Rebuilding back up to 100 and then going Back down to 20 so that we can do that That self-charging mechanism as you said The wisdom of the womb the wisdom of the Womb I like this example of what if what You said what if it was Winter and we Just decided to put on bathing suits yes We will look ridiculous we'll probably Catch a cold and and this is what we're Doing day to day by going out and Pretending we are not bleeding we are Not menstruating we are not in Winter And and it's beginning to turn against Us big time so it's it's time to to Again work with our Cycles consciously Even when I learned all of this Information it was still really really Hard for me to actually follow it and to Slow down during my winter and it's Probably mostly due to me being in Corporate for so long and being in the Business attitude and business mindset Of just like go go go keep up with the Guys do the presentation do the next Thing like always be Basically up with what the men are doing And that's just how it was internally For me for my entire career and so when I heard this information it was amazing That I was now told to take this pause But I still found it to be pretty Challenging at the beginning Um because flow would be working and he

Would really have to actively remind me To like okay love turned on your Computer like didn't you want to watch That documentary or let's go on a walk Or let's end early or Um yeah just giving me tea and food and Really helping me to shut off my laptop More often and close it down because it Would only be like one hour later and I'm like oh yeah I remembered I have to Email this one thing or do this blah Blah so he honestly was a really big Part in helping me to recognize How much I'm ignoring my cycle and Having flow there to support me and help Remind me and kind of be that mirror for Me to recognize how much I'm working and That I'm not slowing down was Um just super pivotal and important for Me to actually start integrating this Practice of going with my Cycles but With that being said what do you Recommend for other men or women or Employers families friends Mothers Daughters like what can people do to Help support the woman when they're on Their cycle and when they should be in Their winter how can we as a collective Encourage them to take that pause and to Make it the easiest on them as it can be So it's important For the the full family and and Community to to know where we are in our Cycles yes to understand this movement

In us to begin to relate to our cyclical Nature accepting it so for that I have Created a chart [Music] That basically it's a division of four Referring to the Four Seasons the Energetic movement that happens 20 Percent in Winter 20 to 100 Etc so this is something that I made for For families really so if it's two Sisters and Mom and Dad we put this on The table and we move a little Stone Each week to show the family where we Are yes especially this is very helpful For for men because for for men we are a Big mystery yes we we shift so much each Week day by day we change so much Sometimes we seem Even even crazy or out of the normal so With this they get to understand us a Lot more and we get to understand Ourselves a lot more because if we keep Track of which season we are yeah Imagine if we live with our sisters also Or the ones who have daughters to keep Track of where they are so you know how To relate to them yes obviously in Spring and summer we can be more active Make new agreements maybe even push them A little bit if we want them to to go Further and in Autumn and in winter it's Amazing when the community is aware What's happening or to put it out on the Table so they know what's happening and

They begin to be become more gentle with Us in autumn give us a little bit more Space through our winter that's all we Need just a little bit of space a little Bit of care not everybody asking us to Fix these solutions for these asking us To head to the this this party or this Dinner But to give us a little bit of space and By doing it the whole Community or the Whole family will become impacted by you Taking the break naturally like you say On the other side they will also begin To slow down And this is what begins to create a Rhythm When we speak about rhythms when we hold Any rhythm the rhythm is only being Sustained by the past if there is no Pause there's no rhythm so we as females We bring these false back into the Family Each winter time we pause so everything Around us is just going to to become More gentle Towards us if we know that a sister of a Friend or a co-worker it's in her period We like to call it her Moon time We maybe we don't ask her this big Decision today maybe we help her in the Presentation that she has to give a we Are smart with this energy maybe we just Ask her to sit down and bring her some Tea to help us out as as women we have

