Yoga for Men | Episode 22

Yoga for Men | Episode 22

Another yoga for men episode! Today a 22 minute full body class focusing on strength and awareness. Thanks for all the support and sharing these practices over the years.
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When I first uploaded yoga for Man Episode 1 about 3 years ago I had no Idea it would be such a success at the Time of filming this video yoga for Man Episode 1 has almost 2 million views and That's just mind-blowing to me it's not The number one video on the channel but It's definitely in the top 10. if you Want to check out episode 1 of yoga for Men and just click up here head to this Old school episode the main intention With this series is simply to invite More men to the mat it's not for Specific identity a specific gender a Specific person it's of course for Everyone and I have many many people That practice these videos no matter What they identify as so this is just my Attempt to get a few more men to the mat Especially those that think that yoga is Still stretching it's very easy it's Only physical so my intention is to show Them that it's actually more about Strength and awareness and of course the Strength part is great especially if That's your focus but connecting to this Depot qualities within to the Stillness But then to really find this joy and Peace and happiness in your life so that You can love yourself and from there Love others because of course there's Connection it's an exchange of yourself How you view yourself how much you love Yourself and then how you interact with

Others so there's an energetic effect we Can all feel it of course so here's Another episode of yoga for men for Everyone however you found your way here I'm very grateful that you are here and That you want to practice with me today You will start in downward facing dog For today's class We're jumping right in Of course you can also come into a Child's pose first if you need to but I like to switch things up a little bit Close your eyes if you want to and take About five breaths to Fully arrive in your physical body Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to to Make it to the mat We find all kinds of excuses why not and You're finally here You are still here you're doing the Video you're actually in it not One of the many people that watch the Intro and then leave the video The only one people here that are There to put in the work and you are one Of them so thanks for working with me Connect to the breath set up a slow Steady breath that You aim to maintain throughout the whole Class Maybe lower the The heels a bit more towards the ground The knees can still be bent even though You're lowering the knees then the heels

Down Firm into the inner hands And we'll roll forward into a plank pose And back to downward facing dog Forward to plank Keep shifting forward Bend your arms Charuanga Straighten the arms And lower all the way down Untuck the toes extend the hands back Keep the hands lifted inhale lift the Chest up And lower Four five Four Three To Two and one lift lift the thighs lift Everything hold for five Four Three Two One hands down keep the engagement in Your back body upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog Foreign Lift your right leg up and back three Legged dog Bring the right knee to the left armpit Extend the leg through for starfish Reaching left arm up and over the head Forward Keep Reaching Forward lift your left

Heel up again pull the right leg out for Awkward plank Foreign Leg up and back for two-legged dog reach Your left hand towards your left hip Bring the left hand forward three legged Dog Come higher into the left toes inhale Exhale right knee to the right armpit Lizard lunge Step the right foot outside the right Hand move around One of the signature poses I have this In a lot of thumbnails You have probably seen it from this Angle Move the left hand a bit more to the Left reach the right arm forward shift Forward step the left leg through lift Your left hip up high It's harder if you don't hold the foot But you can also hold the foot And step back To the left bend your left knee is Straighten the right We bring the right hand next to the Right hip Lift the hips up for Wild Thing A little bit of a modification with more Open hip in the left side Keep swinging the left arm Behind your head make a big circle Opening the left arm the chest the whole Arm line and both of them from both one

Side to the other lower the hip back Down We Lean Forward move the right heel a Bit more to the center of the mat and Then we can move to the front of the mat For warrior three And so the harder if you wish or arms Back like airplane out to the side maybe Forward over the head I recommend Reaching the right arm forward only So we go across the back of the Body for The back functional line In addition to many other Myofascial meridians of course From Here We rise up inhale to standing Extend the left leg forward Arms down by your sides And then keep both legs straight Especially the left leg start to swing It out to the side and back for Half Moon Right fingertips down And if you want you can grab the left Foot and extend Into the hand Release step the left foot back for Warrior Two Make sure you can see the right big toe Inside The right knee Exhales condasana to the left Move to the front of the mat One legged plank One-legged child of anger

One legged plank Both feet down plank pose shift forward Plank your Vinyasa your transition Two downward facing dog Release both elbows down at the same Time for dolphin Shift forward Plank Down dog Dolphin Plank Down dog dolphin three more Last two And let's do one more Down dog Lift your left leg up and back three Legged dog Exhale left knee to the right elbow or Armpit Extend it through Starfish Reads the right arm up and over the head And then keep reaching the right arm Forward lift your right heel up Pull the left leg out awkward plank Two-legged dog Reach the right hand back Three-legged dog Come High onto the right toes exhale Left knee to the left armpit Lizard lunge Move the hand to the right the right Hand to the right reach your left arm Forward to forward step the right leg

