I taped my mouth shut for sleeping for one year

I taped my mouth shut for sleeping for one year

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This is the video on mouth taping and It's a little bit too dark wait one Moment Okay it is a lot better Yeah Okay so all you need to do is take some Tape and you tear off a little piece Most of the time is spent finding the The beginning and you just take a little Bit And then you have this much and you put It just at the center of your lips Like so Look like a rabbit and you can still Speak And that's already it I even wrote up a Little script for this one So as a yogi I'm of course very aware of How people move how their posture is Their you know level of awareness their Mindfulness their kind of philosophy They approach life with based on how They speak and also one of the things I'm very aware of is the breathing and What I see a lot is that a lot of people Are breathing through their mouth or I Assume that this is pretty much Unconscious that they don't even know That they are breathing through the Mouth so much of course you can breathe Through the mouth also as I'm speaking Right now I'm breathing through the Mouth as I inhale and that's really one Of the only exceptions where mouth

Breathing is kind of inevitable it's Hard to avoid otherwise it would have to Always take a break To continue speaking and then take Another breath through the nose in And so every sentence would take a lot Longer to get to the point That I'm trying to make so when you Speak mouth breathing is pretty normal Which is if you're teaching and if You're speaking a lot for maybe several Days it's also quite exhausting and you Might feel exhausted in the end because You are actually breathing so much Through the mouth I noticed this when I Teach Retreats or workshops where I'm Pretty much talking for like 10 hours a Day and the same with Bree we both feel It in the evening because only the nose Can properly warm the breath the air That's coming in it can clean the breath And it can moisten the breath so those Three things warming the air cleaning it Moisturizing it it leads to more Efficient breathing your body can just Do more with that air that you're Breathing in compared to breathing Through the mouth which does not give All these three things also nose Breathing has a big effect on your Nitric oxide levels which are also Important to keep high for your overall Health which is something that you will Not get if you're breathing through the

Mouth so there's many many benefits by Breathing through nose and it's one of The first breath work practices or Breathing exercises if you want to call Them that in yoga is to just keep your Mouth closed and breathe through the Nose so the goal is to breathe through The nose throughout the entire day Unless you're speaking or unless you're Doing some really strenuous exercise Then for a short period of time it's Also okay to breathe through the mouth But if you're going for a run or Jog and You run for several hours and you're Breathing the whole time through the Mouth then to be honest this exercise is Probably too intense for you because you Cannot keep up a good breathing Rhythm And pattern and you're breathing too Long and too much through the mouth in One of the previous videos someone said But what about the Wim Hof method you're Breathing for this breathing exercise Through the mouth only which is partly Correct you can also practice the Wim Hof breathing which is basically two More breathing ancient yogic practice You can also breathe and do that through The nose it doesn't have to be through The mouth but I am aware that most People do it through their mouth which Is fine I do that sometimes too but that Is really only for the purpose of this One exercise so if you're doing the

Tumor breathing or even half breathing You're breathing through the mouth in And out pretty fast for lots of Repetitions and then you hold and even If you do five rounds it's maybe just 20 Minutes of doing that practice and then You should not continue breathing that Way for the rest of the day and you Should go back to breathing through the Nose so for exercise purposes if it's Really intentional and you know why you Want to breathe now through the mouth Then go ahead and do so for the short Time but then go back to breathing Through the nose what's pretty common is That one nostril feels a bit more closed Than the other and this is on purpose This is by nature designed that way this One this is called nasal cycles and Usually one cycle goes between two and Four hours and then it switches and this Is perfectly designed that way to Distribute the workload between the Right and left side more evenly so that Not both nostrils have to work fully all The time and it also helps to increase The sensation of smell because through One nostril the one that's more open the Air is coming into oxygenate the body Into nourish the body and through the Other nostril it's coming into it does The same but it comes in and through Slower so you can actually have a bit More time to notice certain scents and

Smells if both nostrils are closed and You cannot breathe through the nose with Ease besides there being any kind of Formations in your face in your nose or In your sinuses or something let's say It's all kind of functioning normal Anatomically and it's just clogged and You cannot really breathe through the Nose then I highly recommend you check Out the sinus rinse practice which in Yoga is called jalanetti where you put Water and salt solution through one Nostril and it comes out the other way And then do the other side I have a Separate video on that one you can click Up here to follow along it's important To mention that you only use distilled Water for that practice Personally I do that practice about two To three times a week I do the sinus Rinse to keep everything open especially Here living in the desert it's quite dry So it's a nice way to open and cleanse And keep the nose the nose open so I can Continue to breathe through the nose for Most of the day unless I'm of course Recording those videos because then I'm Talking so much and I'm breathing only Through the mouth most of the time so I Always take breaks too So I know you're here for the mouth Taping and we will get to that in just a Moment but there's a lot of extra Knowledge you kind of need to have in

Order to know why you actually want to Tape your mouth at night and so even With your best efforts let's say you Have practiced for a while then you're Really good about breathing mostly Through the nose throughout the day you Don't really know how you're breathing Throughout the night for a lot of people They unknowingly breathe through the Mouth in the night some the whole night And then there's also snoring and all Kinds of stuff happening but ideally you Want to keep the mouth also closed and Only breathe through the nose while You're sleeping you just put a little Piece of tape over your mouth you don't Have to put like a whole big piece over Your mouth so that it looks like you're Getting kidnapped that's not the point You just need this gentle reminder for Your lips and for your body to keep the The mouth closed in the lips sealed and So I like to just put a little bit of Tape in the in the front of the mouth Over the lips so I can still for example Talk out through the sides if I need to Speak to Bree at night because the baby Makes sounds or something like that or Just say good night it's enough to just Put it in the front it's important to Have a good tape that you use I have Definitely tried many of them and a lot Of them are just way too strong so when You put it on it does the job and it