Lost so much that touch between us and With with the with our parents with our Brothers with our partners and friends As well it would be amazing if our Friends also are aware of or if we could Just speak about it normally I am in my Moon time maybe it's not the time to Have this long conversation and tell me All these and this and this so people Can be aware of where you are and accept This cyclical nature as part of the Feminine principle because this can not Only be done by females it has to be Done females and males all Humanity Together yes as these female part is Also in the males as these male parties Also in the females so in general we Should all be taking a little break once A month digesting smaller cycles of time So we can maintain our health so we can Maintain our our health in our mind our Health in our energy our health all Around so we could have some time to Allow the body to renovate recharge heal If it's needed It's it's a great pause that life has Been has been asking us to take again For a long time and Mother Earth is is Almost yelling at us to begin to slow Down so so it's a great Implement for Companies or families here in Ecuador We've been working with families from The city that work normal Monday through Friday and they use this so the kids

Know that in winter time we don't ask Mommy anything Dad has a lot of the chores also and They take a little vacation Just a little vacation then the kids Know that it was dinner time but maybe Mom is not gonna come today I don't know It depends how she feels maybe I'll take Her a tea and everything it's with that And and yes we can Vibe we can be Together but without being on top of Each other we have this space that we That we really need in this time we say That in our winter time we are giving Birth to everything that we have lived And experienced throughout the month and That we are allowing this month also to Die so we can close a cycle so it's a Little fragile of giving birth and we Definitely deserve a little a little Break a few days Absolutely thanks for explaining that And this this PDF also is found on her Website which we have Below in the Description so you can head to the Website and if you want to download a Version of that Moon clock that she Created you can find it there on the Website I'm sure a question that's on a lot of Women's Minds is this whole moon cycle Concept is a great idea and I would love To follow it but I don't have my moon Because I'm on birth control and birth

Control is something that a lot of women Are on and so their cycle is not a 28-day cycle it's either more or less or They're spotting or they're not or They'll go months without a period at All so what can women do to Still be able to integrate this concept And this practice of finding their own Cycle even though they might not have One part one question and part two what Do you recommend around birth control or The whole concept of stopping your blood And stopping your period So so the first portion of it if your Cycle is not defined it's not exact it's Not regular or you don't have it at all It's important that if nature is not Doing it that you take the Responsibility of Nature and you begin To create a cycle We say that all the functions of the Universe are also present within this Body that's what we are so Technologically advanced inside we have The the functions of the Sun in our Heart the functions of the Moon in our Womb planetary functions of all the Organs so if this moon is not quite Working we also have the Moon The physical Moon outside of us so we Align with the Moon And we integrate the cyclical nature in Our feminine principle So it's just important to create a

Ritual each 28 days or each 30 days Align with one of the moons or align it With this Moon if you can And take a few days off recap your month From 28 days ago yes digest everything That has happened it'll be great if we Have a few days two to three days of we Don't have to if we don't have to Anything we don't have to answer to this We don't have to do this we don't have To do this just very few of us that can Have this luxury but as much as we can To have a few days where the effort that We put into life it's minimal yes where We really slow down so the process of Recharging happens If you don't have your moon we usually Suggest to create a ritual So purification can happen so to create A ritual we slow down it can be an ocean Bath yes to just refresh your energy it Can be sitting by a fire and then all Your energy gets transmute or sitting by The Earth or taking a shower with salt So many different ways of doing it but Creating a process of purification for Yourself in our ways of living we do it Through sweat lodge as well if a woman Doesn't have her period go into a sweat Lodge it's a great way of renewing her Energy sweat lodge it's not available we Recommend a sauna or a steam bath or a Deep massage something that resets the Energy we're so diverse and different

That maybe each of us needs a different Way of doing it but so basically that's What happens during demonstration and if It's not happen then we should recreate It ourselves this is how ritual God Implemented by females a long time ago When Nature stopped working then we Continue to sustain the ability to Renovate young maintain healthy by Stopping by our own means and Understanding what impact this can have In our life full recharge [Music] Beautiful so it can really apply to Everyone then regardless of whether they Have a physical moon in their body or Not yes it's actually highly recommended For for full families to to begin to Have a break together For for men and women because we are Both male and females inside we both Have electric and magnetic Energies and The Feminine principle it's low all over Earth it's very low because our magnetic Principle it's not active that aspect of Slowing down of stopping of listening Of holding space So whether that is once a month and we Can align with one of the natural cycles That's amazing whether that's every day That's even better that we can find a Quiet space to reset our energies to to Shift our perspective to shed skin so we Can continue and reach again the highest