Through Hold the right foot or not [Music] Lift the right hip higher up And step the right foot back Skandasana to the right Bring your left hand next to your left Hip And lift the hips up reach the right arm Up and over the head behind you Circle the right arm back To the back of your head To the right opening up the arm lines Lower the hips Skandasana again And you bring the left foot a bit more To the center of the mat then move Forward Of three Whatever arm variation you want to do Hands together back arms back arms out To the sides Or Just the left arm forward And Rise Up Extend the right leg forward hold it There Stand Tall notice if you're leaning back To make it easier a little bit more Forward And then bring the right leg out for Half Moon Left hand down Right arm up

Or hold on to The right foot And step the right foot back Warrior Two Scandasana to the right Foreign Move to the front of the mat One legged plank One legged side of anger One legged plank Left Foot Down plank pose shift forward Plank A now dolphin Tarawanga Dolphin no planks keep the arms bent Dolphin Dolphin one more Plank Knees Down elbows down Glide through Upward tracing dog Two downward facing dog Let's walk to feet a bit forward bend The knees for Beast pose So we just keep the knees lifted then we Do a side kick through With the left leg You're just holding Breathing meditating Back to Beast And to the left Right leg side kick through Back to Beast And from here again left leg side kick Through

And then we do a little float Into three pointed crap On the right hand the left hand is Lifted lift the hips if you want for Crab reach Adding a little bit of enema flow here Into this practice I really love this crab reach so good Glutes are strongly engaged lowered hips Back to Beast And we do a right leg side kick through And then we float into Three-pointed crap Right arm crab reach And exhale release down back to Beast And from Beast we float the feet outside The hands for malasana Relax in the squat for a moment We practice breathing better in a Certain pose While we are breathing in that pose so If it's hard for you to breathe in a Squat then if you're breathing more in a Squat you will get better at breathing In a squat Surprise you will get better at what You're practicing Let's set the hips down Feet together Butterfly pose grab the feet allow the Knees to open like a book and simply Fall down around your back and your neck Everything so we are not only opening The lower body but also The Superficial

Back line In the upper body Slow the breath down again And then prepare yourself get ready for The most important pose Slowly push yourself up And bring the knees back together Cross your ankles Or cross your legs come into a seated Position So this position itself is not Really the most important it could be Also some other seeded position but the Most important practice and therefore The most important pose is meditation This is the most important practice and I highly recommend you start doing A daily meditation practice it will Change your life so hope you're sticking Around you're not one of them leaving Right now Because we're meditating I'm just here for the chaturangas This is the hardest pose for most people So Close Your Eyes place your hands Wherever it's comfortable Thinking through the spine connect to The hips the sits Bones on the ground Whatever surface you're sitting on from There lengthened up through the spine And start to observe the air flow coming In and out through the nose we're just Doing a minute or two just short Thank you

Feel free to continue this meditation Practice I recommend continuing to sit For another 10-15 minutes and then Repeat that every single day Thank you very much for practicing with Me today for allowing me to share this Practice with you and also for sharing This mad time with me today thank you Very much The best way to support this channel is To like the video subscribe to the Channel it's a small act for you but Makes a really big difference for us as Creators especially if you are someone That comes back to the channel regularly And is still not subscribed highly Consider subscribing based on our Analytics it seems that 60 of the people Watching our videos regularly so they're Coming back and back for more are not Subscribed and that's a bummer we're Offering a lot here on the channel we Really put everything into this and Spreading yoga to all corners of the World And all we ask for is that you practice That you actually do the the yoga Practice the meditation And then I like here and there subscribe Would be amazing If you want to further support this Channel or in case you're wondering Where I got this amazing tank top from Just in case you forgot how to breathe

It's just three steps that's how you do It And just in case you forget or someone Else forgets we have now the storefront Underneath the YouTube player here And you can just click there that goes To our shop and all the products we Offer go check it out and just another Way to support the channel if you want To but I hope you now continue the Meditation and you didn't get too thrown Off by me asking for your support on This free video here on YouTube Much love and gratitude thanks so much For practicing today have a great rest Of your day and I will see you in the Next video very soon much love and Gratitude namaste


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James is a content creator who works in the personal development niche.