Feels alright but then the uncomfortable Part for many is when you take it off And then there's this residual glue on Your lips um or whatever kind of stuff From the tape on your lips and you don't Want that so I tried out many different Tapes to find finally one that doesn't Have any residual glue or stuff on the Lips I just take it off and it's done That's from the brand 3M it's the Durapore tape I will link that in the Description below and this roll lasts Forever I've been using this roll for Over six months and I still probably got Six more months to go because you only Need like the the size of like a Fingernail or maybe two fingernails by Taping your mouth at night and ensuring That your mouth is closed you usually Notice that in the morning you wake up Feeling refreshed present you kind of Feel like ah this was a good night's Sleep you know just like when you drank A lot of water and you really nicely Hydrated not too much not too little Just perfect and this is one of the big Benefits that this provides it forces You to Breathe less and by breathing Less you actually absorb more oxygen Because you increase the CO2 in the body By especially exhaling a bit slower and A bit longer so if you can match the Inhale with the exhale to about five to Six seconds that's based on the research

The ideal breath and that is best Achieved by breathing through the nose I Would recommend some more books in the End of the video that you can dive Deeper into I will just mention three Books that I find are really helpful on This specific topic and they also have a Lot of research and peer-reviewed Studies and all kinds of stuff in it so I'm not going to link any scientific Papers down here I recommend that you Get those books and they of course can Explain all of this way better than than I can so I've been doing this for almost Two years now taping my mouth every Single night and I have only gained Amazing benefits even if the sleep is Shorter Then I want it to be it's I still ensure That it's high quality sleep so there's The Sleep quantity and also the quality And of course you want to ideally keep Both high so you sleep not too little Not too much because you can also sleep Too long of course you need to figure That out for yourself but for a lot of People it's The Sweet Spot is between Six and nine hours ideally monitor your Sleep so because if you just set the Alarm for the next day seven and a half Hours later usually it takes some time To fall asleep you may be waking up at Night a little bit so that the actual Sleep time is not seven and a half hours

You spend seven and a half hours in bed But the actual sleep time might be only Six and a half so this is something you Need to look into there's all kinds of Smart devices and variables out there That you can use to get more insight Into your sleep cycles the stages your Heart rate and also the heart rate Variability which is a really good Measure of your recovery so heart rate Variability is something I monitor very Closely and I've seen some really huge Improvements with the mouth taping and Also doing some balancing breath work For 10 to 20 minutes in the evening Before I go to bed I highly encourage You to try out the mouth taping get some Kind of tape and try it out for like a Month every night and dive into those Books that go deeper into the topic so The first book is the oxygen Advantage By Patrick Mac Keon and the second book Is James Nester breath and the third Book is close your mouth by Patrick McKeon also so those three books are Linked in the description below and they Are all about this practice of Developing good breathing habits and Also some of them specifically focus on Mouth taping at night and while we're Already on the topic of sleep I just Want to throw in a few tips here to Increase the the quality of your sleep Because I mentioned there's the quantity

And there's the quality so there's a Couple of things you can do and I think We did another video on just the sleeve Quality and sleep in general which I Will link up here if I can find it the Most basic ones to keep in mind is cool Quiet and dark so your bedroom Environment should be cool around 65 Degrees Fahrenheit I like to sleep even Colder but that's my personal preference And then you want it dark so that There's no LED lights in the corner no I Don't know whatever lights you have Going on every little small device has a Little LED nowadays and that led is Pretty bright at night so you want to Ideally eliminate all of that get black Out curtains or in addition also where Our eye mask so I can have it fully Black but there is some research on it That even if light is hitting your skin Or somewhere on your skin it affects Your body so if you can fully make Everything dark and then also wear an Eye mask even better and then you want To have it quiet but I also personally Like white noise for example or I have Some kind of air filter going that keeps Like a white noise sound which really Helps me to sleep and also the baby or I Highly recommend the Sleep playlist on Spotify two extra tips regarding sleep I Try to not use any devices about one to Two hours before I want to go sleep if I

Do I have a blue light filter enabled on Those devices then when you're walking Around the house there's also all kinds Of Lights usually in the evening because That's what keeps us humans up at night Is these artificial lights and they Affect your brain and your your sleep Also so I recommend wearing blue light Filter glasses at night when it's dark And when you're still up for a few more Hours after Sunset before you go to bed And the last tip is to improve the Sleep Quality to not eat so close to bedtime This is something that affects me Personally a lot so I personally try to Finish my last meal at like five the Latest 6 PM depending on my eating Feeding and fasting cycle that I do for That day but I try to give myself four To five hours before I go to bed that I Finish my last meal so I have enough Time to digest and then go to bed almost Fully digested and feeling light and Then it really helps with my sleep if I Eat really close to going to bed I can Definitely feel it in my body I feel Almost like hungover it affects me a lot And I can also see it in my in my data That I have from the variable I wear During the night so this was a long Video it was a lot of talking but lots Of information I wanted to put into this Video and encourage you to mouth tape And with that being said get yourself

Some tape and then like subscribe Try it out Be well and see you in the next one Peace [Music] [Music] Thank you


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