Point of Summer Beautiful and I know you've mentioned Before about Um if you are on birth control and if You don't have a moon you at least Recommend having it for a certain length Of years or something before you would Go into menopause or so cover that topic A little yes so I like to I like to say that We should have a regular menstruation a Regular cycle for at least 13 years Minimum 13 years Our elders used to say 26 years So around up to 26 to 33 years maximum It's recommended or or it's no harm to To take the birth control and we only Take it if it's if it's needed but after 33 we deserve to have a natural period So our hormones get a chance what what Taking The pill and other ways of birth control Sometimes they just replace our natural Hormones with artificial ones and then It takes many years for our hormones to Switch back on after we stop the pill For us to go through on through a good Transition in our menopause we need this Balance in our own natural body So it's very important for a woman to Have at least 13 to 15 years of her Natural cycle especially so when we go After menopause and during menopause There's no more imbalances in this area

But our hormones are working fine and Everything is is flowing So I recommend for for women to take the Pill and to not take it for so long to Allow your menstruation to to to calm There there are many other ways now also Of birth control that are more natural Or some that don't temper with your Natural hormones that's just important To check If we are trying to get off the birth Control pill So there's a list of supplements that we Should be taking like vitamin C vitamin B And a lot of protein in all of our meals The peel also doesn't allow for all the Nutrients to be absorbed so it's going To have a direct impact on the Transition in menopause and all of our Levels of hormones that go upside down The bone density so it's just a smart Decision to at least 13 to 15 years have A regular cycle a continuous cycle if it Doesn't happen naturally then you Sustain it if the body is not doing Automatically then it's your Responsibility to continue living in This cyclic manner it's a positive and Different way of living than just Closing one big cycle a year with the New years we are given the opportunity To close 13 smaller Cycles With with each pause so this is what is

Highly recommended to maintain our Health to maintain us youth as females We need to stop we need to break we need To allow everything to replenish again Absolutely agree And speaking of menopause if you can Touch briefly on the topics of women Coming in going through puberty and also Going through menopause and what are Some practices or Um I don't know Concepts that these People of these ages can be doing So I encourage older mothers all the Grandmas all the aunties to again Celebrate Rites of Passage for the Little girls that just enter into Menstruation And here we do a lot of celebrations and And we share a lot of information with Them so that's just a An inspiration for everyone out there And so for for the girls before their Menstruation it's important to begin to Observe these Cycles yes hopefully in Nature they're already clear but to be To be sure that this is going to happen Through you to be aware of these cycles And when they activate the most Important is to begin to have a winter And this is not only going to happen for The girls that that are experiencing but It has to be in agreement with their Family yeah when a girl enters

Menstruation if she is too tired if She's too bloated maybe this day she Could rest Maybe she doesn't have to do all the Chores today we have to also begin to be Flexible to be able to incorporate the Cyclic nature into our lives which is What it's needed so I highly recommend For it girls before their menstruation To begin to learn how to stop Yes to Observe their mothers if they already Have this teaching yes and if they don't Have this teaching also observe the the Females how much we are struggling in This life yes and how beneficial would Have been for both of us for anyone to Receive this information when we just Turned 12 13 or at whatever time our Menstruation came yeah so it's important That we that we continue to be connected To our family ask your aunties ask your Moms and and have these open Conversation so you can receive the Clues are the pointers to to to know What happens in this translation For the women that are going through Perimenopause and premenopause and Menopause it's important to have had At least 13 years yes or a good amount Of time with these Cycles with discharge Or without it we can all We already have these Seasons inside and We can feel when it's time to close a Cycle yeah so

It's around the age of 50 but around 40 Begins to activate slowly slowly this Process of self charging mechanism stops Working by itself so it's important that We got used to decisions so we can Continue the activity of closing the Cycle and we can continue the cyclic Activity Since it's our way of renovating our Energy we must continue it nature a lot Of nature and animals they go through a Conscious menopause and they go through Different Rites of Passage so they can Enter into this new time of their life So it's important when we have no more Periods after menopause that we continue To close Cycles but then not every month But we can go Like the Earth and close them every Three to four months but every three to Four months we should take a full week Of break seven to ten days of break Recap what has happened in the last Season in the last three to four months And enter into a space of nature where You can purify your energy yes this is Why Men menopause comes where uh when our Womb is all very mature and already has Matured through all these different Cycles in her so it said that when a Woman enters menopause she can fully Take care of herself and others now In in the you know Elders times when

Women enter menstruation they would go And and be part of the directive team of The tribe or of the community We could make different decisions and Our relations opened so it's important For women that are entering menopause to Remember that we are going to enter your Golden time your golden years yes and And it's your time for power Eagles have a conscious menopause and if They go through the conscious menopause They can reach their highest point of The flight and this is what it said for Women after menopause that we can Continue to reach our highest highest Points of energy as well as long as we Are continuing to leave us cyclical Beings Our youth depends on it on how much rest We we give to each winter so Our our life and our health depends on The breaks and they have to continue Whether we are doing menstruation or Menstruation stops for natural reasons Or not natural reasons these Cycles need To keep on need to keep on going for us To to stay well Wonderful very good explanation learning About this also greatly affected me in My body because I had been taking birth Control for almost 15 years and I tried A little bit of here and there I did the Pill for several years I did Um the two different iuds I also did the

Nexplanon the little insert in the arm So I had basically been disrupting my Cycle for 15 years consecutive years I Did not have a regular natural cycle or Period or moon cycle for a very long Time and it had really gotten to a point Where Um yeah I just felt off in my body I Felt a little sick I felt different I Felt like I wasn't didn't have full Clarity I didn't have full Um connection to my body really I felt Very disconnected from what was going on In here and just kind of forcing it on The outside with filling it up with Calendars and busy stuff and this and This to try to kind of hide this Disconnect that I had with myself so When I heard about this last year this Also really inspired me to take out all The birth control and just stop Everything all together and let my cycle Get back to its natural rhythm And of course we had planned on having ILO and getting pregnant and it was a Very conscious decision of when we were Gonna start trying but even with that I Stopped the last birth control in September and it actually took me five Months until my body got back into its Natural Rhythm and natural cycle and I'm Also a pretty healthy person generally Physically in what I eat and how I Balance in meditation and everything and

Even for me it took five months to Finally get my body back into a 28 day Cycle so I really only had that that Cycle for three four months until we got Pregnant so I'm super grateful that I Didn't take out my birth control the Month before we decided to have ILO Because I would have had to wait another Six months which would have been fine But it also goes to show that it took my Body five months to actually cleanse Itself and let the hormones rebalance to The point where my body could have its Natural cycle again so that information Was super vital for me and really Changed the perspective and the Connection to my own body so thank you There are many reasons for women to not Have their cycle not only birth control But also just their diet or stress or Also pregnancy so in my own case for me When I was pregnant I of course didn't Have my moon cycle for almost a year and At the beginning it was a little strange Because I had been doing the cycles and The clearing every month and then all of A sudden I kind of you step into this Abyss where the baby kind of leads the Way and so for me there's probably Different ways of doing it and still Following a cycle but in my case I not Only for one followed what the moon was Doing so that was helpful every time it Was a full moon that was kind of my

Winter mainly because I have the full Moon actually does affect me quite a bit So in the winter would be kind of my Pause during full moon taking breaks Taking it a little bit easier And then during the new moon I could Have a little bit more energy and be up And doing things but also in my case it Might have been unique because I didn't Really have a lot of symptoms during my Pregnancy so I can't really say this is The best advice for everybody that's Pregnant because maybe you have morning Sickness for several months or your job Is too demanding or you can't do Something that aligns with the moon and The pregnancy so for me in my case I Think um yeah it was better to follow The moon but at some points in the Pregnancy I also let that go and I just Tuned into what the baby was telling me Um and it wasn't even like per month Shift it was almost week by week or even Day by day one day I would feel amazing And be like okay I got this today I'm Gonna do this and this and practice and Work blah blah and the next day I would Wake up and feel like crap and I'm like All right I need to take it down a notch Today is my winter so for me I think my Cycles changed um frequency and also how I Um adapted myself to it so for all the Other pregnant women out there that are

Also interested in clearing their Cycles Connect with the moon first but then Really follow your intuition of what the Baby is telling you if the baby's giving You energy that week take it if the Baby's needs more energy from you that Week give it and that's really what Helped me I think throughout my Pregnancy is knowing that I can slow Down and it doesn't have to be so strict With every everything I know there's a lot of emphasis on the 28-day cycle but how exactly does the 28-day cycle within us relate to the 28-day cycle of the moon So this feminine power this feminine Principle it's also active in the Movement of the moon and the movement of The Stars In the inner mechanism of the Moon There's also cyclical nature so this Feminine power is also active through Her The movement of the Moon we experience It from Earth as the four phases of the Moon A full cycle happening every 28 days and This happens 13 times around a solar Year So this frequency of 1328 it's active in The Moon And it's also active in the sun we say That this number 1328 or the frequency Of 1328 it's part of the feminine

Principle that sustains all life it's Also active in the Sun because it's Believed that the sun rotates around Himself closing a full cycle every 28 to 29 days so it's believed that he is the Main star who carries this pose and Sends these balls throughout the solar System and some planets some other Planets and some stars and moons pick it Up One of them being our moon Here on Earth a lot of life it's Impacted by this frequency of 1328. the Turtles I always keep this around most Of the turtles around at least 80 Percent of the turtles if they grow old Age they'll develop 13 main divisions in Their shell And 28 subdivisions around it so there Is this calendar again these operational System of nature of the universe which Takes the form of 1328 in our solar System this one was one of us first ways To measure time the the the the calendar On the shell it's also present this 1328 Is also present within the human body Because we are made Our skeleton is made by 13 main joints I'll go through them really quick it's The ankle the knee the hip wrists elbow Shoulder that's six on one side six on The other on the throat the neck this is Our 13th joint And in each hand on each foot we have

Around 14 phalanges each so here would Be sum up to 28 and 13 joints so we are Made because of this frequency it's not Only the way that the stars move but the Way that we are made and as females we Are also impacted in our menstrual cycle Every around every 28 days Our blood flows So meaning that every time we enter into Menstruation we are connecting through The cosmos through our own nature this Is what what happens so it's it's still A miracle that it's happening till this Day after we've we've fought so hard to Stop our natural cycles to show how much Inconvenience they can bring to life It's still happening this connection is Still happening and And so this 1328 it's it's a it's an old Way that we used to measure time it was One of our main calendars where the moon Cycles were included In this current calendar that we follow The Gregorian calendar there's all only 12 divisions it only measures the cycle Of the Earth around the Sun excluding The lunar cycles the moon cycles So if we Fit with the lunar calendar of 1328 this Means that we are kind of like a glitch In the current calendar we don't quite Fit in it It's not a tool that we females could Use to measure our Cycles or it's not a

Tool that anyone could use to measure Any basic cycles of time it's just a Very limited limited talk back in the Days we we had ancient more advanced Technology which was this 1328 It said that one of our first calendars Was our menstruation we menstruated we Marked one of these 13 ones We look at the stars then after 13 Months of feeling all of these we look At the stars again and they were in the Same position so we figure out that it Was already a full cycle In our relationship of time Also we used to use our body as a Measurement of time at the very Beginning we didn't even look at the Turtle share or anything external but Our body so each movement could be fixed In the body so we didn't have to go Anywhere else to know where we were in Time like we used to Feed the measure The prize guest appearance Her name is So this 1328 it's basis for the female Principle for the C for the female power And it describes the way that the stars Above are moving and the way that these Stars are affecting and impacting our Lives so it's important to begin to Accept this cyclical nature and there is A way that we can connect to this 13 28th time most of the old calendars were

Rooted in the in this 1328 division Where we used to measure 13 months of Exactly 28 days And then we used to just celebrate one Day extra which was a day out of time The day where we used to do something Different And 13 times 28 equals 364 plus one day Of the day out of time This is the basis of the Mayan calendar And these 30 Moon count it's important Because we can tap again to the Natural Rhythm that the universe is going around Instead of continuing to follow a time That doesn't include us that it's not an Accurate measurement for us to measure Our own Cycles yeah and it also becomes Very confusing like you said it feels Like it's a glitch because there's some Ones that have 28 days some years 29 or 31 or 30 or yeah it's um ends up being Hard to follow and it kind of throws us Out of our own sink exactly so that Would be amazing if there was a way that We could update all of the calendars in The world to go back to 13 months 28 Days and have that one day break Um check Below in the description There's some information there about a Movement that has actually started to do Exactly that But that is just such incredible Information and really something that I've never heard before I talked to you

When I looked it up afterwards I was Blown away that this is actually a thing I had no idea that 28 days happened 13 Times a year and that it actually aligns Perfectly with the cycle of the moon and The cycle of the womb that was a ton of Information today too much to even pack Into a YouTube video and even then I Think we went over time but if people Wanted to dive deeper into the topic and To learn more where can they go So they can contact me through the Website and I do personal sessions for This topic it's called Moon sessions Where we have a two-hour a period of Time where we do some meditations learn Some good exercises with breath some Movement so we can impact our energy Field and from there we do a small Reading to see how how energetically You're working and if there's any Healing that needs to take place will Give you the tools so you can so you can Continue your journey what we spoke About today I like to call it the first Fear of knowledge just the scratch of The survey of the surface of the wisdom Of the womb the wisdom of the womb has So much depth and so many secondary Functions of the womb are still asleep This is why we call it inner technology Tremendous technology happens when we Bring our awareness back to the womb so An amazing way to continue to learn is

To bring your awareness back to the womb Know where you are again bring your gut Feeling and and follow it our intuition We say is in this area so the more you Connect to to your wound the more Influence and the more impact your Consciousness is going to have In the moon sessions we learn how to get In touch on how to begin to work with Other functions of the womb like a Pulsing some dynamics of manifestation Of relations of taking different Responsibilities and understanding Different depths of the functions that Amount of functions that we do around us So for for further learning you can Contact me for a moon session amazing And that can be done online that can be Done perfect otherwise everyone just has To come to Ecuador which is also amazing But online is great and then beyond that Beyond the 101 sessions you are also Writing a book right now on all topics Considered and that is in the works Right it's in the works yes I've been Compiling all this information so it can Be so it can become a practical way for Any Female or anyone who got who wants to Get in touch back again with their Female side to learn how to use their Cyclical nature to empower their lives And so this this book hopefully it's Going to come to come out soon and all

The all the links and descriptions are Also in the website about it amazing and When that comes out we will also add it Into our book kit I'm really looking Forward to reading it and to sharing That with other people as well and thank You so much for joining me for this talk For sitting down and for discussing Everything it's amazing to hear all of That and reassuring to know that we have The power to come back to our cycle and To trust our gut and our intuition about Where we are with everything and Rebalance the energy within ourselves Recharge our own energy so that it also Recharges everyone around us too so Thank you thank you thank you Bri for For practicing this information because We can receive so much information in Life but it only becomes wisdom when It's active in you And and it takes a lot of discipline to To do this work so thank you for Practicing for believing it because it Worked for you and thank you for helping Me sharing sharing this my pleasure hope You enjoyed this unique video today and You learned something new I certainly Did and I'm very grateful to have Juanita here for the video so share this With someone in your life that can Benefit and again all the information is Below in the description the links to Her website and her Instagram and her

Upcoming book everything will be down There Salute [Music] [Music]

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